Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A post for my sisters.

This morning, I received an email from someone dear who said, "How about posting something about the stay-at-home human and out-at-work human?"

I've written a long reply to her about how this is a dogblog, remember?

Having said that, this, I think, comes pretty close.

I'm too verbose to tweet, and today's homepage news on facebook might not even make it to tonight. So I thought I'd blog this moment because I want to be able to click on this page years from now and remember it.

Sometime in the last hour, the first of the trapped Chilean miners arrived on the surface, looking normal y tranquilo.

One of my sisters, who lives in another country, text me about it as I was preparing Rufus and Georgia's vegetables. I am watching it live on CNN and BBC. I'm sure millions of others around the world are doing the same.

It feels wonderful. I hope it ends well.

Sometimes, despite the way the world is going, you have to love it.


georgia little pea said...

oh yes, the email that started it all -

Hi [Nameless Ones],

Not being the passionate dog lovers that you [Nameless Ones] are, I would love to hear more about what is happening with Stay-at-Home Human and Working Human who Supports Stay-at Home Human who stays home to take care of the chatty opinionated critters who rule the household....[etc]

haha :) the chatty opinionated georgia

Anonymous said...

Who do I comment to, Chatty? Stay-at-Home Human or doggies - being neutral to dogs and more interested in humans and hamsters and guppies and two terrapins who are outgrowing their aquarium? Hmmmm, which pond should I select to free them to is my current concern.

xox meeai

georgia little pea said...

hello meeai! so good to see you here again :)

it's ok to be neutral to dogs. i am too sometimes, and to some dogs, all the time. wow. how complicated was that?

it's also ok to be interested in humans i think. someone has to be after all.

as for your hamsters, please don't free them in a pond. i don't think they would like it.

have a good weekend! xox Chatty to you.

imogen said...

on fb -