Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dear everyone,

It's the last day of 2011. I hope it's been a good year for you.

It's been okay for me. Mr Thumper went away, which was bad. But then I got his bed, which was good. I got to go to holidaycamp too, not just once but twice!

Also, I got a job! I don't know why My Typist hasn't told you yet. Maybe she's been busy working haha.

I didn't have to apply or beg or anything like that. My Cushion's office moved to near where we live, and The Person In Charge Of These Things said I could go work there too!

I've been a few times already. Here are some pictures of me on my 1st day at the office.
I went to work in a ute. It was very high up but I wasn't scared.
I helped the humans move in. My job was to make sure no one would come steal anything.



I hope you don't think I was sleeping on the job but it was hard work being at the office all day.

No wonder My Cushion sometimes comes home in a bad mood.
One of the best things about my office is the view. It's a lot better than my backyard.
Outside, there's a nice deck for me to walk on, and to look at boats and ponder meaningful things.

"Hmmm. I wonder if anyone's breaking for lunch."
It's also good just to relax there.

Although today's the last day of the year, I had to go to work this morning.

There was a lot of stuff happening near the office because it's one of the places where humans come to watch Our Famous Fireworks go off at 9 and midnight.

Someone had put these things up at the end of the road.
My Typist doesn't like using them because one new year's eve night, A Drunk Man pulled the door open [even though she was hanging on to it tightly] and caught her with her [under]pants down.

With an awful experience like that burned into her brain, you'd think she'd know better than to show you this picture.  
But she says she's never seen these open types before and just had to share. My Typist deserves no sympathy.

Although the weather wasn't so good this morning,
many humans were already at the park.I don't think I'm going to go see the fireworks tonight, like Mr Piglet and Mr Thumper did. My humans don't think I'm ready yet, though I'm not scared of loud noises anymore.

I'll probably have an early dinner, watch some telly, then go to bed and get an extra big cuddle at midnight [if anyone is still awake].

I hope your Last Day of The Year is s*pEcial like that too!

That's all for now. Much love, Georgia xox



verobirdie said...

What a sight you have from your office! My office window faces the backyard of one of Cezanne's houses, it is OK, but not as exciting as your bridge... And you can go to work... If dogs were allowed in my office, I would run to the human society and adopt one at once.
Be careful tonight, and don't be afraid of the noise. Usually, we can see a few seconds of your fireworks on TV, I'll be on the watch.
Happy new year!

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Hey GLP, it's 10 minutes to 2012 here:) I'm going to see the New Year in with you! We're sending you a cyberspace hug, and Frankie says he wants your typist to give you a kiss from him. You're very lucky, he's not a kissy dog!

My kids are very envious that you get to go to work with Your Cushion now, and also of the lovely view you have. Although they're not so sure about the outside, open toilet thingy's. Is that a new Aussie thing? We've never seen anything like them here. I can understand The Typist's aversion to portaloos after her most unfortunate experience.

Our weather has been abysmal the past couple of days. Many planned New Year celebrations/concerts around the country have been washed out with all the rain. Gumboots have become a very desirable commodity overnight! Tents have become redundant unless they have an airbed in them!

I've spent my New Years Eve catching up on some blog reading and it's been great! Last night was party night and I've really enjoyed having some quiet time at home tonight.

Counting down to 2012 ... all the best and I hope the fireworks aren't scary. There are a few going off here now but all in all it's been a very quiet New Year's Eve. Seeya

Jan said...

You make a very imposing working dog, unlike Poodles whom people tend to laugh at although under our fou fou we can be quite imposing too.

It's early morning here, but our human has nothing planned except to go to bed early tonight.

Misty and her minions

What Remains Now said...

Georgia! How neat that you are now a working dog! I know there will be lots a new adventures coming for 2012.

houndstooth said...

How cool that you get to go to work with your Cushion! That must be so very cool! I really think they need to provide you with a bed to supervise from, though. A working dog shouldn't have to lay on the hard floor like that!


Karen Friesecke said...

What a very useful dog you are! I wish that my office had such a nice view. I get to look at the house across the street.


I am quite envious of you going to work.

The Two-legged Missus works for The State, which has terribly draconian laws about animals at the office. (We cheat every once and awhile, though. It's dreadfully fun because she works right next to a walk along the river.) The Two-legged Mister works in Health Care, which is quite incompatible with my lifestyle since everything needs to be s.t.e.r.i.l.e.

P.S. Check in with Bermtopia in a while. I believe there's a pressie (see, I'm learning Stralian!) for you.

Happy New Year's to you and yours, Ms. GLP!

Pamela said...

Congratulations on your new job, Georgia. It looks like you're already quite good at it.

I agree with Houndstooth, however. You definitely need some ergonomic furniture to help you be your most productive.

georgia little pea said...

i'm sure My Cushion [who reads this blog] will get me some ergonomic furniture soon. HINT!

Anonymous said...

Well, alright then girlie although I think you'll just end up sleeping on the job all day instead. And just so you know, it'll have to come out of your pay ... one less chicken wing everyday for the next six months, alright?

The Cushion

georgia little pea said...

dear Cushion, are you sure? that's a lot of chicken wings. are you getting me a Best Quality Ergonomic Princess Bed with Professionally Handstiched Embroidery?

otherwise, please stuff it.

thank you. love, your Georgia x

Jean said...

The comments are as funny as the blog! Oh GLP, you are a princess! And what a lucky dog to get to go to work with your Cushion and in such a gorgeous setting.

simon pender said...

Nice day at the office. That looks pretty cool being by the water.
I wish i could take my doggies to work. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

an office dog,

how your responsibilities have increased.. what a cool place to hang out. I am jealous!

chandra said...

Ooh, I love your new office, GLP! And I think your 9:30 "at-attention" photo could be my fave of you yet - you look especially beautiful (and employed)!

If I knew I could pitch a tent in the park, I could have saved quite of bit on hotel costs when I was in 'Stralia!

I really want to drive that ute.

-c at ddy.