Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Something wicked this way comes.

Late last night, way past my bedtime, my stay-at-home human was snarfling dark chocolate with sea salt crumbs next to my bed and laughing loudly to herself.

It was scary, and I grumbled and glared at her to let her know I was scared.

It wasn't her fault though. It was Ms Pamela's.

Ms Pamela had sent her a video after reading our Amazingly Useful Pantry Post. It wasn't about something useful from her pantry though. It was about the Bufo Marinus.

When my stay-at-home human woke up this morning, she said to herself, "What a great loss to h.u.m.a.n.i.t.y it would be [not to mention everyone who needs a bit of a laugh this Wednesday], to leave it in the comments section of an old post."

So here it is - just in time for Stryliah Day - A Very Funny Video from a wicked dogblogger, Ms Pamela, who found it in This Very Funny Post  on yet another dogblog.

Did you screAm?!


HAppy StryliAh Day!


Chandra said...

Happy Stryliah Day to GLP, RBT, SAHH and OAWH who has the day off!

We're in Melbourne now but before we left Sydney this morning I made sure our friends we stayed with were celebrating properly by having Australia flags on their car! They said I made them bogan ... not sure whether I'm supposed to use that as a noun or an adjective ... anyway, time to go shotgun a tinny!
-c at ddy in the same timezone!


Oh my. No, we did not scream but we did chuckle heartily and of course wish we had copious amounts of dark chocolate with sea salt. I am beginning to understand the true character of cane toads. It's probably best they stay in Stryliah and you continue to enjoy their obvious delights -- at least for the time being.

Q & SG of Bezztopia?

georgia little pea said...

@chandra -tinnies 'n bogan? ya bewdy, did'n take ya long, mate.

on a serious note...has it already been 4 days? :( too short! hope you had FUN xox

@Q&SG of Bezz - i'm quite pleased the sea salt crumbs didn't go up the wrong way and choke me while i was laughing. it would've been awful if daz 'n baz had the last laugh.

p.s. i think they came from hawaii.

Tell-A-Tale said...

Greatly enjoyed the Cane Toad - hilarious, but also a good way to highlight the problems faced by much wildlife. Have sent it on to many, using your dog blog link, maybe they'll read the blog too, who knows..

Ribbit SPLAT **

georgia little pea said...

somehow, i'm not sure cane toads qualify as "wildlife". "wildlife" makes them sound like something you need to protect. NOT.

but i get it. you wouldn't want a blue tongue or a hopping mouse under the victa or on a highway.

thanks for sharing the link! :) georgia little pea's human.

Team Kenzo said...

Ha! "something wicked this way comes" nice spin on pamela's blog. Thanks for the morning smile, love your blog and humor!

KimT said...

Oh, thanks for sharing - what a laugh! Favorite: the reaction to
Happy Stryliah Day!!

Peggy Frezon said...

Umm thanks (?) for that video. BOL Kelly says cane toads are giving her bad dreams!

Kristine said...

Love it!! And it totally just woke Shiva up from her nap. So maybe Georgia isn't the only dog who was a little scared...

Thanks for sharing!

Karen Friesecke said...

NOMS! Dark chocolate with sea salt!! Where do you purchase such a food stuff? I think I need to try some!!

georgia little pea said...

It's called Lindt Excellence "a touch of sea salt". Am having some right now. I am addicted :) Lindt must be available where you are? For some stupid reason, the Woollies near me doesn't stock it. Bad store.

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing the love, Georgia.

Another Australian friend of mine says he grew up with lorikeets in his yard. Is there some way you can pick lorikeets instead of cane toads?

Sorry I've taken so long to come visit you here. I'm having computer problems that prevent me from opening my own blogs but nothing else. I'm only stopping by now because I'm too depressed to keep troubleshooting.

Hopefully I can fix it before the next blog hop!

georgia little pea said...

Lorikeets? Help! Next you'll be suggesting cockatoos. Australian birds - pretty to look at, also pretty vicious and territorial. I'd rather have skinks, frogs and huntsmen spiders in my home any day!

I hope you get the problem fixed soon, though if you can only open other blogs, it'd be great to have you dropping by again :p Maybe it's your computer telling you to have a holiday weekend? :) xox

Sage said...

Loved the video! And Mom really loves dark chocolate (she won't let me have any). Have you had dark chocolate with bacon? Amazingly good!

We could have lots of fun visiting, but it would be a really long swim across a BIG pond. Instead, we just became your latest follower!

georgia little pea said...

Sage! I'm so excited to have you drop by :)

I've NEVER had chocolate of any kind either. My humans keep all the good stuff for themselves and only give me stinky things like liver and cheese (which I like too, I'm not complaining). Dark chocolate with bacon sounds Frightfully Interesting. My Typist's eyes are getting bigger just thinking about it because she loves bacon a lot too. I bet she's going to try to get some now. She's such a Pig.

Thank you for being my friend! I think we are yours already :) though probably in secret because My Typist thinks she's a stealth bomber. I will make her change that IMMEDIATELY! Have a happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

SPLAT!! Things not to watch when you're eating.

Love and hug from Sister 3

Dogs in Brazil said...

Georgia, here we are all afraid of toads and mom goes around removing them. The video was awesome. It put the fear of God into us. Gostei muito receber a sua mensagem em Portugueses. Bom Fim de semana. Emmy
Dogs in Brazil

georgia little pea said...

Obrigada para visitar meu blog mais uma vez, Emmy. Eu sempre adoro praticar meu Portugues. E bom voce entende o que eu tento dizer!

"It put the fear of God into us." Haha! Muito engracado! :)

simon pender said...

Yay. The Beach. Good thing to do on 'Stralia Day.

Ruth said...

Hello! Have a happy Monday!