Monday, December 26, 2011

Time to tiptoe quickly past the sleeping bloggers.

I've been a bad girl, Santa. I've procrastinated doing something for 9 months. No wonder I didn't get any pressies. I want so badly to start the new year free of guilt cramps. I think today might be the day to come clean! Everyone's away, or fast asleep because they pigged out at Christmas lunch. Haha.

So shhh. Quietly and quickly now. Can we get started?
"Oh hey!"
"You're not talking about ME, are you?"


I'm sorry to say I've not been keeping up with all the awards that I've so generously been given over the past year. I would have said a quick thank you at the time, but I haven't done anything more.

I know you can't see this but I'm giving myself a good smack across the knuckles for being such a bad girl.

I've taken so long to get down to this, that one of the bloggers listed below appears to have stopped blogging. Sadly, Lavi will now forever believe that I was a total ingrate.

But in fact, I started a draft some months ago in June,  just to keep track of the goodies.

Here they are - for what it's worth, in chronological order, and dating back to March...


Thanks Lavi and Aschiuta!
This little beauty
I put here as a warning to all bloggers not to swoon over every award that's out there. Sometimes, it really is as suspicious as it looks.

Thanks Didi and Prince George!

Thanks Kristine and Shiva!

Thanks Mel, Daisy and Jasper!

Thanks Elizabeth, John Farleigh and Doo-weeee!

My 7 links

Thanks Katie Sorene!
My 7 links

Now, this isn't even an award, as far I understand. It's just a way to re-introduce 7 of your favourite posts. I think it's a terrific idea! But having eaten way too much Christmas lunch myself, my brain won't allow me to proceed further with it.

Thanks Human and Flo!

Liebster is new to me. It's an award for littleblogs like this one, so haha! it's something the biggies can't ever EVER hope to get! Indeed, I'm very happy to have less than 200 100 80 followers. I think there might even be time for a few more Liebsters in my future.

That's it then! I hope I didn't miss anyone!

Now, of course, I'm supposed to pass the awards on.

Here are some technical problems I'm encountering -

+ I don't have enough blogs on my google reader to pass on the required number of awards.

+ Some of the blogs I follow are no fun and have clearly specified No Awards, Thanks.   

+ Most of  the blogs I follow already have so many awards, what would they do with yet another?

+ Last but not least, I'm a lazy fart.

So I guess, perhaps disappointingly for some, the chain ends here.

{However -

If I'm wrong, and you're reading this and rather hoped you'd be getting one of those abovementioned awards [not the Memetastic I hope] - please do help yourself to it. You don't even have to say where you got it from. It'll be our little secret.}


With love and respect always, The Typist xox

Yay! Done! I think I might get some shut-eye now.


houndstooth said...

I am bad at passing on awards, too! I won't tell anyone your secret!

Merry Christmas!

What Remains Now said...

You now have a clear conscience and can go into 2012 feeling great! The important thing is for you to know how much everyone loves you. Congratulations on your many, much deserved awards!

georgia little pea said...

Some bloggers have no idea how to take a holiday. Shouldn't you guys be sleeping or opening presents or something?

Kirsten (peacefuldog) said...

Haha! This post makes me happy :) I feel so guilty too that I've failed to follow up on and pass along some awards, as I think they're a sweet idea and a nice way to build community. But I may just steal your idea for acknowledging them ....:)

georgia little pea said...

You make me happy too, Kirsten - so nice to know there are other lazy farts around :) Feel free to steal whatever. Move fast though. It appears bloggers don't sleep much.

Elizabeth Keene said...

It's noon on Monday. If I was still sleeping, there would be a big problem. Just sayin.

This is, I think, the best award speech I've ever read, and I'm surprised there weren't more. :)

Jean said...

Ah yes....somewhere around here I have an award or something I promised to get to later.....I think we shall declare 'award bankruptcy' and start the new year with a clean slate.
I love the idea of awards and have discovered many great blogs by looking at sites my blogger friends like, but some of the awards come with conditions/expectations that take ages to meet. Nice simple ones, or even just keeping a 'blogs I like' list on the site and mentioning a favourite every now and then, does the job for me.

georgia little pea said...

Elizabeth - YOU are supposed to be on holiday till Wednesday. Remember?

Agree AGREE! Ms Jean!

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Great acceptance speech:) And I think it's a good idea to acknowledge the awards but not pass them on. I love getting them but if everyone has them what's the point really? I do like the concept behind the Liebster award to get more exposure for us little bloggers and to be able to pass it on to blogs who deserve more followers:)

Pup Fan said...

LOL... I totally understand. I'm often a procrastinator when it comes to these as well!