Friday, January 21, 2011


"ThAnk You, Ms Karla!" :)

A Saturday update because My Typist forgot I had something to say to The People In Charge Of These Things.

Thank you for your lovely Adopted & Adored stamp collection. They make a nice change from flowers and koalas.

However, I would like to point out, very politely, that you seem to have missed out quite a few rescues that need to be adopted and adored too.

These would be BigDogs, OldDogs, ScaryDogs, BlackDogs and, last but not least, C-a-t-s. I have been told that these are very hard types to find good homes for. (Of course, I completely understand how that might be for the C-a-t-s).

Anyway, this Very Important Point is for your kind concidrasyun considerashun you to think about, should you be having another collection of Adopted & Adored.

I have included a helpful example of what a BigDog stamp might look like. As you can see, it is quite nice.

Thank you for reading. Have a happy day!

Yours sincerely, Georgia Little Pea Ratatouille.

P.S. The model in the stamp above is available at short notice. She has extensive experience in front of the camera and will get out of bed for a fresh lamb shank [lightly seared] and a 1kg bag of liver treats [organic if possible]. That price may seem a bit high, but it is not negotiable. Thank you again.


ceekay said...

Oh my, oh my ... I like it very much little pea. You'll definitely have to get some real ones. Best of Show for sure, girlie.

georgia little pea said...

why thank you, mr ceekay. you're not biased by any chance, are you?


Ms Little Pea -- it seems dogs' snouts seem quite enlarged in your environs. Is that some effect of living at your, shall we say, lonnng-i-tude?

Unhappily watching the snow fall in Bermtopia,


georgia little pea said...

Dear Ben,

My Typist can't stop laughing. I am not so amused. My nose isn't big. And why are you calling it a snout? I'm a pigDOG, not a pig. If you must know, I just have a bad photographer, not one like yours who takes all those moody pretty shots. I assure you, I am much better looking in real life.

I hope your weekend is good, despite the snow. Snuggle in the blue blankie, don't come out, and insist on having your brekkie in bed. You HAVE to let the humans know who's boss... you know that, right?

BIG HUG, xox

Team Kenzo said...

After reinventing "post a comment" into "sniff my butt", is this your way of saying lick my .. ?

georgia little pea said...

Kenzo! You WERE going to say...face. Right?

Kristine said...

This made my day. That's probably sad and a reason I should have stayed in bed. But nonetheless, there it is. If I saw Georgia on a real stamp, I probably wouldn't have to do anything else in my whole life.

Again, sad but honest. :-P

georgia little pea said...

oh, ms kristine, i hope you're not still sad. it's the weekend! maybe shiva will take you for a long walk and brekkie somewhere to cheer you up. meantime, here's a :) and xox for you!

Unknown said...

Georgia, you are an elegant spokesmodel (even if you have trouble spelling). I'd certainly buy your stamp.

Tell-A-Tale said...

Georgia's 'cover' shot inspired this piece of doggerel:

Little Pea
Don't you pout
Don't call your human
a ** lout
Just cos' she shot you centre-snout etc etc

georgia little pea said...

once again, i don't have a snout. thank you.