Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dogs, sharks, toads and so much for a holiday contest.

I've been waiting very patiently for My Typist to tell you my holidaycamp story, but it looks like she's too lazy to call the holidaycamp commandant lady so I think this is all you're ever going to see.

As everyone knows by now, I had a kerfuffle shortly after I got there. What can I say? It was a scary place with too many dogs.

Lucky for me [and my humans], the holidaycamp commandants humans didn't give up on me. I got to meet their own dogs [I was fine with them], and then the gentle and old dogs [don't ask], before I got to meet everyone else.

It took a few days, but once I realised they were still going to feed me every night and the other dogs weren't going to kill me in my sleep, I felt much better.
I don't know why I was still wearing my jammies in the playground. It was pretty stinky by the time My Typist got it back. The best thing about holidaycamp was being grubby. I didn't have to have a hosedown every day or someone wiping my butt at night.
This is *ahem* Chopper, the dog I had a kerfuffle with. You can see I was quite embarassed and Chopper was being extra careful. Sorry, Chopper!
That's all the pictures I have of my holiday. Sad, huh?
Georgia's holiday pictures courtesy of Dogwoods Country Kennels.

Here are some pictures of my humans' holiday.

This is THEIR holidaycamp.
Is it my imagination or does it look a little better than mine?
My Typist woke up early every morning to go fishing. She caught some, but not this one. This one was already dead or she would've brought it back to cook.

My Cushion did something exciting! 
I'm so glad he got home okay!picture from

 One night, the toads at my humans' holidaycamp had a party.

I don't know what my humans were doing around the bushes in the dark and I don't want to know.

One day, my humans decided to take a bus to town. The bus was old, crowded, too fast and didn't have very good suspension or brakes. Although they thought they would die, they had a lot of fun!
The town was very busy and very hot.
There were lots of exciting things to eat at the market. My Typist got hungry. [Surprise.] 
This human was waiting outside the market to help someone take their stuff to the car in his wheelbarrow. How cool is that?
Sadly, My Typist didn't have much time to shop.
Here are some pictures of dogs my humans met while they were on holiday.
This one was guarding a house that was being built. He was tied to a wire that was tied between 2 coconut trees. I think he must have been quite lonely.
While she was walking on the beach, My Typist suddenly saw some pawprints on the beach!
The dog saw her too and came to say hello!
So did her friends!
These 2 dogs were sleeping on the road in front of a posh house in a posh area in town. My humans were told they used to belong to a doctor who left the country to go back to where he came from. He left the dogs behind and they're still waiting for him to come home. What a bad human.

My Typist was very excited when she saw these by the roadside in town!
It's where the humans put their rubbish so the dogs can't get to it. Spoilsports.

Lastly, here's a picture of My Typist!
Can you see the big smile on her face?

I'm not sure, but I think my humans may have had more fun than me.

Friday, June 24, 2011

I get TWO [2] pressies and The Thief Living In My House steals one.

Pressie #1.
I got mail from someplace far away I don't know where.
It was very exciting. I've never had anything posted to me before [on account of how I'm just a dog].

They were collars from Ms Karen! My Typist says she made them herself. How clever is that? My Typist can't even sew me a new bedcover which is a rectangular sack, so I'm very impressed.
"Are you sure there isn't an antler in there somewhere?"
They're very retro and make me feel all girlie. I like them A Lot! I wonder if I'm the only dog in the whole of Strylia to have them. I hope so.

Please note my winter mohawk. It's for real. I only get it in winter.

Thank you, Ms Karen :)

I promise I'll take good care of them and make sure The Typist cleans them if they get muddy and I won't let any of my friends bite them.


Pressie #2 [which The Typist stole].
I won a $25 Amazon Gift Card from Ms Pamela for cleverly deducing where Honey went on holiday! [HINT: it wasn't a holidaycamp.]

That's a lot of money! I thought I would buy some liver treats and lamb bones with it. But My Typist says Amazon doesn't sell liver treats or lamb bones. She says she spent a whole hour looking for something for me but couldn't find anything. I don't know if I believe her. She's decided to get a book for herself, cheeky sod.

Here's what she's decided to get.

As far as I can tell, it's not even a dogbook.

Thank you, Ms Pamela :) I'm so happy I won. Please don't feel bad I didn't get anything. It's not YOUR fault My Typist is a thief.