Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm having a sad day.

I'm really missing my out-at-work human today. 
My stay-at-home human calls me a Daddy's Girl.
                 I don't know where she gets that idea from and I think she's quite mean to call me names.
I thought if I kept a really close eye on my out-at-work human,
he wouldn't leave me today. 

But he did.
And my stay-at-home-human is mad at me because I just tried to eat my pirate jammie and blankie.

 So now, I'm not allowed upstairs on my own.

I'm afraid I might not have anything warm to wear this winter if she doesn't fix my jammie [again].

And who knows when my Dog Howling At The Moon jammie will finally arrive.

I don't think anyone loves me. Boo-hoo.

My stay-at-home human thinks this recipe will cheer me up but I'm not sure how that might work if I don't get to eat it.

 Ann Makes A 10-Minute Spinach Dip

1 packet frozen spinach
1 packet spring vegetable soup
1 onion-grated
1 small can of water chestnuts -chopped fine
1 container of sour cream
1 cup of mayonnaise
A cob of fresh bread

Combine all above in a bowl. Set aside to let the flavour develop a little.

Meanwhile, gently slice the top off the cob of bread.

Remove the insides, leaving about 1-2 inches of bread all round.

Spoon the dip into the hollowed out bread.

Serve with your choice of raw vegetables, crackers or bread.

And that concludes our Foodie Week. We hope you get to try some of the recipes. And if you find them YUM!... let us know : )


Unknown said...

Its ok Little Dog. We all have sad days sometimes, even us humans, even with all our rational thinking, awareness and logical thought processes! Tomorrow is another day. Hang in there. xx

Chapeuzinho said...

1. You're getting dog howling at the moon dog jammies? That is SO cool
2. I didn't know any one other than the English used the term 'cob'.
3. Cheer up, Georgia, you know he always comes home!


bing said...

on fb -
Poor Georgia! It's just one of those horrible days, but it'll pass. Whether you're extremely happy, or really down, just think of this simple but profound truth: This will not last forever.

georgia little pea said...

it's true! my out-at-work human is home, i've had a play in the park with my bestest friends and gone down to the pub for a couple of beers - and i'm all happy again. haha!