Sunday, September 30, 2012


I can't believe I haven't finished telling you about my terribel predikamen! It's because the spring cleaning, the incoherent human and the moon got in the way. My life is very exciting.

Some of you thought my predikamen was whether to share my dried squid with Larry. Goodness! That was  A Terrible Guess. 

It's something much MUCH more important than that. 

It's about 


This is Lloyd. 

Sometimes, he wears saddle bags. I don't know why, maybe someone told him it looks good.

Lloyd is much younger than me but is otherwise quite perfect for a boyfriend being tall, dark and handsome. 
I like Lloyd A Lot! 
And Lloyd likes me A Lot back!


Sometimes, when we're playing, we don't even realise there are other dogs there who might want to play too.

Look at how hard Midas was trying here!

But we only had eyes for each other!


Can you guess what my terribel predikamen is yet?
I think Larry might be jealous of Lloyd!




"Why are you always with Lloyd these days, Georgia?
      "Because he's fun, Larry!"

"Well, I'm fun too!" 
"Mate, it doesn't look good."

"Oi! You stop being a sticky beak and stay out of this, Wellington!"

I don't think I can finish this story yet because [and I don't know whether you know this], love is a very complicated thing.

Ridiculous breaking news! 
The Typist had brunch with Tara and Sammy's human and she said Lloyd loves Sammy! Sammy? My nemesis? Are you kidding me? What does this mean? 
My competition supposed competition wearing the same saddle bags. Oh haha, how twee can you be.

I am heartbroken confused pissed off and can't wait to get to the bottom of this. All I can say is, Lloyd had better not be mucking around with my affections.

More nauseating proof! 
These incriminating pictures were taken by Tara and Sammy's human and posted on facebook where The Typist spotted them. This is why you have to be VERY careful what you put on the internet. 

P.S. The Typist stole the pictures. Hopefully, she won't get into too much trouble for that. 

To be continude, I guess...

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Greetings from the moon!

This pic from HERE.

Dear Everyone, 

We are now checking out The Moon to see if it is a nice place to live. So far so good. We have not met any bad or irate humans and it is very peaceful.

The Typist thinks it's a little dusty and is already complaining that there will be too much vacuuming to do. Some humans are not happy wherever they are.

I am still eating my freeze dried kibble but it will be running out soon and there are no butchers here to buy my chicken breasts from. I hope my humans have a Plan B or I will have to eat them.

I hope you are all well on Earth. We can see you from here so please be good.

Hooroo for now! Much love, Georgia, Cushion and The Typist X

I have turned off the comments on the last post because I think it's time to move on. Thank you for all your thoughts! It's reassuring to know there are still sensible people out there :)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

A scuffle and I am wrongly accused.

Remember how I've been telling you about the nice humans in my neighbourhood? Well, I wouldn't want you to get the wrong impression that everyone here is nice because that would be a lie.

This morning, I was waiting outside Woollie's for My Cushion to buy some milk and juice.

When he came out, a human started scolding him and told him I bit her mini-human! and was a vicious dog! and should be muzzled! 

My Cushion tried to tell her that I was A Good Girl and would NEVER do something like that but she only scolded him some more. The human's Other Half (who had their own BigDog with him) told her to stop because nothing had happened and I didn't bite her mini-human but she just told him to keep quiet. Then some other human who was there said he knew me and I was The Friendliest Dog In Balmain, but she wouldn't believe him either. Then she pushed My Cushion in the chest! and some other humans had to come between them to stop the squabble.

My Cushion was very upset, and so was The Typist when he came home and told her what happened. My humans wish they knew what really happened to get the mini-human's mama so upset but since she was incoherent, I guess they'll never know.

This has made my humans even more determined to take me somewhere nice to live. I don't know where this will be. Maybe the moon.

Sadly yours, The Accused Georgia Little Pea.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Under my hOuse .

Sorry i hat NO time to tell you abut my prediKamen today. i want tO ashure you i haf not forgoten you.

   I have jus been  busy helping my huamns clean the store roo, under our hause.    Here are sum.  pikturs The TYpis took for me wen she shud haf bin workin. 
Watch yur hed! when you   are comin in OK?! 

So this is our unndergoun store oom. You can;t stand up in her`e unless you are a smal or very shjort human,  A Bigdog like me can stan up in here no problum.
Look how messy it is! no onder they are takign so long to cleeN it.

My Kushin is in da  hole at the bcak! can yOu see Him?
THERe, HE IS! taht's the lite on his hed! It is very dark in the hjole,
 I kept My Kushin  company wen he ahd to decide what to keep and wat to give awiay . it was Very troarmatik  trawma  tuff for heem. He is not gud at throwing away  tings like The Typis, 
There are a lot of tIngs ou t  on the,r  kerb now and he is very sad.     poor Kushin,
 I  am a litle tired now from all the helping./. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

A tErribel predikamen.

ttyped by me, georgia litle P [sorry!} 

becus The Typis is still usy cleaning. 
and also is comp[aining that the study is too messy for her to tink, 


this is Larry.You  already met heem many times.
he is one of my bestest ffrends. Hes  not a bigdog LIke me but thats OK. size is not  importan when looking for a frend.  \

Larry tinks ehs good with da Ladies,  
i better NOt say anything.

Larry and me haf sumthingvery important in kommon, 
can you geuss wat Larry and I haf in Kommon.? 

The omemt we thinkour humans arent lookin , larry and Me like to go look fotr doogff FOOD! 


Here  isa one of our fabourtie spots where humans like tothrow the ir skraps!!! All us dogs kno about it!,     getting to Our Favbourtie Spot FOr Skraps can be triky. Firtst! we haf to pretend we"re playing so our  humans dont suyspect anythin/   can u see me chasing Lloyd to OFSFS in the piktur above?
Once we are ther, there is NO time to waste and we IMMEDIATLY start lokin fro food, the Windoh Of Ooprtunity is very small.!

Our humans  will kurse and call abd names yell for us to come bak!! we must be smart n pretend not too HEar them,. 

If Larrys human catches him,. hehas to go homw IMMEDIAT:Y! i don;t haf to worry about such tings becus My Kushin is a soft touch.


here are more pictures from anothenr       day,
Its alwas gud to mark the trail iun case we get lost/
Kushin kot us here!! buthe was too far away so we jus ignoRed heem. He cant run as fast as we caN becs he only has 2 legs.
Laryy and me like hunting for dreid squid and prawns. they are VREY gud to eat! our humans are scared we weel eat a hook one day I hope NOT!   that wud hurt and i would haf to stop eating afro a few days./

"Did ya find sumnthing Larry?'
"yeah but i ate it already."

To find enuf food for 2 dogs is hard worj and we haf to keep moving.
 sumntimes, we go deep in the boosh.
Can you see us in the picture?There is no rest for us wven wen the sun goes down!~It can be danjerus work too!
 t\Though we work very hard, Larry and me are not always  so sucksesful. In that case, we  jus find a nice human .
Begging is a gud an valeed hunting tekneek

OK! by now,  u must be wonerfing' WAT TWRRIBEL  pREDIKAMEN IS Geogia talking about?


i willtell uyou soon but not now  becus my tows are hurting form typign,.. and also iot's timefor my nap
The People In Charge Of  THeseTings put these toobs in the park so the fishermwn can stuff their fishing lines and stuf in the,m and not hurt us dogs n other ansimals in the sea [and maybe minihumans too] but i dont kno whether  they get used so oftne.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

And in the end.

What a self-indulgent trip down memory lane that was for me! From your comments over the last week, I think the images triggered some memories for you too. I hope you had as much fun as I did.

I'll just leave you with a few more random bits and pieces that I found after my last post. 

Recognise anything?

I'm done with the past now and ready to look forward. Thanks again for reading, and have a great weekend wherever you are X

P.S. Anyone remember The Dog? I think she's quite anxious to tell you a couple of stories. Same place next week perhaps? Till then :)