Friday, October 8, 2010

Have I met you lately?

My stay-at-home human has decided she's too busy to post pictures of me and my friends every week. That's ridiculous! She only has to look after Mr Thumper and me, and gets paid handsomely to do it too [see sidebar]. Anyone would think there wasn't 24 hours in a day the way she goes on.

I know that, somewhere out there, my out-at-work human is nodding his head because he agrees with me.

Last month was, of course, particularly busy on account of the P Incidents. We don't normally blog that much because we have lives. Yes, we do. Please don't laugh.

Hmmm. Where IS everyone?
I would like very much to report that the Perpetrator has been caught, and is facing a stiff Penalty and Prison time but, unfortunately, I can't. Don't sulk though. It might yet happen because we all have faith in our Police and local Politicians.

Here are some [more] pictures of the friends I met at the special Sunday meeting in the park.
Poppy and Father Jack
and Father Jack again.


I also met other dogs elsewhere. I haven't got pictures of everyone but here are the ones I have.

Jack, who's the biggest ridgy ever! He's bigger than Monty. Bigger than Mana and Tora. Bigger than Harvey. Bigger than Mr Thumper. You get the picture. Jack just got off the plane from England the day before. I've never been to England. I hope I get to meet Jack again. I like calm and well travelled dogs. He's also very handsome.

And while we're on the subject of big dogs. Look at these 2 ponies dogs!Did I mention they were really rather BIG?
My out-at-work human was too busy ooo-ing and ahhh-ing to remember their names. I don't think I look TOO nervous here, do you?

On the street.
Mr Thumper met puppy Pearl who's new to the neighbourhood. She looks quite cheeky. A few days later, I got to meet her too @ Punch Park.
She seemed a bit nervous. [Kind of like me with the 2 ponies dogs.] Maybe she was just shy. I can be a little i.n.t.i.m.i.d.a.t.i.n.g.
Hector was there too.

Oh Hector! Leave my behind alone please! I'm not baking anything today!
Back on the street, this is Queen Elizabeth. She's 17 years old! She was running up and down the pavement, and even barked back at some dogs that were barking at her from behind a fence. We ate some grass together. When she's not eating grass, she eats a very queenly diet of organic food that her human cooks for her. When I get old, I want to be as feisty as Queen Elizabeth.

We met good old Ranger and his friend, whose name I don't know.
Tilly, from around 3 corners, who recently got a new mini-human.
Shadow and Rocky are old friends of mine. They moved away, but have now moved back to the neighbourhood! YAY! Welcome back Shadow, Rocky and Kylie!

Hey Mister! Where are you going? Come back for a picture please. Oh, you're not Mister.

Banjo and I played a lot. We moved so fast, there are no good pictures of us. Banjo is The World's Funniest Swimmer. Maybe now that it's not so cold anymore, we'll get to go swimming together again.

Mischa, Daks and Odie. We don't really know them but we see them at Puppacino Park sometimes. I was mean to Odie. If you're reading this, I'm sorry Odie!
We met a new dog called Cutie. She was one Very Interesting Dog.

 Casper and Honey are oldies like Mr Thumper. They always look very clean.
We very often meet Mana and Tora. I don't know why we don't have any pictures of them. Tora has grown up a lot and is now almost as big as Mana. When we have a new picture, we will post it. This is an old one from July.
These dogs we met just this morning.

Lionel as in Ritchie, who was alone because his friend Barbara as in Streisand is sick. We hope she gets well soon.
Poor Lionel.

And Hugo. This is the first time we're meeting him.

Is it my imagination or are there a lot of fluffy white dogs around?

Mr Thumper met some BootCamp humans. He was scared and got away as quickly as he could in case they tried to rope him in. His legs aren't up to BootCamp anymore.

@ Mort Bay again
Poor Delilah tore her e.a.r.d.r.u.m. recently. I hope she's better now. If she keeps looking at everyone like that, she'll get a neckache for sure.

Here are some dogs I meet all the time. My besties, Tara and Sammy.
And Delle and Kody. We don't play quite as madly as we used to though. Maybe we're all becoming ladies. [Except for Kody, of course. He's a boy.]

Last week, Delle got FILTHY playing in the mud with Hector. I wasn't there to see it but Mr Thumper did. Haha!

Sometimes, I don't get to play with any dogs at all on my walks. We just wander up and down any street we like without a single useful plan in our heads.

My stay-at-home human calls these Georgia's Getting To Know The Area So She Won't Panic If She Gets Lost Walks.

I call them My Stay-At-Home Human's Shopping And Eating Walks.

They are not my favourite kind of walk but it's better than sitting in the house.
I went to this pastry shop with my stay-at-home human. Her favourite passionfruit tarts come from this shop. She bought 2 but didn't give me any.

One day, we went shopping at Salvos. My stay-at-home human thinks the best dog-walking clothes come from op-shops. She pretty much lives in dog-walking clothes which can be a bit embarrassing. Just once, I wish she'd wear a pretty dress on our walk, like Poppy's human does. Salvos was too crowded and smelt funny, but it had a lot of clothes to choose from and nice people. I like it. It's one of the few shops I can review because they let me in.
The changing room was not plush and a little tight.

Mr Thumper doesn't get to go to Salvos because he wouldn't fit into the changing room. His walks are very sedate. He is a law-abiding dog and always follows the speed limit.

Sometimes, it's quite dark when we go out.
Did I or did I not tell you I thaw a pothum?!

This is Annie. She lives on my street. Annie went to Mollymook with her humans not too long ago. They came home with tans and she came home with 3 ticks. 2 visits to Dr Dog and a lot of money later, she's much better but now looks like a baaa lamb because she had to get shaved. Even her very long eyelashes are gone. Ticks are Extremely Horrible Things.

Now that Spring is here, birds have started nesting in the woolly tree. Isn't that nice?

*I wonder who I'll meet next week. month. Or 2.*

UPDATE January 2011: Delilah's earache turned out to be a brain tumour. Sadly, she lost her life to it.

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