Monday, October 11, 2010

DOGS Day Out?

I went to Dogs Day Out yesterday and didn't have a good time at all.

I was bad in the car, again. Though not VERY, I don't think.

Soon after I got out of the car, I threw up. My humans are beginning to wonder if I'm a car-sick hound after all, though this is the FIRST time I have ever chucked after a car ride.
When we got to the park, there were tents and barriers and stalls where my classes usually are. There were lots of dogs but I didn't know any of them.

This dog was too shy to say hello to the 2 sitting in front of the stall. His humans threw some treats in front of the 2 dogs so he'd go up to them.
I'm not shy like that and went up to say hello. They were very quiet dogs. I think they're like Mama-Dew.

For a Dogs Day Out, I didn't see any dog having a very splendiferous time.

We were all on leashes.
Stuck between chairs.
Hiding under tables.

Or sleeping. 

I got crabby and was mean to a few dogs who came up to say hello.

We met some of my teachers.
They know I'm [usually] [quite] a good girl, so they told my humans I must be feeling a.n.x.i.o.u.s because of the crowd.

After that, we went further up the park, away from the ^*CR^!OW!*D! where I got to play with some other dogs. I was much MUCH happier there.

My humans are worried and have already started googling and writing to dog b.e.h.a.v.i.o.u.r.i.s.t.s about me being a.n.x.i.o.u.s in crowds. They're sad that I didn't enjoy Dogs Day Out. I wish I'd stayed at home and slept like Mr Thumper. I don't think I'll be going to another one any time soon.

In conclusion, I think Dogs Day Out is a good place for humans to learn stuff like how to take better care of us, and especially where to find some good recycled dogs.
But as a fun day out for us dogs?

I don't think so.

Tailer Wolf was the coolest dog at Dogs Day Out.
I wonder how I could get some hair like that.

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