Saturday, January 15, 2011

A letter of c.o.n.t.r.i.t.i.o.n to Mr Ben in Bermtopia.

If you've not been following this story, it might make more sense to start HERE, then move on to HERE, before reading this.


Yes. Really.


Dear Mr Ben,

Thank you so much for your response! I have been quite anxiously waiting, with my little bag packed, since yesterday lunch. I had quite a sleepless night. 

I am SO embarrassed, not to have considered the possibility that YOU ARE ALSO A DOG! I don't know why I thought I might be the only dog with nothing better to do than sit next to the computer, dictating to My Typist. I'm impressed that you don't even need A Typist! I don't know what t.e.l.e.k.i.n.e.t.i.c.a.l.l.y means. It is A Very Big Word. Perhaps we can talk about that technique some other day.

I'm sorry you've changed your mind to have me come live with you. My Typist always said my outgoing opinionated nature would get me into trouble one day. I can fully understand why you've decided to remain The Only Pampered Dog In Bermtopia. I would have made the same decision.

Besides, it sounds like you're too far away for me to walk to your house. I have never heard of the U-S of A. Is it near the fishmarket over the bridge? That's the furthest I've ever walked. For anything further than that, we take the car. And, as you might know, I'm not a very good swimmer and am still learning not to panic in the water.

So all in all, it might be better for me to continue living here.

Also, it's the weekend! and My Cushion won't have to go out to work! and I'll be doing lots of fun things! and cuddling on the couch! So I don't feel neglected anymore.

Thank you again for your kind and generous offer. I will always remember it.

Have a great weekend in the snow. Too bad it's not good for eating.

Your (of course) eternal friend, Georgia little Pea Bermtopia Ratatouille.

P.S. Can't you do something about the cat?


Thank You to The Queen and Supreme Goddess of Bermtopia for so graciously humouring me in this grand and impromptu experiment of writing something out of the comments section. I had fun. Hope you did too!


Chandra said...

Ohh, Ben is not only handsome but he wears very smart pants?! (I think that what's the Very Long Word that starts with a T means.) Those Australian shepherds are such heart breakers. But it's all behind you now, GLP. What a difference the weekend, and your Cushion, makes!

-c at DDY.

georgia little pea said...

*sigh*, i AM a little sad that Mr Ben doesn't want me to go live with him anymore, Ms C.

but it's okay! i've had a marvellous brekkie, gone for my long saturday walk, and am just about to settle down for a bit of tv on My Cushion's lap :) it's a wonderful world! xox


The cat is insufferable, but thankfully dislikes the snow so I do not have to deal with him now. I am not, however, looking forward to an overly extended thaw where there are Things he can prowl through in my backyard.


KimT said...

Hey, Georgia Little Pea! CindyLu here...I'm in the USA, and I don't know this Ben guy, but if I run into him, I'll be giving him a piece of my mind 'bout this! He must be off his leash to not want you to come stay with him.
His loss!! BOL

georgia little pea said...

it's okay cindylu who. i think it may be my fault for being so bossy :( but thank you for being my friend. :)

koko said...

Just so you know, Georgia Little Pea, there's always room for an opinio... err outgoing dog like you over here :)

Licks, hero

georgia little pea said...

Hero?!!! You're okay? Coming right over! xox