Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Fashion Tuesday.

Yesterday, my stay-at-home human decided to make me a fleecy coat to keep me warm.

This was wonderful news since I am A Dog Of Little Hair.

She used some leftover material she'd bought on sale to make my winter bed.

It was very pink, VERY bright and had lots of flowers on it.

I felt all girly just looking at it.
My stay-at-home human toyed with the idea of a cape design.

 She considered something that would keep my ears warm.
She attempted to put some ruffles on the coat.

My stay-at-home human is not very good at sewing. So 2 hours later, this is what I got.
I was mortified. 
I chewed a big hole in it the moment she left me alone.

I also chewed my pirate jammie for the 3rd time. It may be beyond saving now.

There's no denying I'm being A Very Bad Girl this week.

My stay-at-home human decided right there and then that she's not going to waste any more money buying nice coats for me.

She's decided that this winter, old T-shirts will have to do.

This one was a floor rug last week and if you laugh at me, I'll get very upset.

Here's the coat I really, really want. Isn't it beoootiful?

This picture was taken from the online catalogue of my favourite store:


bing said...

on fb -
LOL! I'm sorry, I can't help it!

rachel said...

on fb -
LOL, I love her.

georgia little pea said...

dear you 2,

you laughed at me. now i'm very upset. but i'll get over it because i love you too. xox

booahboo said...

Oh my GOD! i remember seeing that flowery dress/cape thingy on one of your posts... its so so very girly even i won't wear it.. *LOL*
She's as bad as i am... i can't sew for nuts.. you should see Dommy's bed... hahahahahaa

urmmm.. from a floor rug to a winter tee? she is so so meannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn... i will not laugh Georgia.. i will try.. bwahahahhahahahahahahhahahaa

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Bwah hahahahahahahaha and that's not at you Ms Pea, (you're adorable no matter what you wear) but at your Typist because she has aspirations of sewing a Tshirt Quilt!!! Bwah hahaha

georgia little pea said...

Anny - it went from floor rug to fashionwear for G because it was big enough, plus it was the nicest T we had [on the floor]. Nothing but the best for our girl.

I CAN do it, Rose! I might have improved by now, how would you know? HUH? I'm going to prove it to you.


Rose ~ from Oz said...

Hehehe, so I guess that means we're both going to be around blogosphere for a while hey! You to do, me to see.....