Tuesday, January 4, 2011

One summer evening.

I'm not allowed to play with my friends this week in case the stitches haven't finished doing their work yet. I hope they're working hard because it's getting boring just walking round and round on a leash.
I met this lamp post. It's summer, but it must still be feeling cold because it's wearing a sweater. Just like this tree we met last winter.

Hmmm. I wonder if grrl + her dog put them on?

My typist has i.n.d.u.s.t.r.i.o.u.s.l.y dug out some pictures from not too long ago last December, when she wasn't so industrious was downright lazy and didn't share any pictures of my friends.

These are some friends you haven't met before. That's because they play in the park for Good And Gentle Or Fragile Teacup or Old And Fragile Dogs.

I wasn't allowed there last year because I wasn't Good, Gentle or Old yet [and will never be Fragile or A Teacup]. But I'm Almost A Lady now, so I'm allowed again.

This is Walter. He has a sweet face.
But Walter is full of evil intentions.
This is Josie.

She's only a puppy but has already done time in Death Row.

She learnt some neat stuff from her time in prison.
God help us all when Josie grows up.

If she's not careful, she may be exiled from the park for Good And Gentle or Fragile Teacup or Old And Fragile Dogs, just like I was.

This is Spike from Israel. 
And this is Pipi Longstocking from somewhere much closer by like maybe a few roads away.
This is a dog that just popped by. We didn't know him, but we do now. His name is Diesel.
So these are my newish Good And Gentle, not yet Old, not Fragile or Teacup Friends.

One summer evening, we had Some Most Excellent Games in the park.

This is a mini-human who, unlike my stay-at-home human, still has 2 good knees [and apparently no fear of being very close to big bouncy dogs so that may change soon]. 
Here are 2 pictures of a crowd, a lamp post and a 3rd wheel.
I like my newish Good And Gentle Friends a lot and really look forward to playing gently with them again soon.
It'd be good if Walter tried to learn some new games though.

UPDATED 13TH January
Pepe is not Pepe, and not a he either. He's a she, and she's Pipi.



Walter appears to be something of an Uncle Perv. Good thing he tires out so quickly.

georgia little pea said...

he's young and, shall we say...enthusiastic? ;p

oh, and welcome to our snowberm-free zone!

JacksDad said...

Yes, I think someone needs to have the 'talk' with Walter. I do hope that he is 'unbroken'. :)

Anonymous said...


I didnt do that one, but it's a good height for peeing on, by the look.

I love a good dog rumble in the park. We go to Leichhardt where they also serve puppachinos.

georgia little pea said...

@grrl - that's where georgia goes to school. but it's summer break now.

@jackdaddy - thanks for dropping by :)

fortunately georgia's a rescue and we all know what that means :) walter is...like any adolescent with raging hormones i guess. miss pea will sort him out if he gets overly happy, i'm sure. she's not THAT much of A Lady yet!

Mr Me said...

Walter, fnar fnar snort ha ha ha.

georgia little pea said...

Is that YOU, father to F and T???

sonia a. mascaro said...

Hi dear Georgia,
The black "berry" is a fruit named "Jaboticaba". It's delicious! I did a post about this fruit and you can see following the link:
Um bom dia para você!

PS: I will return to read and enjoy this current post soon. I just go now to the city near my house, Avaré, for shopping. Avaré is 50 km (31,069 miles) from my house.

Kristine said...

Oh, Walter. He really needs to learn how to play well with others, doesn't he? Not everyone likes "those" kinds of games. I am sure someone will set him straight one of these days.

The rest of your friends look like a lot of fun. I hope you get those stitches out soon so you can join them again.

georgia little pea said...

@Sonia - thanks! I will check the link. Never heard of it before. Goodness, your nearest town is very far away...I don't think I would be popping out to the shops for a carton of milk if I was you! But no wonder you have so much beautiful space :) beijos xox

@Kristine - thankfully, Walter is a very sweet and gentle dog, despite his friskiness!

Anonymous said...

Gosh sister3, these dogs are just like humans from different nationalities having a romp. Didnt know it was possible. Shows how much I have to learn about dogs' behaviour. I know a little bit more about guppies and hamsters. Chomp.

georgia little pea said...

Yes, I guess you don't get too much chance to take guppies and hamsters out to the park xox chomp?

sonia a. mascaro said...

Georgia, you have many friends! It's sounds good!
Flora has few friends, like Lisa and Brahma, the dogs of my daughter. Flora is a bit antisocial... Lol!
Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

From a little dog that thinks it's BIG dog (especially when there is a fence in between them)who prefers no lead, we can at least share tales of peeing on the knitting. Even got to do this straight after the knit went up one cold winters night. These street knitters need protection you know, but geez that tree took hours to sow up so I walked home.
Not sure if we'll cross paths or parks, that rough and tumble looks like rough and tumble.

georgia little pea said...

oh my goodness! YOU must be the mystery person who's making our posts and trees so pretty. we like them a lot! but i didn't pee on the knit because i'm A Lady.

we look forward to lots more snuggy trees this winter. thanks for stopping by :)

p.s. i have litledog friends, but they're all mad like me and we DO like a tumble.