Thursday, September 16, 2010

Los perros de la calle de Chile.

Yesterday morning, my stay-at-home human found a blog from far far away that had stories about street dogs like me, but with names like Rowdy Roger, High-Jumping Harry and Marco The Intellectual.

"What very d.e.s.c.r.i.p.t.i.v.e names!" she exclaimed! "You don't even have to read their stories to know what they're like!"

It's true. If you only knew my name, you'd think I was a tiny feminine dog that looks like a rat and enjoys cooking.

My stay-at-home human found that blog on yet another "Oh joy!" blog. One that had stories about pariah dogs with tails shaped like fish hooks, that skip around coconut plantations and wander through dusty village streets.

She has yet to see a dog-howling-at-the-moon fleecy jammie or a fat princess doughnut bed in either of the blogs.

My stay-at-home human says they are stories about REAL dogs.

I was a little perturbed when I heard that. I didn't realise I wasn't a real dog.

But she was too excited to care that I looked perturbed.

Right then and there, she decided to show some of the real dogs she and my out-at-work human had seen in a place also far far away and goodness knows where but a lot further away than Canberra.

She doesn't really know their stories. Maybe they had homes, maybe not. But they were roaming the streets without a single collar, leash, biodegradable poop bag or park ranger in sight.
San Pedro de Atacama
Many of them were trusting and affectionate and followed my humans around. They seemed happy and playful, and were always eager for a bite or 2, especially of pizza and asado.

Chiu Chiu
I don't know if my stay-at-home human is telling the truth.

I'm not at all happy and playful when MY dinner is late.

And the dogs were probably following them around because they looked a lot like mobile food vending machines.

But hush. Let's not tell her that because it would break her heart.

Punta Arenas

Isla de Pasqua
If you ask me, my stay-at-home human just wants to bring out some old holiday pictures, and we should just be grateful she didn't upload the doggie videos as well.

If you see a dog here and it looks exactly like YOUR pampered perro just out enjoying a walkabout, please don't get too upset.

It's only a story by some mad tourists from far far away and long long ago.


Also far far away, in a place called The United States, bloggers are this week helping to feed homeless dogs though this Adoption/Food Drive:

What a great idea : )

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