Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Snail mail.

My Typist got some snail mail yesterday. She hasn't received snail mail in a very long time [all the bills get paid by my hardworking out-at-work human], so she admired the envelope for a bit.

It wasn't anything important like a reminder from Dr Dog or our treats delivery service.

It was from her gym telling her she was still fat and please do something about it like renew her membership.

After a while, she noticed the stamp in the corner.
"Awww..." she thought, " nice." 

She went to check out the other stamps in the collection. Here they are.

Strip picture from:

I wonder why there aren't any BigDogs in the collection. It's A Mystery. I hope it doesn't mean the BigDogs are still in the pound waiting, and haven't been adopted and adored yet. That would be sad.

That's it then. Have a good day!

Yours sincerely,

The Adopted and Adored BigPigDog, that would be me, Georgia Little Pea.


Team Kenzo said...

What a creative way to promote adoption. I also want a snail mail again!

Thanks for making my laugh once more, great blog :)

georgia little pea said...

awww, kenzo...:p

Pamela said...

What a lovely stamp. I'd be happy to have someone sending me a letter telling me I was fat if it had a picture of a puppy on it!

I wonder if someone could invent "stamps" that go on emails. I don't see why not. I certainly hate to give up stamps as snail mail goes the way of the dinosaur.

sonia a. mascaro said...

So beautiful stamp!

Have a nice day!
Kisses and hugs!

Kristine said...

Lovely idea for a stamp! It's always nice to see adoption promoted by the government. :-)

I don't get much snail mail either, or email really. Nobody loves me. Boo hoo.

I love how you ended this post. You are so awesome.

georgia little pea said...

@kristine - yeah right missy. we know how loved you are by just about everyone, hrummmph, so please don't boohoo like that. if you're not careful, My Typist might start sending you emails everyday, then you will be in deep poop.

have a happy day :)

btw, when you say, you are awesome, do you mean ME or the typist? We're
having a little squabble over that :p

georgia little pea said...

@Pamela - My Typist just tried sending you an e-card with a stamp but couldn't find your email address anywhere on your blog :( oh well.

Trixie, Lily, and Sammy-Joe said...

Aww,our Mama says she wants stamps like that! Not that we mail things very often these days. But you're right, where are the big doggies/ It would be nice to see a pitbull on there! And wait... where are the CATS?

georgia little pea said...

hey, that's a good point! bigdogs, "scary" dogs and c-a-t-s are the most hard to place. hmmm. very slack of australia post :p

ceekay said...

Hmmm ... I wonder if there are pictures on the back of the stamps as well so we can lick 'em. Would be nice for us to lick them for a change, right? :-)

georgia little pea said...

ekkk! YOU lick them.

on the other hand, no, please don't.

Chandra said...

GLP, I think you and Mr. Thumper should go make a delivery on the gym's doorstep.

I went to my post office today and all they had were Menorah stamps. Get with the season, Ore-gone mail people!

c at ddy.

Pup Fan said...

Oh my... I love these stamps!

georgia little pea said...

@chandra -i had a DUH moment. Mr T making a delivery hahahahaha!!!!!

he did one a few days ago, at the chemist, after getting a schmacko. thank god and all the fairies, it wasnt't ME with him. curiously, it's ALWAYS the other half that brings these "episodes" on :)

hey i like the way your name is going. very succint. i read it as cat daddy. xox

georgia little pea said...


if you click the link on the post, under the pic - you'll see the US and UK also have these adoption postage stamps! AND unlike Oz Post, there are BigDog and c-a-t ones too.

Juliette said...

The lunch out sounds great, especially the macaroons (we don't get flavours like that in the UK, unless you made them??) Dogs at the beach, yes we love that too. The stamps I have heard about them but usually they have a few dogs adopted and one still waiting to be - great idea. Trying to navigate your site to friends! Thanks for sharing.

georgia little pea said...

@Juliette - thank you for wanting to be My Friend! If you click on the follow button right at the top of the blog page, I think you'll still get there! :) yay and all that! BTW, I tried getting back to you through your last comment and had problems finding you. ??? WHAT is going on eh?

ME? Home make macaroons? ROTFL till I die :p no, my dear. I do have a terrific choc cake recipe though, that I will share soon :)

The UK stamps, with the one dog waiting still, is A Fantastic Idea!

Have a happy day! xox

ceekay said...

Hey Georgia, I've figured out why there are no big dogs on the postage stamps - it's because the stamps are very small!! You will definitely not fit onto the 60 cents stamps, girl. We'll have to see if we can order some bigger $1 stamps for you ... hehehe

georgia little pea said...

@mr ceekay - $1 stamps. Yes please. I think I'm definitrly worth more than 60cents.

Anonymous said...

O would adopt a big dog

I love dog dogs,

not fluffy faux dogs.