Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wordless Wednesday number seven


prab n said...

being honest, don't really like how 'karma' word is used in nowadays .. I studied 'karma' for like 5 years :) - but still like this photo

Chapeuzinho said...

I don't get it. Am I dumb?

georgia little pea said...

mr prabbie - i would love if you would talk about karma to me some day, perhaps over some chai latte. personally, i hope i come back as someone with opposable thumbs who can open the fridge/larder and cook.

ms chapeuzinho - i shouldn't be commenting on my wordless wednesday remember!?? haha. but i do so want to on this picture so thanks for the opportunity.

there are a few ways to look at it, i think:

1. the owner stepped on poop and he sees it as payback for not having picked up his dog's poop.

2. whoever's reading this had better pick up his dog's poop or he'll step on some one day.

These days, thanks to the Poison Thingy, i also see it as
3. if you don't pick up your collective dogs' poop, something catastrophic will happen.

what do you think?