Sunday, January 6, 2013

How I became the laughing stock of Nimbin.

Words fail me.

"Oh, the shame of it all. Please, please Cushion, can we go home now please?"
[If you have no idea why I had to wear socks, you haven't been following my holiday adventure and you'll just have to go back and read about it.]


Before the humiliating experience of having to wear size 0-3 blue and white striped baby socks on a public sidewalk [purchased from the emporium following advice from our lunch companions], I found Nimbin to be a colourful and interesting town.
My humans brought Mr Piglet and Mr Thumper here a long time ago. They say it was a lot busier this time because it was the holidays, but much the same otherwise. 
Nimbin is a special place. It used to be a quiet dairy town. Then in 1973, some humans came here for the Aquarius festival and never went home! Can you believe that? Imagine how worried their parents must be.
The Typist saw many things she wanted to buy in Nimbin. Incense! Beads! Tie-dye everything! Cakes! Crystals! Indian skirts! But she's no longer allowed to give in to crass consumerism.


It took about 1 hour to get to Nimbin from our little timber cabin, not because it was far away but because the road went round and round and up and down the hills. We took some pictures to show you how pretty it was.

If you like, you can play this before you look at the pictures. It's what we were listening to almost the entire time because Someone forgot to organise music for the trip. 

Or you can play this, if you prefer. 

Here we go!

We passed many macadamia orchards. 

Stryliah is the world's biggest producer of macadamias. They're a native nut. I wish I could tell you what they taste like but I'm not allowed any because they make dogs sick.

The Typist forced Cushion to stop so she could take a picture of this beautiful Cassia fistula!

There were cute little villages all along the way, like this one.
And signs that gave you an idea of what sort of humans lived in the area.
They even had fun with the awful potholes in the road!
Look! This is a monumental moment! The first time ever I've sat nicely in a car to watch the world go by.
"Chill Cushion. What's the hurry? We're on holiday."

I think my humans are very proud of how far I've come in the car. And despite the socks, we all had a great day.

* Is it true that macadamia nuts make dogs sick? Would I lie to you?

"Ingestion of macadamia nuts by dogs has been associated with a nonfatal syndrome characterized by vomiting, ataxia, weakness, hyperthermia, and depression. Dogs are the only species in which signs have been reported."  

Read more HERE.

* Tell me more about Nimbin, the alternative lifestyle capital of Stryliah! >>> CLICK HERE.






"Oi! Who brought those !!^!^666*^*!! things back?!"


Jean said...

Georgia, I like your little sockies. You can tell people you were participating in the 'anything goes alternative lifestyle' Nimbin represents - after all, when in Nimbin, do as the Nimbins do. Or you can tell them your humans were - um - experimenting with one of the products for which Nimbin is famous.

I'm glad you are safely home now, and that you enjoyed the drive back.

Anonymous said...

What an incredible adventure you are having Georgia Little Pea! I'm new to your blog and look forward to reading from the beginning. Thanks for sharing! Loy

How Sam Sees It said...

How pretty and how fun, and we love your socks!


verobirdie said...

I love your socks, the right size for you:-)

booahboo said...

An awfully silly qn... why only a pair of socks for you Georgia?

Anonymous said...

hehe! aw Georgia you are such a good girl for wearing those socks, stevie pulls anything off immediately that we put on her feet! but it is rather a good idea for your sore feet, im sure it wont be for long!


Oh my, Ms. GLP. Those blue and white socks are a most distressing fashion accessory, but I think you've got a bigger problem with that pink hat you've started wearing.

Here's to a fashion make-over in your near future,

Ben in Bermtopia

P.S. The two-legged missus thinks your holiday rocks.

Cowspotdog said...

Mom's brother own a farm about 10 miles from Nimbin - they went there one day for a visit. Mom said it was like stepping back into the 60's.

georgia little pea said...

MS JEAN. Product? What product? ;)

LOY, thank you. I hope you have fun!

MS ANNY, I'm not going to spoil you. You're just going to have to make yourself a cup of tea, sit down and go back a few days to My Collapse. That's a hint. Because I like you.

MR BEN, it's okay. It was the little girl's hat and she put it on me. I would NEVER...!

COWSPOTDOGS, I'm hoping you'll come back and see this...I can't find your blog! Do you have one? Anyway, thank you so much for reading :) Your mom's brother lives in one of my favourite places then. Lucky man!

rottrover said...

WHAT a fun (and beautiful) place! Mom loves the choice of music. We love the socks! BOL!! You're a good sport, Georgia. Oh, here's a link to the cowspot dogs...Their mom's an aussie married to a gringo living in the US of A....

-Bart and Ruby

georgia little pea said...

Thank you BART and RUBY! Their blogger profile was close. Cheers! X

What Remains Now said...

Georgia...You may not want to hear this, but I think the booties look adorable on you. Typist...I maintain my original observation. Nimbin sounds like it should be your new retirement base of operations. Perhaps opening a capoeira studio (open only irregular hours...when the studio operators are in town and not traveling).

georgia little pea said...

Psychic. That's what you are LORI. We love the area. Always a possibility and probably easier with Georgia to consider ;)

BTW, there's actually capoeira in the area, in nearby Byron. After 3 weeks of not cartwheeling, I'm not even sure I can go back to training. Tonight! Help!!!! The fat wobbles!

Jan said...

We have it on the best authority that macho police dogs wear little sockies to protect their paws at times...probably not blue and white stripes though.

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Nimbin is the place for the Pea Family!! start planning Typist.
It's been a lifetime since I was there but its like a time-warp, love it!!
Mm, something a little more protective on the soles with the next pair of socks. Google up about doggie-booties, there's some great ones I believe. Lightweight leather would be the right accessory for Nimbin me-thinks.

Friko said...

It’s for your own good, Georgia. Anyway, shouldn’t you be grateful for being taken on holiday?

georgia little pea said...

ROSE - it's tempting. Much research to be done, as with Ecuador. Not cheap though. Too many tree changers already there.

Rufus used to wear booties. He dragged one paw for most of his life after a major op. In fact, people in the neighbourhood used to refer to him as The Dog In The Yellow Booties!

Exactly right FRIKO!

Barb said...

Don't worry about the socks - people are so taken with your personality I'm sure they don't even notice what you're wearing. That place you visited was GREEN!

Karen said...

I think your socks look cute. Just be glad that your Mama isn't making you wear those velcro dog booties. Thos aern't fashionable at all!

chandra said...

Well, if you were going to wear socks anywhere, GLP, Nimbin was the place to do it. I bet no one at the Hemp Embassy even looked twice at you!

I should probably visit Nimbin. I bet there's something for me to eat at every single restaurant - it's vege heaven!

-c at ddy.

georgia little pea said...

No doubt CHANDRA. Though we had juicy homemade burgers ourselves ;) You would love Nimbin! In my head, you're totally a Bryon hinterland person.