Monday, December 19, 2011

There goes your panama!

And other terrible poems, featuring my friends...
& me, Georgia Little Pea.

There goes your panama!

You knew we had a date!
You knew! but you were late.
So there goes your panama!
Nyah. Nyah. Nyah.

That will teach you, Sir
to make A Lady wait.

Pearl had a great fall.

2 weeks [or so] ago, you may recall...
Pearl was on the wall.

Pearl had a great fall.
It made her mama bawl.
Now look who's on the wall!
I hope we don't all fall!

Well, that was a close call!
The wall. The wall.
It's where us dogs all fall!

The Silly Cow.

What is this I see?

Staring back at me?
My hair is standing up.  
I think it best we flee!

"It's just a silly cow!" My Typist said, "tee-hee-hee." 
But she was wrong! as you can see.
The silly cow was me.


Jean said...

GLP, you are so great!
A canine poet laureate!
Your verses are so witty, too.
I wish I was as smart as you.

georgia little pea said...

*blush* i love you Ms Jean! Georgia x

Elizabeth Keene said...

You are the new Mother Goose, but way more hip and edgy! I'm so glad you didn't fall off the wall, especially since I'm having a laugh at you sniffing poor Pearl's butt in that most unladylike position. :)

Jan said...

The Dr. Seuss and Mother Goose of dogdom. (your rhymes are infectious)

What Remains Now said...

Your mom is a travel writer extraordinaire, you're a poet and your dad is a piece of furniture. Some family just have it all. Loved the poems!

georgia little pea said...

HahahahaHA!!! The Typist and I hereby bestow upon you, Ms Lori...The Best Ever Comment Award!

Of course, when My Cushion reads this, he may revoke it but it's okay. We just won't pay him any attention. CONGRATULATIONS!

Sage said...

Oh, Georgia, you are too funny--and quite the poet! I think you've started something here.

Pamela said...

Miss Georgia, you're divine
You work magic with a line
May your rhymes never end
They make all dogs your friend
I'm jealous that you are not mine

georgia little pea said...

oooo...more rhymes pleeeease! me like! :)