Monday, January 17, 2011

Mr Thumper gets a workout.

Despite his bad legs, Mr Thumper loves his daily walks.

Very often though, he goes out the front gate and can't decide which way he wants to go, left or right.

So he just lies down on the sidewalk and has a good think about it, while my stay-at-home human slowly starts to tear her hair out.

This morning, when they went out the gate, they saw this.
Someone kind had decided to help Mr Thumper with his toughest question of the day [or felt sorry for my stay-at-home human].

So off they went, following the helpful little arrows!

Down the road, and round the corner.
Someone evil tried to confuse them here.
And here! 
But my stay-at-home human and Mr Thumper were too smart to fall into those evil traps.

On they went, until eventually, they saw this.
And they realised, someone kind had pointed them to the park where Old and Fragile, Little Teacup and Gentle Dogs play.

They saw that the grass had grown a lot. The People In Charge Of These Things must still be on Christmas break.
Hector was there.
And Abbie too.
Abbie and Mr Thumper had a game.

They ran for at least 10 seconds. Mr Thumper got quite a workout.
Darcy wanted to join in the game. But Mr Thumper had had enough by then.

After that, my stay-at-home human and Mr Thumper came home, and Mr Thumper got a low-fat multi-grain biscuit for exercising so hard.


Kristine said...

Good for Thumper. If I was of such a wise age, I wouldn't exercise more than I had to either. In fact, I don't exercise more than I have to NOW.

That grass is wildly long! You have your own forest to play in. :-)

Chandra said...

Oh, Mr. Thumper I am impressed by that cardio! You have inspired me to run for at least 10 seconds today. And I will probably look a little bit like you when I do it because it is cold where I live and I will have to bundle up. I may even get really wild and eat something multi-grain for lunch! Today, Mr. Thumper, you are my arrows! xoxo! (although I suspect you like neither hugs nor kisses!)

c at DDY.

Trixie, Lily, and Sammy-Joe said...

That sounds like the perfect day! We wonder who drew those helpful arrows!

Team Kenzo said...

Fun that Mr. Thumper just goes out the front door and lays down. I guess he just likes the view better from over there. Smart dog :)

georgia little pea said...

the arrow fairies have been working hard. more today! :)

ceekay said...

Run Rufus, run Rufus, run, run, run. Don't let anything stops you having fun, fun, fun ... What did you say? More meat please ... a cow (and a chook) a day keeps the vet away??? You hear that woman?

georgia little pea said...

oh hardy haha mr ceekay.

Anonymous said...

Dear Georgia,

I've finally found your blog which is really good except there are a hundred photos of you and only two of me. By the way, I'm a little (ish) (but still trying to grow) dog, and I only have a short leash. Just saying.

Your friend,


georgia little pea said...

dear pearl,

thank you for finally dropping by! i was beginning to think you were quite a standoffish little[ish] dog.

i PROMISE there will be more pictures of you SOON because my out-at-work human just took a whole bunch this morning :) My Typist though, works in slow and mysterious ways. so BE PATIENT PLEASE!

your friend back, georgia xox

Peggy Frezon said...

ooh that grass is long! I'm glad those arrows pointed the way to something fun!

simon pender said...

Haha, guide arrows. I would do that, but Monty is blind and Daisy would just try to roll in it. :)

Anonymous said...

Good to get your latest update and great to hear that Rufus was still getting out & about.

These days, Flash's range is only about 400m down to a little local sports field & park. I'm just glad that he made it to Xmas.

Our backyard's a reasonable size for a little old dog. Luci takes Inky out jogging with her most evenings. Flash is quite content to waddle around the back lawn & sniff the flowers. Even the local birds know that he's no threat, as they tidy up any left-over rice from his dinner bowl. Inky certainly lets them (possums too) know who's backyard it is.

Fruit & nuts munched, now back to work, stay happy & well, best rgds STeve

georgia little pea said...

@si - i didn't know monty was blind :(

@uncleSTeve - thank goodness inky is there to protect the yard from possums and birds. isn't it funny how flash and rufus both have others clean up after them? in our case, ms pea, who takes her job very seriously. messy oldies! :)

Karen Friesecke said...

Well thank goodness for the arrows! Now that Thumper knows the way he might go out a little more :)

Dogs in Brazil said...

Emmy wants to tell you Georgia just how impressed she is ith another bi lingual dog. She thinks you must be as smart as her. Thank for all your support through these terrble times. Bau wau (bow wow) in Portuguese.
Emmy's human.

georgia little pea said...

Of course I'm as smart as you, Emmy! Huff!

P.S. Bem-vindo para meu blog. E um prazer encontrar-se aqui. Nao muito entendo portugues, un porquinho so. Adoro meu dicionario! :p

Hmmm. Did that make any sense to you? :)