Sunday, September 19, 2010

A possum at the chaplain's house.

I went for a walk in Callan Park yesterday and I thawt I thaw a pothum at the chaplain's house.
I did. I did. I'm sure I did.
It was up in the roof.
It was down underground.
Mr Thumper wanted to see it too.
It went THAT way!
Or not.
It went round the side!
Or not.
Where are you going, Mr Thumper?
I thaw a pothum!
Don't YOU want to see it too?
Ah well.
Is that a bunny I smell?
Hell's bells!
I think it went THIS way!

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: No possums were harmed [or seen by anyone other than Georgia] in the writing of this story.


ceekay said...

You're a good little hunter, Georgia, but I'm glad you didn't get dee pothum or dee wabbit cause they're real cute and they don't hurt nobody. Aren't your humans feeding you enough, girl??

georgia little pea said...

NO they're NOT! :(

i am fading away. what kind of pig dog eats lentils and oatmeal? i am no doubt the laughing stock of the pig dog world.


georgia little pea said...

p.s. you have a very nice lithp. xox