Monday, September 20, 2010

The Big And Important Meeting, a Poison Update in 2 parts.

My Update

Yesterday afternoon, I went to A Big and Important Meeting at Mort Bay Park.
When we got there, I was surprised to see so many dogs. Maybe hundreds, and definitely more than 10. I didn't know a lot of them.

Many of my friends were there as well.
Camy, who got sick from eating bad food at the park, but is all well now. She was on telly last night and is now A Famous Dog, which is why she has her back to the camera.
Molly and Scotty

Zarny and Tully.
Gideon, who got some grooming done while the mayor was talking.

Little Gracie, who proved yet again that she's ready to play wherever, whenever.
Lucky Pinky, who gets to go shopping every day.
Father Jack, who was wide awake and looked good despite the drool on his face.

Frankie, who was A Big Sook.Poppy.
Ranger, who told my humans about The Big And Important Meeting.
There were many other dogs there that I knew, but we don't have any pictures of them. As you can see, we were all on leashes, so we didn't get to play.

Instead, we got to sit in one big group and have our picture taken and listen to some humans talk. I didn't understand a word they said and paid no attention. Judging by this picture, I wasn't the only one.
After that, we all went home.

It was a strange walk. I don't know what it was about, but it was good to catch up with friends.

My Stay-At-Home Human's Update

Many people turned up at the meeting at Mort Bay Park. Though we were there for a serious reason, there was an upbeat mood. Perhaps everyone was just happy to see that we weren't alone in our worry.

Some buckets went round for a collection, to be used as a reward for information.
This little dog hitched a ride to the park.

This one was ready to celebrate some good news.

The police were there. Apparently, the SPCA is also involved. Leichhardt mayor Parker spoke at the meeting. NSW Premier Ms Keneally spoke on TV while walking her dog [not at Mort Bay]. There were reports in the Herald and Telegraph.
We even made the Channel 7 news last night.

On the ground, there was lots of chatter about suspects and leads and little else.

I leave you with this, posted on the online Telegraph by a person named janetb, comment 19 out of 25 -

"The message here is to keep your dumb mutts out of parks designed for kids."

There's someone out there who believes parks are designed for kids. Really? JUST for kids?

As a fully grown adult who uses parks, with and without my dumb mutts [whose poop I scoop], I have to say, I take great exception to that.


UPDATED 9.40am
Just got sent this link. Thanks Prab!


Chapeuzinho said...

I expect that janetb is a bit of a dumb mutt her self.

georgia little pea said...

dear mum of the year,

i don't know about the mutt bit :p


STeve said...

via email -

here's to raw paw-power, your pix showed an impressive crowd of concerned Balmain dog owners.

Isn't that what Lennon was about... empowering the paw ?

Next thing they'll be forming unions, marching for world peace & to end poverty.

Storming the barriers....There will be no stopping them, except for lampposts.

Today the park, next week the local butcher's shop.

It would have of been interesting to hear what the ranger had to say?

Hope that you are both in good spirits, with Rufus & Georgia motoring along nicely.

georgia little pea said...

dear uncle STeve -

thank you for your sarcasm and silliness.

mr thumper and i are not allowed to drive but we are doing well and have not been poisoned yet, though we are being fed lentils.

much love, your georgia xox

p.s. i already told you what ranger said. didn't you read that bit?