Tuesday, December 13, 2011

For Vanessa, who dared me.

I'd forgotten how quiet December can be in blogworld. At least for a littleblog like this. Last year, I spent the month spewing in secret. It was very liberating.

In dogblog park, everyone's getting into the Christmas spirit.

Everyone, that is, except me. The Grinch.
This pic from here.

But I'm determind to get with the programme.

After a little encouragement from my good friend Vanessa, here's my contribution to the holiday cheer. 


So far, this is my favourite Christmas decoration in Sydney. It sits on the aquarium roof at Darling Harbour.
I pass it 3 times a week, on my way to capoeira class in the city. The 1st couple of times, I refused to believe my eyes. But I've come to the conclusion that it really is what it appears to be.
A very crabby Santa.

Sorry. I just had to say it.

How bizarre, you're thinking. But have a look at these other Chrissie decos that I found on the internet. I present only the animal ones, as befits a dogblog. Children should look away now.
These happy fellas from here.
This beauty from here. 
These 2 from here.
To quote The Grinch - "What's that stench? It's fantastic."
This pic from here.
This year, hardly anyone on our street has bothered to put lights up. It could be the imminent collapse of the euro that's getting everyone so down. But I think it more likely to be the constant rain, wind and chill. We may dream of a white Christmas here in Sydney, but I don't think we really mean it.

The street party on Saturday night was even quieter than last year's. But at least it didn't get rained out like the doggies' Christmas picnic at Punch Park last weekend.  

Georgia put in a late night appearance and had a great time with [the littledogs next door] Indie and Millie, and some salmon dip. Unfortunately, since no one had bothered to put lights up, it was too dark to take any pictures.

I didn't make it to the party myself, thanks to my 2nd bout of flu in 5 weeks.

Maybe we need someone inspiring like this to move into our street!
This and MORE cool decoration ideas from here.
Though I have to say, my heart is with Ditto, who managed to make a most memorable display with very little effort, time and money.

I really hope he's a sperm donor because we need more bright sparks like that around.
This pic from here.

Many years ago, I heard a story about a Christmas store display in Japan that purported to look like this.
This pic and other unusual Japanese Santas here.
O.M.G! I do love Japan!

As it turned out though, it was just another urban legend.

We Who Live DownUnder are not beyond some quirky Chrissie ideas ourselves.

Many involve Santa in various states of undress.
These 2 pics from here.
This pic from here.
Of course, we can be serious too. Check out these Australian takes on Christmas by some of our country's most celebrated artists.
Including this conversation starter by Archibald Prize winner, Adam Cullen.

I'm a little embarrassed to admit that, 2 weeks from Christmas, not an ornament is stirring in our little house.

I haven't put a tree up since Jordan and Rufus were with us. We used to do a yearly family picture in front of it. Sometimes, they got pressies. They always got an extra special Christmas lunch.

When Georgia arrived, she was so destructive, I didn't think it'd be a good idea to put up something flammable, full of breakable glass trinkets, garlands that could trip up paws, and soft stuffed rippable Santas.

Besides, what if she peed on the tree?

These days, I have no excuses not to put a tree up because she's become Such A Good Girl.

I'm just too lazy to do so.

Am I the only person who feels this way? It's very lonely being A Grinch at Christmas.

But enough of that!

Despite my distinct lack of seasonal cheer, I'm looking forward to a nice peaceful Christmas. And you know what?

I hope you have one too.
This pic from here.

Or, as The Grinch would say,

"Are you having a holly, jolly Christmas?"


p.s. Hey Ness! I dare you to leave a comment. Be polite please.

UPDATE a few hours later!
My friend Vanessa says she tried to post a comment but was unable to. Likely story, Ness!

However, 2 other people have since said they had problems as well. So maybe, just maybe, Vanessa is telling the truth [in which case I'm sure Santa will duly reward her with another Chanel scarf].

I love hearing from you, so please send an email if you have something you're dying to say and Blogger won't let you, okay?
This pic from here.

Yet Another Update 15th December!
For Sonia and other lovelies who mentioned poinsettias, here is our New South Wales native Christmas bush which makes a wonderful and lasting display.
This pic from here.

Apparently, there's also a Victorian Christmas bush - something I learnt only this morning :)
This pic from here.


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

So, that's how woo do HOWLidays Down Under!



Jan said...

I've felt a little grinchy myself this year. It's hard to get motivated to cheery when the days get darker and colder. I think I was a bear in another life and got to skip winter altogether. Glad I'm not the only one without ornaments.

What Remains Now said...

I'm not much of a decorator so I don't get into the decorations. In fact, I think I'm going to give up my big Christmas tree and go to a table top tree. I have been exceptionally good with Christmas cards this year though. I was inspired by the Blogville Christmas Card list. I run hot and cold with Christmas cards. This year I was into it, some years not.

booahboo said...

If its any consolation for you, we have no tree up too. My dad's still wondering when i am gonna drag the plastic tree out to decorate.. and dragggggggg it back into the storeroom come January as we will be celebrating chinese new year. I am still trying not to draggggggggg anything out.. as I can smell January already.

booahboo said...

I might just do what Ditto did... i think that requires a lot planning and urmm.. thoughts to come up with something so very very unique.. *LOL*

georgia little pea said...

DITTO Anny! January is less than 3 weeks away! Can't you do 1 tree for both celebrations? If you think very hard, I'm sure you'll figure something out and a lot of people in the same situation the world over will thank you for it :)

booahboo said...

i think i did one year... i didn't drag the christmas tree back into the store.. i just took out the ornaments and started putting CNY flowers and red packets on the tree.. it was awesomeeeeee *LOL* at least awesome to only me :p

i would have left it in the hall to collect some dust until the next christmas if my dad didn't yell at me to tidy up and keep the tree in march.. but hey.. from march its just a few more months to december rite :)

georgia little pea said...

hahaha! March? that's pretty bad Anny...lost cause, like me ;p

houndstooth said...

There have been a lot of years when I really didn't feel into the Christmas spirit. I love getting out the decorations and making the house look pretty, though. The whole season can be so overwhelming for us. Not only do we have five family Christmases we're expected to attend, there are four of our siblings having birthdays, my inlaws' anniversary is this month and there's all kinds of work related stuff, too. We call it the Season of Poverty here at our house. This year, because of some difficulties in my husband's family, they've scaled things way back, and that has made life much easier for us! Maybe that's why I'm in such good spirits this year!

georgia little pea said...

wow! that's a lot of stuff happening in one month! The Season Of Poverty - that's a good one. so true for too many people. sorry to hear of your difficulties. but happy that it'll be easier for you this year :)x

Karen Friesecke said...

That Day Of The Dead Poodle X-mas ornament is *awesome*! I'm being a bit of a grinch this year, too. No X-mas tree, Dexter might tear it down.

Anonymous said...

Excellent SAHH. you"ve outdone yourself yet again! Love ditto but the Crabby Santa even more. LOL.

Tara & Sammy

Sister 1 said...

So the natty Brazilian travelog is over and Christmas grinch is in?
Happy Xmas! Signed, Crabby.

georgia little pea said...

au contraire! i'm afraid there'll be more travel stories to come. i have to put my pictures somewhere, right? :) just trying to fit everything into this kitchensink [slash] versatile blog!

Kristine said...

I know what you mean. Usually I am a lot more into the whole season. The last couple years have been different. Now that I think about it, the death of my holiday spirit probably coincides with the year we moved zillions of kilometres away from family. When it's only the two of us, Christmas feels more like a hassle than like the fun it used to be. But I still put up a tree and decorate the house in an attempt to feel the love. I watch the television Christmas specials and create new traditions. Even if it's more work than it used to be, I am trying. That counts for something, right?

BTW, that poop ornament is awesome. I wish I'd seen that earlier! It would have made a great gift for someone.

georgia little pea said...

The poop ornament, Ms K?! Who would have thought you had this dark side lol. Lack of family, and especially kiddies, definitely make the season a lot quieter and simpler ;)

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

I'm not a big fan of Christmas these days. Even less this year! I have got 2 of those filament Christmas trees. The bigger one hasn't seen the light of day since before I got Frankie ... I don't want to think about what he'd do to it! The tabletop one I think I used a couple of years ago. Turned it on a few times then forgot about it til February when I put it away. I don't actually know where either of them are. Is this sad? I haven't done Christmas cards for years and don't open those few I still receive. I can tell who they are from and that's enough:)

Having said all that, a couple from work have been kind enough to invite me to their home to join their family for a BBQ for Christmas dinner. It would be rude to refuse such generosity but I'll still want to hurry home to lax out with the kids:) And I'm hoping to catch up on reading all the blog posts I haven't got time for right now. That will take me about 3 days solid! I hope I get that many days off.

Anonymous said...

I like Ditto. I wish there were more dittos. I'm sick of hearing 747s chucking ueys as they realise that next door isn't the airport runway.

As for the decorations... I'd have to cockroach bomb the storeroom before daring to retrieve anything from a cardboard box down there right now. I don't have the will. And thankfully I'm not having the visitors either this year so there's no need. :)

I'm looking forward to Christmas though. Mmmm. Baileys. Mmmmm.

H and the spotty one.

georgia little pea said...

Dear Sue and Flo - HURRAH!!! you 2 crack me up! you sound almost grinch like. who would have known? ;p

christmas cards, Sue? what are those? i might be old but snail mail is SO yesterday. btw, i hope those people who sent you cards and the people you're having Xmas dindins with don't read this blog. [as if.]

Flo! are you saying your next door neighbour is a major contributor to global warming? tut-tut. for shame.

baileys IS nice and at least this year it's chilly enough to have some. see? i CAN so be positive.

only 2 more weeks to go.

sonia a. mascaro said...

LOL! Many laughs reading this post!

I'm not much of a decorator too. And I will not to have a Christmas tree here this year. But my decorations will be with many pots with a flower common here in this season, it is named in Portuguese "bico de papagaio", that means: "[b'ikudipapag'aju] sm (pl bicos-de-papagaio): Bot poinsettia: plant with groups of bright red or pink leaves that grows in Central and South America." It's very beautiful. You can see the red flowers HERE
Many hugs!

georgia little pea said...

Oi Sonia, we have bico de papagaio here too. Not sure if they're grown here or imported. We have our own native Xmas bush too, which I prefer. It has clusters of small pink to deep red flowers and lasts for ages. I should really buy some this weekend from the farmers' market. Beijos x :)

Anonymous said...

seems like the vibe is fairly low everywhere... we have no plans for any festivity, and a low profile xmas too.

Jean said...

Don't think of it as being a grinch or being lazy. You are keeping Christmas the way it was first kept - simple, peaceful and surrounded by animals. Well, surrounded by GLP.
A few years ago, I made the decision to get out of the Christmas madhouse in which we filled huge Christmas stockings for everyone - family, friends, animals, spent more than we could afford, ate more than we should, and ended up thoroughly exhausted. Now, I buy gifts for only two people - my 93 year old mom and my daughter - and they are small gifts. I don't send cards; I don't do a big meal, or a bunch of baking (just two favourite recipes); I put up a twelve inch fake tree surrounded by a few favourite ornaments in the house and I decorate my patio with green boughs, red bows, and some lights on a potted tree. Mostly I just enjoy the season - a coffee with friends, an evening of Christmas music, a walk on the beach Christmas day. I love the simplicity of it all and don't feel the least bit grinchy.

georgia little pea said...

Jean - your Christmas plans sound excellent! It's sad how more and more special occasions have now been commandeered by marketeers. We've been sucked in and don't even realize it. It would be great to return to simple.

jet said...

hey, it may be your comment set up in blogger... if you change it to any other option which has a popup window or goes to a comments page it will work with more people...

btw, HI! I found you on Greyhounds CAN Sit - always good to see another Aussie Dog blog :)

georgia little pea said...

ooo...hello and thanks for that :) i shall try to understand what you're saying and check it out! i'm not sure how readers are viewing the comment box. it looks quite simple on my end, other than it requires my approval to deal with spammers :p

cheers! x