Monday, September 27, 2010

Mr Thumper's 15 minutes of fame.

Almost 19 months ago, Mr Thumper got traded in for a new, younger and improved model.

That would be me.

However, unlike most old models that get traded in, he got to stay.

As anyone who's been following this blog will know, 90% of all stories and pictures here are of me, me, ME! As it should be.

This morning, however, Mr Thumper scored himself a photo shoot. He got at least 15 minutes of camera time and that is u.n.p.r.e.c.e.d.e.n.t.e.d.

So here he is, practising his Blue Steel look.
Hey, what IS that? A camera? You're aiming the camera at ME?

Yes, I can do happy! Is this good?

Too much?

How about this then?
Or I can do serious.
Serious and noble, perhaps?
What do you mean I have a turkey neck?

You want to try a prop?
Sounds good.
So what would you like me to do with it?Just play around and have fun.


How's this?
Yes, I thought that went pretty well too.
You want to do some black and white now?
I have a suggestion.
I don't want to be difficult, but this prop is beginning to taste like...well...rubber. How about something different? A bone maybe?

Just an idea. You want some time to think about it?


Okay then. Look, I'm a professional, I'll do whatever you want. Here goes.

And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is what you get when you work with amateurs.I don't think I'm going to be losing my position as the supermodel in this family any time soon.


ceekay said...

I don't know about that Georgia Lil' Pea, I think Mr Thumper actually looks like he's got potential. You may just want to stay on the Jenny Craig diet of yours a little bit longer luv.

georgia little pea said...

i'm just going to pretend you didn't say that mr michelin man.

koko said...

Mom's ranting in black and your barking in grey
Mr. Thumper is back and you better not sway :)

Licks, hero

georgia little pea said...

A-HAHAHA!!! that's funny hero! you know me so well already : ) xox

prab n said...

did u get a (proper) camera?

georgia little pea said...

dear mr prabbie,

my stay-at-home human has no money for a [PROPER] camera.

but at least the pics weren't taken with the mobile phone :p and they're quite cute, no? :)

i must admit mr thumper can be quite photogenic *sigh*

prab n said...

yeah photos are really nice and the words go really well with them - soon I will win that lotto :)

georgia little pea said...

why thank you! :) i do so hope that lotto thing happens very soon. xox

melf said...

I always know that I can come here when I need a laugh. Mr Thumper. You rocked!

georgia little pea said...

Glad you found this one, Melf. It's one of my faves :)