Saturday, January 5, 2013

The day I burnt my toes.

It was sad to leave Uncle E, but we had no time to cry or be silly. It was a beautiful day! It was the first day of a new year! And we were off to stay in the rainforest!

On the way, we stopped at Palm beach on the Gold Coast. 

Look at this beach! It's specially for us dogs. Isn't it beautiful? 
It wasn't just some smelly, muddy, stony patch that humans didn't want to use either. It was a proper big sandy beach. Can you see the buildings far far away in the picture below?
The Typist thinks that's our famous Surfer's Paradise. [If you know it's not, you'd better tell her or she'll keep believing it too.]

Does anyone else think this dog looks like me?

"Where's Cushion going? Is he stoopid?"
 "Help! HELP! A wave ate my human!" 
"Oh god. Who's going to take me for walks now?"

"It's okay, Typist. No need to panic. He's alive."

My humans think this must be when I burnt my toes. The sand was very hot! Even Cushion burnt his feet. The Typist was the only smart one. She had her sandals on.

I didn't play much at Palm beach but it was very nice and I highly recommend it if you're in the area. 
There were even nice cold showers to wash the sand off! 


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3 doxies said...

So not cool of Cushion to gives you a heart attack. I was wonderin' da whole time if he was gonna make it and then wonderin' who was gonna cook fur you on da grill and da walks...oh gawd, da walks. Luckily he wasn't eaten...whew! Dat was a close call.
Dat beach is BEAUTIFUL. IOur beaches DO NOT look likes dat. Then again, I has nevers been to da beach so I wouldn't know. Maybe I can go with you next time.

Well, lemme tells you what happened to me yesterday. I went to da vet fur my shots. I gotted home and had a reaction (even though I had Benadryl before I went). I had to go back to da vet fur them to give me drugs to reverse da reaction. Four hours later I had anidder whole face ballooned up and my beautiful muzzle. Had to g oback to da vet and by then it was REAL serious. They gave me more shots. I is good now though. Of course, mum had a heart attack I think.


Team Kenzo said...

It looks like paradise. The colors are exactly right. Kenzo would loved to have a dive in the waves with Cushion. Just to look after him for you of course.

Cowspotdog said...

That was an awesome place to visit - Mom loved it when she went there. You photos made her homesick - she says she misses the blue skies of home - for some reason that are never the same blue here in the USA

What Remains Now said...

It looks like paradise. How The Cushion scared Georgia...not cool.

Jean said...

It looks like there are two Georgia's there! Did she look like your twin up close too?
So glad the waves didn't eat Cushion.
As for the hot sand, well now I feel badly - an artist friend of mine made a lovely poster a few months back warning about hot sand/pavement in summer on dogs' paws, and sent it to me to post on the blog, and I forgot! Next summer (here) I will post it. Then maybe your humans will remember to test the ground in really hot weather.

georgia little pea said...

Dear MS JEAN, The Typist didn't even notice the dog until she saw the piccies. She was fooled herself! YES! Pease post the warning. I don't think my humans will do it again though.

Anonymous said...

The photos of the beach are beautiful! Glad every body is alright and ultimately had a good time!

William the Lurcher said...

Looks like a fantastic beach and yes that other dog did look like you. Hope the toes are feeling better.

Kolchak Puggle said...

Holy woof! Your cushion gave me quite the scare! Now what would have happened if he had been swallowed up whole by a wave, hmmmmm? Best not to think too much about it! Looks like you're having a grand trip!

Kolchak Puggle said...

PS - I hope your toesies are better!

Karen said...

Please stop teasing me with your lovely beach pictures. It's -5C here today.

Jan said...

One of my dogs, now departed, used to bite the waves when they came in. And then they would go back out and she would look all victorious about protecting her family. Then they would come back in and after a few hours she would barf the ocean water. Not many good memories of the ocean with that dog.

georgia little pea said...

Dear KAREN, I'm not teasing you. I'm giving you HOPE and trying to prevent you from getting SAD ;)

JAN, a few days ago, I would have thought "what a weird dog!" But I've met an equally strange one at the beach and will show him to you soon.

Barb said...

Georgia - I'm going to the dogs if that beach is only for canines! Lucky you. Also, you may have met your long-lost twin. I hope the two of you exchanged FB addresses so you can keep in touch.

Amy said...

Georgia- that beach looks gorgeous! You've become quite the dog-friendly travel correspondent on this trip. Nice work, my friend!

chandra said...

Wow, Palm Beach is amazing, GLP! I'm sorry you burnt your toes, though. Your sun is SO hot. I wish I was going to Palm Beach tomorrow ... with sandals on! I'm putting it on my list of places to go the next time I can stomach the looong plane ride to to 'Stralia!

-c at ddy.