Friday, April 30, 2010

Mr Thumper chucks a sickie.

Mr Thumper has not been well this week.

He's been chucking up both ends and is now on a fast for the 3rd day in a row.

Sometimes, even when he's well,  Mr Thumper will go for days without eating just because he doesn't feel like it.

I think this is quite strange but it's been going on for years and Dr Dog says it's OK.
The night before last, Mr Thumper was especially sick and my humans were very worried.

They cuddled and patted and talked to Mr Thumper all night and put a big towel on him even though he's never cold.
Mr Thumper is very old now [he's going to be 10 next week] and I guess they thought maybe he wouldn't make it.
I knew Mr Thumper was not well because he let me snuggle next to his tummy which he NEVER lets me do.
The next morning, when he woke up, Mr Thumper was feeling better. 

I could tell because he growled at me when I tried to climb onto his bed.

But I did it anyway. 

I like Mr Thumper much better when he's sick but I hope he gets well soon so everyone can be happy again.

UPDATE Saturday 1st May:
Mr Thumper went to see Dr Dog last night and was diagnosed with A Very Bad Gut Infection. He's taking lots of pills now and will soon be super-grumpy again, I'm sure.

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Elizabeth said...

Buster says he is sorry when any dog is sick.
It makes his family really sad.
Both of your dogs are really handsome.