Thursday, December 1, 2011

Well, what do you know? It's summer!

Can you believe it?  I've been home almost a month! The Typist and My Cushion have been working hard to make me forget my lonely ordeal at the holidaycamp and to like them again. Of course I've forgiven My Cushion. But The Typist will have to work a lot harder.

It's been raining and raining since I came home.
Last week, it rained every single day. There wasn't much to do.
I sure hope Whoever's In Charge Of These Things knows that summer starts today!

The Typist went away for her Mystery Trip and it was just me and My Cushion at home for a week. It was wonderful! I was quite sad when we had to pick her up from the airport.
Please note how I'm now good in the car. They've even removed the hideous green and white cover from the back seat.

I don't know where The Typist went, but look at what she did to her hands! Here's a better picture.


Sometimes, The Typist can be quite useful. Yesterday, for example, she took me for my morning walk because My Cushion had a hangover.

It was another grey day.
I met Larry, Pearl, Ginger, Darcy, Aggie, Josie, Millie, Ted and other dogs whose names I don't know at Mort Bay.
The big news was that Millie's moving to Canberra soon. Poor thing.
We all thought her human had treats...
...but she didn't.
Can you see how I was polite and wasn't pushy, unlike some other dogs whose names I won't mention?
It was low tide at the little beach and not very exciting.
After that, Larry, Darcy, Aggie and I walked to Ballast Point.
Pearl fell off the wall at Ballast Point and into the water. Her human was very brave and rescued her. She got cut near her eye and hurt her foot and had to see Dr Dog. I hope she gets okay soon.

Here's a terrible, blurry old picture of Pearl.
The Typist didn't take a picture of Pearl yesterday because she was too busy tut-tutting over the blood.

After what happened to Pearl, The Typist got all nervous when I went on the other side of the fence. If I'd fallen into the water, she wouldn't have been able to save me because she can't swim.

I like scaring The Typist.

After we said goodbye to Larry, Darcy and Aggie, The Typist and I went on to Birchgrove.
She was very keen to give me a good walk yesterday. I think she's definitely trying to get me to like her again.

It was low tide at Birchgrove too.
But the water was nice.
So I went in for a swim! A REAL one, up and down the water.
The Typist was very proud of me.

Some other dogs turned up.
 I only knew 1 of them - Ranger!
Ranger did a poopie in the water.
It was a good thing I'd already had my swim. Unlike My Cushion, I'd really rather not swim in poo.

After we got home, and despite the fact that I hadn't gone back into the water after Ranger did his poopie, I got another bath - my 6th since coming home, and the 2nd since Sunday.

If The Typist continues like this, she's NEVER going to get back into my good books ever again.


booahboo said...

i think you should milk it some more Georgia and makes her all guilty for leaving you for 6 WHOLE WEEKS. Pretend you still don't like her. That way.. maybe she'll make you a huge bunch of treats and and and maybe buy you a new bed... and urmm... a nice big bone to chew or maybe get you another doggie to play with at home.

btw... that henna thingy on your Typist hand is pretty neat. She must have been to an indian wedding :)

booahboo said...

i just got a bath yesterday too... and had to suffer an hour of blowdrying and combing. I gave my cow the evil eye too...

woofs n licks,

verobirdie said...

Your waiting or summer, I'm waiting for winter...
Come on, I'm sure you love your typist...

Jan said...

Thank you for reminding us that it is summer someplace and will be summer here again, You are having so much fun and we are hibernating.


Ooooh, Ms GLP! All that talk of water, swimming and baths has made me quite nervous. I think I'll go lock myself in the loo for awhile.

Your friend,

Ben in Bermtopia

Jean B said...

GLP, it is so good to see you posting again and out visiting your canine friends. But my goodness you give me a heart attack when I see you on that rockface on the other side of the fence!!!
Seems like only yesterday you were posting about your sunshine disappearing and winter coming, and now you have summer again......and we have winter. Could you box up a little ray of sun now and then and send it to us so we don't forget what it looks like?
Love, Jean, Charley and Sadie

georgia little pea said...

Ooo Dom - your Cow's pretty smart, isn't she? She ALMOST got it right :)

Dear Mr Ben - just be really REALLY glad you don't live with my humans. I don't know what they have against a little pungent smell and mud in the house.

Yes everyone! - it's SUMMER here again! Bottle some sunshine? Yeah right. I'm just about to go out for my morning walk and it looks like RAIN AGAIN sigh. I think we need a new Person In Charge Of These Things.

How Sam Sees It said...

What if you typist brings you lots of treats, would you forgive her then?


Elizabeth Keene said...

GLP - Are you plugged up to something there, or just enjoying a cord in your face? Oh wait, maybe that's a dryer blowing on you. How fun! :) Just like the henna on The Typists hands. Must have been some celebration!

Now, if our morning walks were half as exciting as yours, with beaches and friends and drama (okay, not that), we wouldn't have to go to Tiffany so much. Want to trade? You can even have our unseasonably warm weather. Mom is weird and likes winter.

Hope the sun shows up soon, though. We don't like endless gray days either.

JF and Doowee

Kristine said...

That is a LOT of baths, George. You've almost had more than some people I know. I am sure the Typist just wants to make sure your appearance matchers your very grown-up new manners. What a perfect, ladylike adult you have become in such a short time. I can hardly recognize you!

I hope your friend Pearl is okay and recovers well from her injuries. It's interesting to me that the Typist doesn't swim, being from Australia. I guess I just had this mental image in my head that all Australians were into extreme sports like surfing and hang-gliding and bungee jumping. It's a bit odd to me that I, from the Canadian prairie, can swim fairly well, and the Typist cannot. That'll teach me to make wild generalizations!

Oh well, I don't want to focus on things she can't do, as she is a very talented person with a very attractive new tattoo!

georgia little pea said...

Dear Person from The Canadian Prairies,

Its very shocking I know, but lots of People from The Sunburnt Country don't swim, bungee jump, hang glide, wear budgie smugglers, own ugg boots or have kangaroos for pets. Some are even allergic to shrimp (on the barbie)! I don't know what this country is coming to really ;p

Poor Pearl. I'm sure she'll be right though she looked quite shell shocked.

p.s. I had a terrible fear of water when I was a child. No one could teach me to swim. However, strangely enough, I can now spend days on a fishing boat and not get seasick. Perhaps it's time to take the plunge!

My henna tats are almost gone :(

Pamela said...

I'm so happy, Georgia, that you got your typist busy in sharing your opinions here. You always make me laugh.

I supposed I should be encouraging you to forgive the Typist for leaving you for so long. But somehow I think you're funnier when you're mad at her. So maybe I'll just wait and see.

BTW, don't rush into thinking it's summer yet. Because when it's summer for you, it's winter for us. And that doesn't happen until December 21. So don't be in such a big hurry.

georgia little pea said...

Winter starts on December 21 for you? How interesting! Is that lthe winter solstice day (or did I just make that up)? I'll have to google it.

georgia little pea said...

My word. Thanks Pamela. We're obviously jumping the gun a little here. We like summer :)

What Remains Now said...'s so good to see and hear from you. Now I'm curious about your Typist's trip and the henna tattoos (which look lovely). I think the Typist will need to start a travel blog.

Kari in Alaska said...

So much fun... until the end

Stop on by for a visit

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Hey GLP, we've had 2 trips to the beach in 2 days and this afternoon we actually had sun!! Our weather has been exactly like yours ... not so surprising seeing as you send it to us:) Can you stop with the rain please, we're sick of it too! Tell the typist that I don't swim either, mainly because it never really gets hot enough here to get in the sea.

Is there a story you haven't told us behind your comment about Your Cushion swimming in poo or have I missed something?

Heck, you've had more baths in a month than Frankie and Beryl have had since I've had them! Your Typist must really enjoy bathing you:)

georgia little pea said...

You missed the poo story?! Please read it :) It's the tapir one before this. Being a displaced Aussie, you might enjoy the next one too!

Georgia still smells of the kennels unfortunately plus she's come home with an itch so lots of medicated shampooing - needs to be done at least twice a week. So much for easycare dog!

The weather. OMG - ridiculous!