Monday, January 7, 2013

Small stone, Monday 7th January.

Under the shade of a big ginger leaf in the Byron hinterland, a little huntsman sat, quivering, wondering. 

"Papa's been gone 3 days now," he sighed. "Isn't he ever coming home, mama?"

"Don't you worry, son," she replied. "He's probably just caught up in something and got carried away."

More of an imaginary than an engaged moment today, but I couldn't resist it :) 

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Barb said...

Poor guy - he'll never make it home!

Jean said...

Awww! Poor little guy will never see his Papa again.
And you better hope it is a papa, not a mama loaded with deadly little spider eggs. Bwahahahahaha!

georgia little pea said...

And well it might be, JEAN. Fortunately, the huntsman is a sweetie :)

2 Punk Dogs said...

Nice spider! Did he hitch a ride from vacation land?

georgia little pea said...

That he did, MAGGIE AND DUKE. Slept all the way with Georgia in the back. If he (or she) had crawled out during the drive, I think we might all have had a big fright. Luckily, it came out when we were unpacking the car.

What Remains Now said...

Oh, Lord...I just can't bring myself to use a nice word for these spiders. I am glad there are people in the world who consider them sweet.

Tootsie said...

But, wait. Isn't an imaginary moment just as engaged as an engaged moment?!


georgia little pea said...

Ahhh, that is a good and deep question TOOTS. I suppose, I must have been engaged in the moment when I saw the spider run out of the car and then had an empathetic moment for his/her family so far away. Does that make sense? No, maybe not ;)

3 doxies said...

Hehehehe, you just made my mum toss her cookies withs dat spider pikture. Hers not do spiders...or bugs. Her is such a wuss but I likes 'em cuz they is crunchy...mmmmmmm!

No, da vet not screw up. I is highly sensitive to da shots and to MOST things. Speakin' of spiders. I gotted bit onetime and had a severe reaction then too. Da vet man is a family furiend so trust me, he not screw up...hehehe.