Friday, October 15, 2010

Is it time for a walk yet? *illoura* *thornton*

Yesterday, I had a Girls' Day Out with some of my best friends. There were 7 girls [including our humans] and Scotty, who doesn't count because he's a boy.

Lucky Scotty. Poor Scotty.

It was a hot muggy day so we decided to walk to Illoura for a swim.  
We used some twisty back lanes to get there. My stay-at-home human was very happy to find new ways to get lost. We met 2 dirty, noisy trucks, 1 blue tongue lizard, and 1 small dog sunning himself on the road.
I only have a picture of the trucks because my stay-at-home human was too busy getting me to relax when I saw the lizard and the small dog. Despite being hungry all the time, I haven't really eaten any skinks [or small dogs], so I don't know why she thought I would try to eat the blue tongue lizard [or the small dog]. But I suppose it's good that she was c.a.u.t.i.o.u.s.

All our tongues were hanging out by the time we got to Illoura. The water was lovely and cold.

Molly went fishing immediately.
Scotty swam out to fetch sticks.

I helped Scotty get the sticks back to shore. I'm sure he was quite grateful for my help though he didn't say thank you.

As usual, Sammy wanted us to play rope with her.
As usual, she got mad when no one wanted to play rope with her.
And as usual, Molly continued fishing. I have some very p.r.e.d.i.c.t.a.b.l.e friends.
Tara and I got a good game in. Scotty didn't want to play our girly game.

Then I found something dead and stinky to eat. It was on the sand bed and I had to stick my head in the water to get it. Tara wasn't helpful at all. Maybe she gets enough to eat at home and isn't always hungry like me.

When we got tired of playing on the beach, we went over to the other side of the park where the water is deeper.
Scotty rescued a shoe that was floating in the water.

He was very brave and didn't even have to think twice before jumping in.

I'm glad he was there because I don't think any of us girls would have done it. I can't really swim yet.

I don't know if Molly noticed we had all gone away to the other side of the park. Scotty had to go back to get her.

She was still fishing.

Molly really likes fishing. If only she'd catch some fish.

After we had all cooled down, we went for a walk to the wharf to watch the ferries come in. 
These humans waved at us. They were polite and friendly.
We like polite and friendly humans.

We saw A Carrot on the way to the wharf.
Scotty and Molly recognised the ferry. They've been on one before. They went all the way to Luna Park. 

I've never been on a ferry. Maybe we'll go visit the Opera House soon. If we do, I hope I don't get seasick or scream too much. It would be too embarrassing [for my stay-at-home human].

By now, we were all hot and tired.

Scotty went to sleep on the bench.

I'm not allowed on benches. Maybe Scotty was allowed because he rescued the shoe.
Everyone tried to sleep except for Tara. She wouldn't stop running around. I'm quite certain now that Tara gets more food than me. Why else would she have so much energy?

It was a Very Long And Truly Excellent Discovery Walk!

I discovered that I don't get to eat as much as my friends. Or travel on ferries, or sleep on benches like they do.

When I got home, I had a cold hose down. After that, I fell asleep. When I woke up, it was time for dinner. After that, I went back to sleep.

I liked Girls' Day Out a lot better than Dogs' Day Out.


Illoura Reserve and Thornton Park
Spring 2010


We saw this important sign on the way to Illoura.


Chapeuzinho said...

looks really lovely. Must make an effort to visit one time. Perhaps on your next Girls Day Out?

georgia little pea said...

we actually thought of you, chapeuzinho. but didn't know if tiggy and freya would appreciate being knocked down by BIG, wet and clumsy dogs! will let you know next time for sure! :)

uncle STeve said...

via email -

Sounds/looks like you, your local lady friends of leisure and the roaming canine pack had a wonderful (long) walkie.

Was there a picnic or curb-side cafe stop during this expedition, or did all the hounds put that out of bounds?

What a beautiful day, great to see that you're getting out, enjoying the beauty that surrounds you & making the most of your daze.

It's so good for the soul for us to be by the water, the sounds, the smells, the gentle lapping and sparkling wavelets. Good to share these times with friends and the dogs also.

Continue to stay sunny, happy & well. Hava great weekend, big hugs & rgds.

Gill, Molly and Scotty said...

via email -

Just had a chance to have a look – its lovely. Thank you.

Team Gordies!