Monday, May 24, 2010

Saying goodbye.

A Lady who lived a few doors away from us, died exactly a week ago today.

My stay-at-home human tells me this is like what happened to Mr Piglet and we will not see her again.

She's sad to think of it because she liked this Lady. And she's upset because she waited too long to say goodbye and in the end, never got the chance.

The Lady was sick for a long time so I didn't see her on the street much.

When she saw me, she would call, "Georgia, Georgia."

"And how is she doing?" she would ask my humans, looking sternly at me because she knew the story of how I came to live here after Mr Piglet died, and how naughty I could be. 

"Oh, she's coming along, " they would tell her, not really a lie.

The Lady had a little white dog called John. She used to walk him ever so slowly down the street. When she stopped to chat, he would stand there patiently waiting. He never grumbled like I do.

John is older than Mr Thumper. He's even older than Mr Thumper and me put together. The Lady found him many years ago in a pet shop and knew she just had to have him, she told my stay-at-home human.

These days, John is almost blind and deaf and sleeps a lot. Sometimes, the Lady would laugh at how old and slow he was getting, though not unkindly. I've heard my humans talk about Mr Thumper the same way, like they're preparing for something, though I'm not sure what.

I saw John a few days ago, walking down the street. His Lady is gone but, thankfully, he still has 2 other humans to love, not to mention, a young and gorgeous cat called Tiffany for company. It would be too sad otherwise.

So there you are. Someone on our street went away last week and won't be coming back.

We all wish her a most excellent journey.

In memory of Jenny who lived on our street.

Friday, May 21, 2010

If you wish very, very hard, you can get what you really, really want.

It's almost winter. *Brrrrr* Where I live, that means the temperature gets to below 10*C in the middle of the night.

That might not sound very cold to someone living in Fargo, but it's freezing for A Dog Of Little Hair like me.

My stay-at-home human has spent years laughing at people who put coats on their dogs. "What do dogs have fur for?" she would cackle, shaking her head at silly humans who play dress-ups with their dogs.

Well, karma has come back to give her a mighty poke in the eye.

She got me and I DON'T LIKE THE COLD AT ALL.

If you've been following my stories, you will know that I really, really wanted a dog howling at the moon jammie.

I've wanted one for almost a year now.

Recently, my stay-at-home human tried to cheer me up by making me a jammie.

It was a disaster.

[You can read all about it here.]

After that, she thankfully gave up sewing me a jammie and tried to see if I would fit into any of her old T-shirts instead.

Yes, it says C-A-T. And it made me feel F-A-T.

I just knew I wasn't ever going to be one of those fashionable little dogs in their leather-trimmed, leopard-spotted coats.

Then yesterday, out of the blue...a strange man brought a parcel to the door. Being the good little watch dog I'm becoming, I barked very loudly when I saw him. Bark, BARK, BARK!!! with a few ^gr*rrrrss^*! thrown in.

Luckily, he didn't run away.
I didn't know what it was at first. It wasn't soft or fluffy and it didn't look at all like a jammie.

And then...
"Is it really...

...for ME?"

I was so happy, I almost cried.

I gave my stay-at-home human a very big thank you nuzzle.

Not one to sleep in the sun for too long, I'm already thinking very hard about what I should wish for next.

OH NO! My out-at-work human came home with a big box last night. When he opened it up, this popped out...
Be afraid. Be VERY afraid.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The sun is out!

The sun is out!
The sun is out!

The sun is out!

I'm so happy the sun is out!

A rainy day story.

It's been raining and raining and raining.
We're bored, bored, bored.

There's no one to play with because everyone's been sleeping in. I don't understand why our humans don't know how to sleep in.

Mr Thumper met Lukie in the park. Though they're not the best of friends, they were so excited to see another dog out there, they said hello to each other.

My stay-at-home human had to buy some milk. It was muddy outside, so she bravely took Mr Thumper into the supermarket. Little dogs sneak into the supermarket all the time, but Mr Thumper is too big to sneak in.                          
She tied him to the chairs next to the door. The door kept opening and closing because Mr Thumper's butt was too big.

Back at home, I got so bored, I had to bite a few things.
Goodbye pretty garden flag. Goodbye cute upside-down possum. Goodbye princess-bed ribbon.

Since my stay-at-home human couldn't go out, she decided to take [more] pictures of us. It was very annoying to have her phone pointing at us all the time. She thinks her pictures are kind of clever and that we're being too negative about it. Haha.
Could someone please wake me up when the rain stops?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Is it time for a walk yet? *coogee to bondi cliff walk*

My stay-at-home human's knee is getting much better, thank you.

She's started taking Rufus B Thumper out for short walks and it's quite funny to see them shuffling down the street. They are slower than old ladies with walking aids.

For now, I get to do special expeditions with my out-at-work human.

Last Sunday, we went on the Coogee to Bondi cliff walk.

Mr Thumper used to do this walk with Mr Piglet but it's too hard for him now so he stayed home and watched TV.

At Bronte, we headed down the rocks for a swim, right past the sign that said: 

"NO DOGS ALLOWED BEYOND THIS POINT." or something like that.

The sign must be wrong because there are always dogs there.
The surf was scary.

I'm not a good swimmer yet.
And I didn't see any lifesavers, so I decided it was best not to go into the water. I'm not stupid.

I wanted to play, but the other dogs there didn't.

I missed Tara. Maybe she and Father Jack and Poppy and Leo and Pepper and Ella and all my other friends will go there with me another Sunday.

Wouldn't that be fantabulous?

There was a swimming competition on at the Bondi Icebergs Pool.

It was a sunny beautiful day for that.

There were LOTS of sizzling sausages and onions. They smelt lovely but I didn't get any.

My out-at-work human made me pose for pictures everywhere.
I felt like a tourist.
When my stay-at-home human saw the pictures, she was not pleased. "What is this?" she said, "Where's my story? What a waste of a walk!"

I didn't think it was a waste of a walk at all.

In fact, I had a very nice Sunday morning.

Even if I didn't get a sausage.

Winter-Spring 2009/Summer 2010