Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's been exactly 5 months since the itsy-bitsy operation.

And my stay-at-home human finally understands that she will never have the knees of a 16 year old again. Or for that matter, a 60 year old marathoner. 

But at least she can now take me for walks.

We can even walk quite briskly. So long as I don't make any sudden moves, or bang into her, or push her into a pothole, or pull her towards a possum.

There are a lot of p.r.o.v.i.s.o.s in our walks these days, and I'm sure she has moments when she wishes I was a chihuahua instead of a 44.3kg pig dog.

We usually go out when it's warm and sunny so we can laze about and watch clouds chase each other in the sky.

And waves suck up the sand. 

                                                                                On days when we're not feeling so poetic, we like to go shopping.  
The ladies at Blooms have treats for dogs that wander in. I think it's the best ever chemist.

Last week, I had to wait outside The Red Cross OpShop.
The man there told my stay-at-home human that some people weren't happy about dogs being allowed in the shop.

My stay-at-home human told the man, "Some people aren't happy about anything."

She may be in danger of becoming A Demented And Disagreeable Dog Lady.

Quite often, we end up in a cafe. My stay-at-home human tells everyone it's because she wants to teach me how to behave around food. But everyone knows it's because she loves a good cream cake and is always hungry.

I don't mind because I'm always hungry too.

Now that Spring is here, I get to wear pretty flowers on my walks.

Some of them smell lovely. Some of them smell like weeds because they are weeds.  

Mr Thumper has no patience for flowers and mostly wears dirt. 

He's such a boy.


Chapeuzinho said...

Vive le cake and le flowers too.

STeve said...

via email -

glad to hear that your knee is all betterer & that you're now able to do some serious dog walks & cafe cake sessions.