Thursday, October 28, 2010


Every October 31st, in America, humans go from door to door with the sole purpose of scaring the o.c.c.u.p.a.n.t.s of those houses into giving them delicious treats. They come in the dark of night, wearing bedsheets and masks and other such disguises so no one can tell that it's really Mork and Mindy from down the road.

364 days of the year, this would be called e.x.t.o.r.t.i.o.n.  or  h.o.m.e  i.n.v.a.s.i.o.n or something like that. On Halloween, it's called Trick or Treat. Isn't that genius?

I wonder if I could scare some humans into giving ME treats too. I'm going to try because you know I'll do anything for a bit more food.

I don't have any money to buy a cute little devil outfit because my stay-at-home human has already spent all our weekly allowance on a massage. And, as we all know, she has no sewing skills. This is just as well because I really don't feel like being a 4-legged pumpkin.

So this is what I've decided to do.

I'm going to show you some truly horrifying pictures of me and my friends and hope that they scare you so much, you'll send me some treats in return. [Not the fattening type please, I'm on a diet.]

Here goes.

This is Chaba in a hairy anteater costume. I can already hear you pooh-poohing that THAT isn't the least bit scary. But then, I'm guessing you're not an ant. An ant would DEFINITELY find Chaba deathly scary.

Here is a picture of Sammy. Sammy doesn't need a costume. She's naturally very frightening and there's nothing more to say.

Alaska has a look that's very popular these days - the pale and soulful red-eyed vampire. She doesn't just wear this costume at Halloween. She has it on all the time.
And finally, and most terrifying of all - 2 pictures of me playing. This one is of me and Coco.

The other picture, which I guarantee is even scarier, is HERE. 

Looking at these pictures, I can almost understand why so many humans panic and scream when they see me coming.

Of course, every scary story has an innocent bystander or 2. Unfortunately for Mr Thumper, he will have to be the innocent bystander in this one and will shortly and i.n.v.a.r.i.a.b.l.y be killed off simply because he's in the way.

Those are MY scariest pictures. I hope you liked them.

My stay-at-home human is picking this one as HER scariest picture.
"WHO would be silly enough to pay 25 dollars for a pumpkin...?!" she screamed in fright when she saw these at Woollies, "...when they could be spending it on a flourless chocolate cake soaked in grand marnier instead?" 

Oh well.

HaPpy have a hoRRible Halloween!
which, by the way, is not a tradition in Australia

A Very Happy *Birthday* to Freya Nu !
who's turning 1-2-3 this Sunday 


Chapeuzinho said...

thank you!!! - says Freya. Now she wants her computer back and perhaps some lunch, mummy?

sonia a. mascaro said...

Hi Georgia Little Pea,
Love your visit on my blog to know Flora!
Would be great if you both could play together.
I will come to visit you frequently.
Have a horrible an fun Halloween! Lol!

georgia little pea said...

dear ms mascaro,

thank you so much for dropping by! I would LOVE to play with flora and will hop on a plane as soon as my stay-at-home human manages to save enough money for an air ticket. This might take some years since she usually spends it all on bolos e balas. but I shall keep on hoping haha ;p

ate logo! xox

simon pender said...

Greetings from Australia. Another lovely post, and my laugh for the day. Love from Monty and Daisy. Si

georgia little pea said...

YAY! i like it a lot when people laugh :)

hope you're having an icky halloween montydaisy! i suppose you're having some Very Good Things To Eat again. if i see another spoonful of lentil in my breakfast, i might be sick.


Anonymous said...

Woah.... that Sammy is really scary, Hahahaha. Lots of love Tara xoxoxo