Friday, September 10, 2010

I need a holiday.

The days are warming up. The jasmine blossoms are out. Our noses are twitching and itching. After 17 days of woffling, Ms Gillard finally has the keys to The Lodge, though she has yet to use them. I even saw my stay-at-home human's toes for the first time since last autumn.

If it wasn't for the fact that there's someone out there trying to kill us dogs off, life would be perfect.

So why am I feeling...different?

I don't play as madly as I used to, though some humans out there might beg to differ. I don't argue as much. I sleep a lot. I get crabby when other dogs, especially BOYS, try to kiss me. And, in my opinion, I'm not even as opinionated anymore.

My humans are a little worried, I can tell.

"What's wrong, girly?" they ask me, rubbing my ears, "what's wrong?"

I wish I knew.

But they're not so worried that they don't take advantage of the situation. They've started to leave me Home Without Supervision.

A few weekends ago, they went to see their first movie in months, followed by a spot of shopping and lunch. They left me home alone [Mr Thumper doesn't really count] for 6 whole hours and I didn't nibble a thing. I wish I could muster up the energy to chew a chair leg just to teach them a lesson.

"Who would have thought this day would ever come," my humans whisper to each other hopefully, nervously, wistfully. "And so suddenly!"

"We miss the old Georgia, " they say. Well, TOO late, loveys.

I just hope I'm not coming down sick. Maybe I should go for a check-up. Maybe I have a weak heart. Boo-hoo. I'm too young to be sick.

And surely all that forced dieting is bad for me. I got weighed 2 days ago and I'm only 43.65kg now. That means I've lost more than 4kg in My Battle With My Bulge, and all done without Jenny Craig's help too. I feel faint just thinking about it.

Oh dear. I wonder if  I'm a N.e.u.r.o.t.i.c  T.e.e.n.a.g.e  H.y.p.o.c.h.o.n.d.r.i.a.c.

Or maybe, just maybe, I'm growing up and becoming....A Lady!

Oh no.

I think I need a holiday.

Jervis Bay, September 2009

Callala Beach

Hey! This is a bit bigger than our backyard.
But WHY do I have to learn to swim?
Land! Thank God!
Mr Thumper proves he's not lifesaver material.
Look what I caught!
What do you mean we can't eat that?

Magpie Cottage. I'd recommend it except it's been sold and we can't go there anymore. Very sad.


Poison Update

No more dogs poisoned since the start of the week [that we know of]. Lots more park rangers wandering around.

That about wraps up the good news.

As for the rest - no one knows how the police investigation is going. No updates on the Village Voice. No updates from Council. No one caught yet, though we did meet someone who has given the police a lead.

Am I being too naive to hope that he/she won't get away with it?

How is Rufus B Thumper?

But since the weather warmed up, he's started coughing and gagging in the morning, and doesn't seem so keen to go for walks. He also had a bad tummy a few days ago. First one in a long time.

Trawling the net for information on the coughing revealed a whole plethora of possibilities, none of them particularly good.

Meanwhile, it's back to plain old rice with lean chicken/beef bits, tiny meals, 4 times a day. He's still got a voracious appetite.

What can I say? We had a good run.

Next check-up, Saturday week.


Why !Cough!- am I -!hack!- coughing? - !cough!


STeve said...

via email -

Good to learn that Georgia's quietening down a bit & is becoming a lady, though her short temperedness with overtly affectionate male dogs may need to be kept in check. On your dog-free night out, what movie did you see and where did you dine out? How's this coming weekend looking for you, have you anything planned?

georgia little pea said...

dear uncle STeve,

i'm not sure YOU would like to be kissed and smirked at by total strangers in the park. would you?

i don't know what movie or restaurant it was. my humans don't tell me lots of things.

sundays are always school days for me. it's all very ho-hum.

'ave a good one xox