Monday, January 10, 2011

Our answers to Some Deep and Meaningful Questions from Ms Jarolim and Ms Burkert.

"What YOU lookin' at?"

First, let me start with a lovely picture quite a few pictures of the Very Opinionated Dog without whom there wouldn't be a blog.

"I am NOT so opinionated!"

Right. Enough of that. Let's get started. I'm following The Jarolim-Burkert Guideline because it's just easier that way.

Q1. When did you begin your blog?
A. In 3 days, it'll be exactly 1 year.

Q2.  What was your original purpose for starting a blog?
A.  To rant about yappy littledogs on long leashes tripping us up on busy narrow sidewalks and ferociously attacking Georgia's kneecaps. Also, their couldn't-care-less owners who think it's funny, cute and rather heroic of their littledogs to do so.

Q3.  Is your current purpose the same?
A. Good God, NO! Life's too short to maintain a rant [in public]. Also, from my hours of bloghopping [and real life conversations on the street], I've found that this is a common complaint concern of bigdog owners everywhere, and I mean Everywhere. A shared misery concern is less of one.

Besides, Georgia has many spunky littledog friends [with lovely owners who care a lot] and it would be wrong, stupid and rude of me to generalise.

So I would say the CURRENT purpose of the blog is to badger friends and family with pictures and stories about how cute the dogs are, how many interesting friends they have, the yummy stuff they eat, how Rufus is coping, how Georgia is becoming A Lady, how cute the dogs are and finally, how cute they are. In short, nothing important.
"Oi! again. Is there some good reason why you're putting a picture of Mr Thumper next to the word *cute*?"

 I Did Have A Tiny Dream  In the early gungho months, I was hoping that the blog might function as a bulletin board of what was happening in our local dog community, with input from other dog owners via their comments. I even tried creating an events section for doggie meetups.

Unfortunately, the locals who read this blog probably don't do so as regularly as a blogger might. Most, sadly, have never even posted a comment. So I'm giving up on that aspect, except for serious stuff like The Poisonings.

Q4.  Do you blog on a schedule or as the spirit moves you?
A. The spirit thingy. Blogging is strictly for fun. Schedules are NOT. Anything more than 6 posts a month is good for me.

Q4a. Do I worry about losing traffic?
A.  WHAT traffic?

If The Other Half, Sisters 1 and 2, uncle STeve, Ms Chapeuzinho and Mr Prab stop reading this blog, they won't hear the end of it. !I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Q4b.  Do I worry about losing momentum?
A. No, I worry more about putting out a pointless post. Except, ahem, I have quite a few of those too.

Q5.  Are you generating income from your blog?
A.  No.

Q5a.  If not currently, do you hope to in the future?
A.  Not really. That sounds like w.o.r.k.

[BTW, The Other Half vehemently disagrees, and thinks I should try harder to make Georgia A Star So He Can Retire On A Ranch Like 7MSN.]

Q6.  What do you like most about blogging in general...
A.  Blogging [even reading blogs] is new to me [read all about it here, here and here] so the whole process has been fascinating. Like one of Georgia's Let's Get Lost Walks, exploring unfamiliar territory is exciting, heady stuff.

Q6a.  ...and your blog in particular [bragging is good!]?
A.  I must say, I DO like a few of my stories. Apart from that, nothing really. There are too many go*rgeous  (gôr′jəs)  Interesting  Blogs^^ out there for me to brag more.

Q7.  What do you like least...
A.  ...about blogging? - it can be a bit like high school - rather tribal. This could just be paranoia on my part. Anyone else think so?

...about your blog? - my free template that I don't know how to improve or change. Crappy pictures. And the fact that I'll probably have to start paying a bank-breaking 5 dollars a year to Picasa for the rest of my life, right after this lot of uploads.

Q8.  How do you see your blog changing or growing in 2011?
A.  I'm in a quandry because I have the proverbial attention of a gnat. Who would have thought I'd still be doing this after a whole year? Not me.

Plus, Georgia has grown into A Somewhat Serious Young Lady with no issues to speak of really [YAY! for that!] which means I have no more stories to tell [unless I move into pure fiction].

So I've been tossing around 3 possibilities:

1. Finish up the blog and reclaim my life [i.e. start cleaning and cooking again - very tempting I know.]


2. Transit into a holding pattern, maybe post once a month. If that happens, I'll probably make the blog private, open only to family, friends and interested [haha] readers.


3. Somehow, as is.

"Hey! Why don't you tell everyone about our shopping trip? The one where you bought that puffy gingham pinafore that makes you look like a balloon?"

"Ooo...I DO like that shoe!"

I started thinking about this in December last year and was hoping to have figured it out by now. Hah!

Random Other Thoughts.
There are questions and issues scattered in various posts throughout the blog that I would have loved some comments on. But I didn't get the [friendly] dialogue I hoped for, maybe because...please refer A. to Q4a.

Here's one. Never too late to put in your 2 cents:)

This blog was never meant to be serious. In fact, it's nothing more than a diary of Georgia's days, and [hopefully] a mirror of her personality. Like her, it's a work-in-progress.

I suspect that, at the end of her time with us, I'll be very glad that this pictorial diary is what we have. I have no doubt that it'll be exactly what we need.


Thanks to Edie Jarolim and Amy Burkert for organising this fun and helpful questionnaire!

"Are you done? I'm bored."

"You spend way too much time on this blog. Let's go do something exciting! How about one of those walks you're always telling people about? It'd be fun to do it for real, wouldn't it?"

"Oh, and don't forget to bring the treats please."


Anonymous said...

hey! hey! I also read this blog. Keep writing it please, it is A Little Piece of Wonderful.

georgia little pea said...

Ms Ali, you do? Can you see my Cheshire cat grin? Thank you love! xox

Pup Fan said...

Nice to meet you - I enjoyed reading your answers, and especially loved the photos you added to the post. I hope you continue to write - I can tell you have a wicked sense of humor!

Kristine said...

Nothing important? Hardly. I think you're doing something very important here. For one thing, you're providing me with entertainment. For another, you are sharing stories that others can relate to so they don't feel so alone. And thirdly, you have created this amazing thing and put it out in the world for all to see. That takes guts. So those are three things right there that I think are very important. Vital, even.

Besides, on some level, I think George appreciates all the time you have spent thinking and writing about her, even if it takes you away from her. Don't you feel even the teensiest bit more connected to her because of this blog?

I thought so.

So don't stop writing! What will I do without you?

Shawn Finch, DVM said...

Hey! I too will stick around if you keep this blog open! Very fun, and (best of all) super cute dogs! I got here through the Pet Bloggers' Challenge - I had no idea there were so many pet blogs I was missing! : )

Trixie, Lily, and Sammy-Joe said...

Hi! We took the Pet Blogger Challenge too! We like your blog. We think it is funny! Our Mama once tried to make a child care blog for her local community, but nobody read it or commented except for people who blog already. Non-bloggers have trouble understanding blogs!

Amy said...

Hi! I have to say that I really hope you don't stop blogging! I love the look of it - very creative. And, you're funny.

I've found most pet bloggers to be friendly and helpful. Is it possible folks just haven't found you yet?

Peggy Frezon said...

OK that face definitely belongs to a dog with more than a few opinions! Love it! And I love your sense of humor. What fun. I hope you continue blogging, I'll be back!

georgia little pea said...

My typist is sitting on the potty bawling as she reads your kind comments. (I'm not sure if I should have said the potty bit...oh well.) She was so excited! to find 6 whole comments! waiting this morning! she took her time to click them open! just so she could see the number 6! a bit longer!

She says to tell you she's going to celebrate with a flourless chocolate cake with fat cream later and she'll be thinking of all of you when she eats it. Yeah right.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for making her day :)

Team Kenzo said...

Maybe not the most serious, but definitely one of the most fun and entertaining blogs around. How you took this challenge with all that creativity and humor. Just great. Please keep on blogging!

Sharon/Cleo/GrouchyPuppy said... You have a very clever household there and the photos speak volumes.

And about that tribe thing...yea, probably a little but I given your pack, it shouldn't matter. Readers just need to find you like we did today. nice.

Chapeuzinho said...

Aw look at that!! Feel the love! I think it would be wonderful if you could continue the blog. I do love a well written blog. And seeing as I'm just so very lazy at catching up and being social in the flesh it's good to see what you are up to.

After a year though I can see that you might want to reclaim some of your life so if the regularity of your blog drops I won't judge you too harshly.

And we love the pictures of Georgia and her slightly more hirsute sidekick. Keep at it Mrs.

georgia little pea said...

Hirsute? Me go check dictionary now.

You are THE BEST ms chapeuzinho! In those early days, i think it was pretty much you, you and you that kept me going :)

And it WOULD be good to meet in the flesh before we get too old, or you go to Iceland, whichever comes first. xox

Nadia in NZ said...

Please don't stop!!

We all love your blog.. its very funy, and very well written, with lovely pics of the woofers. I think lots of people read it, they just haven't registered to follow it so can't post comments.

As I am newish to the area, I love the posts on the walks you do.. it gives me ideas for places to go. Keep them coming... :-)

Tell-A-Tale said...

You never know how much people love (strikeout) like (strikeout) care, until you threaten to go off the air. Complaining (strikeout) Expressing concern 6x a month about Naught is an Art(strikeout) feat,I would miss your mutt if you . But I see what you mean about the limitations of free templates, STRIKEOUT.

georgia little pea said...

Dear jickjack, is that you, my boyfriend Jack? Hmm...A Mystery.

I am Extremely Happy that you made this comment because you sound like A Local who's actually finding this blog USEFUL! That is so fantastic! We're no longer just a silly blog then!

THANK YOU very much indeed. See you on a trail or beach someday perhaps?

georgia little pea said...


This is so funny (strikeout) hilarious! I am chortling (strikeout) guffawing (strikeout) rolling on the floor with tears streaming from my eyes. I never thought it'd be possible to have so much fun (strikeout) FUN! in the comments section. Oh dear oh dear :p xox

Nadia in NZ said...

It is boyfriend Jack.. don't tell Mana and Tora though, they believe that Jack is all theirs! :-)

georgia little pea said...

Oh Jack! Are we having a secret rendezvous here? Hehe. Silly Mana and Tora to think you're theirs. Poo hoo. I won't tell them if YOU won't. It'll be our dirty little secret. LOVE YA xoxox

Pup Fan said...

Following you now... so glad I found you through the hop!

bing said...

I may not comment much on your posts, but I do read and enjoy them, so I hope you'll keep them coming!

georgia little pea said...

Oh guys :p

I'm grinning, blushing and stuff like that all at the same time. It's just wonderful to know people have actually been reading the ups and downs of our little lives, and I haven't been writing into the void.

Thank you :) xox

Litl Red Devils said...

Dear Georgia, We were going to sing...errr bark your praises bout this fabulous blog but now we've turned green with envy that you have spouted off about a not-so-secret rendez vous with our, well MY boyfriend Jack. Tora thinks he's her boyfriend too but it'so irritating when she runs up to Jack and barks VERY LOUDLY in his ear. She's such an attention seeker but then again she's just a silly puppy.Anyway he sees us everyday, well nearly so he doesn't have time for another girlfriend. And he comes over for PJ parties but there are no jami's worn "-)

Litl Red Devils said...

PS Our caring human would like to know if daily baths did the trick for your itchy skin? Not that either of us want to go through that every day. Have you heard about giving flaxseed oil as treatment if no cause for the lumps n bumps can be found? xox lick lick

georgia little pea said...

Dear Mana,

YOU CHEEKY HUSSY. What do you mean you have PJ parties with Jack and don't wear PJs? That sounds quite inappropriate. I do hope Tora isnt picking up such unladylike behaviour. Hrummmph!

Your friend (?), Georgia xox

P.S. Thank you for popping by :)
P.P.S. Let's hope Jack doesn't like Really Young Things a.k.a Tora

georgia little pea said...

@ Litl Red Devils

Okay, just saw your p.s. Will email you what we did. Loads of stuff over the months including wash, flaxseed oil, but especially change in DIET. That did the trick for Ms Little Pea, we feel. Will write tomorrow! Off to sweat some fat now :) xox

Karen Friesecke said...

Har, har! I hate small yappy dogs, too :P And just 'cuz you left high school behind doesn't mean that everyone else has.

Unknown said...

Isn't it funny how blogging can hurt our feelings (we don't get many responses or feel like we're all alone) and then turn around and show us we're part of a community?

I can relate to a lot of the feelings you've expressed. It took me months to start getting comments and I really wondered what I was doing. But I'm glad you're doing it.

Because I get relatively little traffic at my site, I haven't noticed much in the way of meanness. I see that more at the big, more popular sites. Truth be told, if I see things getting a little pissy (or worse) on a comment stream, I stop reading.

I don't feel the need to watch someone else manage their anger management issues.

Keep up the good work!

Kim Clune said...

I had as much fun - maybe more - reading your reaction to all these comments as I did reading your thoughts and goals for blogging. It's great to have stumbled upon such a terrific sense of humor! Thanks for the gift of giggles and, please, even if you blog just once a month, keep blogging. You're a scream!

Chandra said...

Laughing out loud when I'm reading is one of the only things I find as enjoyable as flourless chocolate cake. Ms. Ratatouille's adventures and Mr Thumper's tongue and their stay-at-home-human's take on it all make me laugh out loud and there is no decent flourless chocolate cake in my town so I'd very much appreciate if you keep the blog up.

Thanks for reading my Q&A and adding Daley's Dog Years to your bedtime reading. I just started a "Morning Coffee and a Blog Roll" and you're at the top! With our time differences we may just be reading at the same time!


georgia little pea said...

@Karen - gotcha! Good to know it wasn't entirely my paranoia and I won't have to up my meds.

@Pamela- 1st of all, I clicked on your name but couldn't see who you are. Are you The Famous? Pamela! of A Dog's Diary, A Cat's Diary?! If you are, you're on my Top 10 good reads (a few posts back)! Yes, I admit, I am a secret follower!

@Kim- thank you for reading the comments section. I think that is SUCH an underutilized section of a blog for entertainment and it's great to meet someone else who does it too :)

@Chandra - you know where the flourless choc cake is in MY town because I've sent you the name of the place. YUM! YUM! YUM! Thank you for adding me to your Morning Coffee and Blog Roll. That is such an inspired title!

Thank you to everyone for your kind encouragement. It is MUCH appreciated :) xox

Shauna (Fido and Wino) said...

Happy almost 1 year anniversary! Love the black & white shots :)

steve said...

Awesome post & great pictures! we love very opinionated dogs...
Best wags from a little dog (hehehe)
Steve at gangs of new yorkie

georgia little pea said...

oh dear, are you REALLY a littledog? i hope you read the part that says i have many spunky littledog friends. so, WELCOME littledog!

wait a minute. you belong to a gang? oh now i'm REALLY worried. :)

Vicky said...

Very creatively written. This is my first time to your blog, but I truly doubt it will be my last. Nice to meet you!

KimT said...

Hi, it is so great to meet you! You're hysterical! I love your humor.
As for the cat questions, those are excellent ones! Okay, except for the one about sueing for a cat attack, I doubt they'd do much damage. If they did, then right-o on that one, too! Very thoughtful, regardless.
Hope you keep writing, I'm looking forward to it! (Semi-littledog with BIG personality here! ...and yes, I keep her on a tight rein!)

Ruff Toy Reviews said...

Ha, now you've done it! You are stuck writing this blog forever because you have so many new fans... me included! Keep it up, it's awesome!

georgia little pea said...

@ vicky - nice to meet YOU too. i DO hope you'll be back. and oh say, are YOU a littledog too? wow !!! :)

@cindylu's muse - ANOTHER [semi] littledog! i am thrilled that you littlies have come to visit :) thank you for looking at the cat questions too. i think you might be the only one who has. the cats here are VERY fierce. must be something in the water.

@ruff toy reviews - i like awesome. forever is a very long time. i'm not sure i have enough time for forever. :p

THANKS AGAIN. i know i haven't read your posts yet. i promise to as soon as i get some housework done [so the other half stops complaining]. i am just a very slow reader. have a great day all :) xox

Deborah Flick said...

OMG! The photographs are fabulous! What a treat. I'm so glad you participated in the challenge, otherwise I might never have found your blog. That would have been most unfortunate.

kathi said...

I don't see any crappy pictures here, I see some great ones and some snappy and sassy talk from Georgia!

I, too, think blogging is sometimes like high school and not in a good way. But I admit I haven't tried hard enough to do as I did back then, make my coolness rather than try to fit into someone else's definition of cool.

georgia little pea said...

Hi kathi, the crappy pics - heaps in the older posts. Go see!

These days I've upgraded to a little digital or an iPhone. Not exactly top of line camera work like I see on some dogblogs, but better than what I used to use - a motorola flip! Its too hard to juggle camera and dogleash on walks. I tell myself, it's just a record and not a photographic journal. That works, sometimes :p

It IS important not to fit into someone else's idea of cool I agree. Never too late!

Have a great weekend :)