Thursday, September 30, 2010

A love story for horrible days.

You know what I forgot to tell you this morning?
I love you a lot.
More than bananas. As much as chicken breast fillet, lightly poached.
You know that, don't you?

Okay then. Kissy-boo.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Carrot. A Poison Update.

You know how, sometimes, you have this heffalump in your chest and your heart is beating too hard, and you really want to shout very loudly, but you can't, because you're too afraid to make a scene?

That's what I wanted to do on Darling Street this morning. But I'm a fearful creature, and so I didn't.

What's the drama, you ask?

A little thing. Nothing even. And that's just the point.

All the posters warning people of the dog baiting have gone. All of them. If you haven't already read one, too bad.

I guess those posters weren't as crucial to the wellbeing of the community as the ones advertising concerts, garage sales, and oh! halloween coming up, only 30-odd days away now, don't forget!

But I lie. There IS one poster still up. The one at Simply Anything 4 Pets. A petshop that actually puts up information about our pets being poisoned - on their door and glass frontage, and even on their sidewalk sandwich board. It's almost enough to make my heart swell with happiness again.

And that's where I saw this new little Carrot.
Click to enlarge.
I saw another on the Woolie's notice board, already obscured by other notices advertising a room for rent, a dependable babysitter, an old piano for sale...who knows what really, I was too disturbed to take notes.

Over at Mort Bay, there are quite a few Carrots up, I'm told. But I wonder.

Is it possible that someone - who doesn't go to Mort Bay, who doesn't live down the road from it, who maybe doesn't even have a dogcatferretchild - has helpful information for the police?

Isn't it just possibly possible?

If the Carrots are only up at the park, how will the rest of the community keep updated? Why are there no in-your-face posters, like there would be, say,  for a local election? Is it too scary for people to know that they're living in a place that's not all fat jam doughnuts, juicy balmain bugs and 5 coffeebean coffees? Is it because very few people actually care?

The sky is a faultless blue today that's painful to see. Magpies are swooping about, looking for a bare head or 2 to peck. It's already too hot for Spring. A day made for gingermintcarrot&apple juice to wash down a greasy works breakfast, al fresco of course. A day to sun-toughen soft pale winter toes on some grassy knoll.

If you ask me, it's also time - to not be chased away from our favourite park because of the actions of one sociopath, to not laugh at THIS problem because it's not YOUR problem.

And to remember why, in the first place, we all chose to live in this particular neighbourhood that weourdogscatsferrets&children call home.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Mr Thumper's 15 minutes of fame.

Almost 19 months ago, Mr Thumper got traded in for a new, younger and improved model.

That would be me.

However, unlike most old models that get traded in, he got to stay.

As anyone who's been following this blog will know, 90% of all stories and pictures here are of me, me, ME! As it should be.

This morning, however, Mr Thumper scored himself a photo shoot. He got at least 15 minutes of camera time and that is u.n.p.r.e.c.e.d.e.n.t.e.d.

So here he is, practising his Blue Steel look.
Hey, what IS that? A camera? You're aiming the camera at ME?

Yes, I can do happy! Is this good?

Too much?

How about this then?
Or I can do serious.
Serious and noble, perhaps?
What do you mean I have a turkey neck?

You want to try a prop?
Sounds good.
So what would you like me to do with it?Just play around and have fun.


How's this?
Yes, I thought that went pretty well too.
You want to do some black and white now?
I have a suggestion.
I don't want to be difficult, but this prop is beginning to taste like...well...rubber. How about something different? A bone maybe?

Just an idea. You want some time to think about it?


Okay then. Look, I'm a professional, I'll do whatever you want. Here goes.

And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is what you get when you work with amateurs.I don't think I'm going to be losing my position as the supermodel in this family any time soon.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Please God, don't let it be another franchise clothing shop.

My stay-at-home human is frazzled today. Maybe it's because Mr Thumper and I still have woffly tummies.

But I suspect it's mostly because Lukey's human's legendary boulangerie-pâtisserie moved away yesterday.
Lukey likes me A Lot, if you know what I mean. Sadly, I can't remember the last time he shared some cabanossi with me.

A long time ago, when Mr Thumper was still allowed to eat stuff with fat and sugar in it, this was one of his must-do stops on his Tasty Treats Tour of Balmain. He didn't always get a treat, even when he refused to budge from the doorway, even when he blocked everyone else from walking in.

But, not one to hold a grudge, Mr Thumper always left a generous tip in drool on the doorstep.

Ahhh, those were the days! Au revoir rhubarb tart! Au revoir strawberry-mascarpone slice! Au revoir flourless chocolate cake!

It's going to take 20 minutes now, to walk to the new shop in Rozelle. That's great news for moi!

It's going to take 20 minutes now, to walk to the new shop in Rozelle. That's bad news for my stay-at-home human and her stinky knee.

But we all know what she's like when it comes to food. So I'm going to bravely predict that this is not goodbye, but rather...

...a bientôt!

As for who's going to move into this once-yummy spot?

See title please.

p.s. We used Google Translator because we couldn't afford a real one. So we do hope le français est bon.


At last!Since the Sunday meeting in the park, there's been a lot more awareness on the streets with signs like this one up, even outside Woolie's.

Better late than never, especially since the perpetrator hasn't yet been caught.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I can so do math. A story for strong stomachs.

1/2 a can of tuna that someone threw into the bushes.
1 tiny puddle of yogurt someone left on the ground.
3 licks of a maggoty possum [a feral cat did it, not me].
2 pieces of unbagged cat poo [the rest was dragged out of my throat].
5 stale bread crusts I stole from the pigeons.


1 Very Bad Tummy.
1/2 a night of smelly farting.
1 night of puddle-pooing.
1 day of fasting.
Plus another 1 night because it didn't get any better.
3 tablespoons of plain rice and chicken, 4 times today.

Is that a grain of rice? Can I have it if you don't want it?

2 tired, grumpy humans.
1 visit to Dr Dog if it's still bad tomorrow.
And too many hours to count of being hungry and sad.

How is Rufus B Thumper?

Although he didn't have a Good Food Week like Georgia, his stomach is definitely going bad again. Since last Thursday, he's had on-off days of fasting and light feeds. He's not so keen on walks and is slowing down again.
His heart and lungs sounded good at the check-up last Saturday. Weight excellent at about 55 kgs. Coughing and gagging probably a geriatric problem. Vet said, "No bones." So there we have it...only pap to the end.

We all know what it's about, nothing much more can be done except lots of cuddling.

I'm VERY hungry. You know that, don't you?

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Big And Important Meeting, a Poison Update in 2 parts.

My Update

Yesterday afternoon, I went to A Big and Important Meeting at Mort Bay Park.
When we got there, I was surprised to see so many dogs. Maybe hundreds, and definitely more than 10. I didn't know a lot of them.

Many of my friends were there as well.
Camy, who got sick from eating bad food at the park, but is all well now. She was on telly last night and is now A Famous Dog, which is why she has her back to the camera.
Molly and Scotty

Zarny and Tully.
Gideon, who got some grooming done while the mayor was talking.

Little Gracie, who proved yet again that she's ready to play wherever, whenever.
Lucky Pinky, who gets to go shopping every day.
Father Jack, who was wide awake and looked good despite the drool on his face.

Frankie, who was A Big Sook.Poppy.
Ranger, who told my humans about The Big And Important Meeting.
There were many other dogs there that I knew, but we don't have any pictures of them. As you can see, we were all on leashes, so we didn't get to play.

Instead, we got to sit in one big group and have our picture taken and listen to some humans talk. I didn't understand a word they said and paid no attention. Judging by this picture, I wasn't the only one.
After that, we all went home.

It was a strange walk. I don't know what it was about, but it was good to catch up with friends.

My Stay-At-Home Human's Update

Many people turned up at the meeting at Mort Bay Park. Though we were there for a serious reason, there was an upbeat mood. Perhaps everyone was just happy to see that we weren't alone in our worry.

Some buckets went round for a collection, to be used as a reward for information.
This little dog hitched a ride to the park.

This one was ready to celebrate some good news.

The police were there. Apparently, the SPCA is also involved. Leichhardt mayor Parker spoke at the meeting. NSW Premier Ms Keneally spoke on TV while walking her dog [not at Mort Bay]. There were reports in the Herald and Telegraph.
We even made the Channel 7 news last night.

On the ground, there was lots of chatter about suspects and leads and little else.

I leave you with this, posted on the online Telegraph by a person named janetb, comment 19 out of 25 -

"The message here is to keep your dumb mutts out of parks designed for kids."

There's someone out there who believes parks are designed for kids. Really? JUST for kids?

As a fully grown adult who uses parks, with and without my dumb mutts [whose poop I scoop], I have to say, I take great exception to that.


UPDATED 9.40am
Just got sent this link. Thanks Prab!