Thursday, September 23, 2010

I can so do math. A story for strong stomachs.

1/2 a can of tuna that someone threw into the bushes.
1 tiny puddle of yogurt someone left on the ground.
3 licks of a maggoty possum [a feral cat did it, not me].
2 pieces of unbagged cat poo [the rest was dragged out of my throat].
5 stale bread crusts I stole from the pigeons.


1 Very Bad Tummy.
1/2 a night of smelly farting.
1 night of puddle-pooing.
1 day of fasting.
Plus another 1 night because it didn't get any better.
3 tablespoons of plain rice and chicken, 4 times today.

Is that a grain of rice? Can I have it if you don't want it?

2 tired, grumpy humans.
1 visit to Dr Dog if it's still bad tomorrow.
And too many hours to count of being hungry and sad.

How is Rufus B Thumper?

Although he didn't have a Good Food Week like Georgia, his stomach is definitely going bad again. Since last Thursday, he's had on-off days of fasting and light feeds. He's not so keen on walks and is slowing down again.
His heart and lungs sounded good at the check-up last Saturday. Weight excellent at about 55 kgs. Coughing and gagging probably a geriatric problem. Vet said, "No bones." So there we have it...only pap to the end.

We all know what it's about, nothing much more can be done except lots of cuddling.

I'm VERY hungry. You know that, don't you?


Chapeuzinho said...

oooooh Georgia, yummy finds you have there. And that puddle of yogurt? I bet it was baby vomit. Yes. Someone else's vomit.

I see the hunger in your eyes, but I know you'd do it all again.

georgia little pea said...

AHA! was that yours tiggy? *hrrumphhh-eKKK!* xox

Lavinia said...

Georgia, you naughty girl! I thought only Aschiuta would gobble anything that smells like food whenever we go out. But that "menu" is truly shocking.

I hope you're getting better (though I see there's a chapter 2 to this story) and take care of Mr Thumper. He seems to need a little love.

Juliette said...

Well I thought I was coming for a treat of a recipe when I saw the tuna but I think my dog would definitely give this concoction a miss. Did you know dogs who have a tendancy to have outdoor take-aways can wear muzzles (no they are not just for dogs who bite). Will check out chapter 2. Love to you both doggies.xx