Friday, September 3, 2010

P is for Poison in our Parks

We heard this morning at Mort Bay that someone is poisoning dogs in the area.

Quite a few dogs [about 10] have already ingested the poison which has been found in pieces of meat/mince left lying around. The area that the poisoned meat has been found [so far] is on the walk from Mort Bay to Ballast Point.

A graffiti message has also been found suggesting the perpetrator's annoyance with finding dog poop in the park.

I would have to say there are worse things than Poop in parks. Poison would be one. People committing criminal acts would certainly be another.

We understand the police and council are already involved.

For the time being, it might be best to be extra vigilant if your dog likes scrounging around and picking up food. If you see any food [especially pieces of meat] lying on the ground, maybe bag and bin them.

And, of course, spread the word to anyone, living or using parks in the area. 
The weekend is coming up. These parks are popular picnic areas for families.

It might be a good time to remember that it isn't just dogs that eat things off the ground.


Saturday, 4 September

An afterthought: If you're reading this and have more information, or would like to share an update, please do leave a comment here. Thanks : )

Sunday, 5 September

Poisoned meat also in Birchgrove:

More info and pictures here:


Chapeuzinho said...

Jesus, some people are truly crazy. I can't imagine what drives people to go from tutting annoyingly when a poop is found in a park to actually trying to poison people/animals.

and aw, look at her little chubby baby arms. Boh, little girl.

georgia little pea said...

ha*ha* you know she's gorgeous, mum! :p

simon pender said...

That's pretty scary. You take good care of that pooch. Thank you for your comments. I have added a box like yours to show other dog blogs.

I like you layout too. Very nice. And what a lovely pic on the header. See ya. Si and Monty and Daisy

georgia little pea said...

hi there si and montydaisy! thank you for dropping by and for your nice comments. we aim to please : )

yes, it's scary here at the moment. we hope they catch the bad person soon.


karla said...

on fb -

it's stories like this that make me want to be batman.

Elizabeth said...

This is really scary!
I'm always really worried that the dog will pick up something awful.
Poisoning dogs is criminal
leaving poop is merely messy and anti-social.
Thank you for getting the word out!

georgia little pea said...

we just heard that another dog got poisoned this morning. a little king charles cavalier.

the bad food is still out there, as is the Bad Person, so be careful : (

allegra said...

via email -

Oh this is so terrible. What is wrong with some people. No tolerance. Says it all.

STeve said...

via email -

sorry to hear about the dog poisonings in the parks. How many dogs have actually died from this? I read the Balmain Voice article, it made me very angry indeed. If someone has issues with dog shit (& some owners are slack), it should be taken up with the owner, not the dogs. I looked on-line in the Sydney papers, apart the Birchgrove Parks were there any other poisonings in other parks? I'd hate there to be instances copy-cat poisonings. I hope they catch who ever it is and name & shame them. I was relieve to hear that neither Ruffus or Georgia had taken the bait.

Anonymous said...

Hi Georgia

It's Trudeau! I haven't seen you in ages, where do you hang out now? My doggy walker Calley told me you had a blog so I just had to look you up because I miss our plays, no one plays like you at the park!

Hope to see you soon


georgia little pea said...

Trudeau!!! It's so great that you know how to use a computer too!

i mostly play with other "naughty" dogs now
:p you know how rough i can be. but you're MOST welcome to join us if you'd like a tumble! it'd be beaut to see you again.

we're often at ewenton or birrung, and callan at weekends.

too roo till then, : ) xox