Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Boiled white rice. Yuk.

I unexpectedly met Zarny, Hector and Rocky this morning. We played roll-in-the-mud which ended up with me having an unexpected bath.

It was COLD.

That's all the update I'm allowed.

Rachel J loves Hainanese Chicken Rice

The Chicken
*1 whole chicken

The Easy Way - clean, remove funny bits and excess fat. Smash a piece of ginger. Cook whole chicken with ginger in pot of boiling water.

Once the water boils, turn down heat and allow to simmer for about 10 minutes or until cooked. Turn heat off, Leave chicken in pot, with lid on.

The Easier Way - buy a CHINESE style steamed/roast chicken from any CHINESE BBQ shop. They come either white or brown. Both work just as well.

The Gravy
*Oyster sauce
*Light soy/tamari
*Sesame oil

To make the gravy, mix the oil and sauces with some of the chicken stock. How much? Depends on how much gravy you like. I haven't indicated amounts because you should trust your own tastebuds.

The Rice
*About 1 cup per person of white Jasmine rice
*A piece of ginger -crushed and chopped
*A few cloves of garlic -chopped
*A few pieces of bacon rind [a very long time ago, a good friend told me this added a lovely flavour to the dish - and he was right!]

Rinse rice well and leave to drain dry in a strainer.
Fry bacon rind until oil runs. Throw away the rind.
Add a little sesame oil to the bacon oil.
When it starts to smoke, add the chopped garlic and ginger. Fry till fragrant.
Turn the heat down.
Add the rice. Mix well. Fry till a little brown.
Transfer the rice to a rice cooker.
Add in chicken stock, enough to cover the rice and a little over [about 1/2 inch over should do].
Cook the rice.

The Extras
*Garnishing - eschallots and coriander - chopped
*Chilli sauce - slice some ginger and add to plain chilli-garlic sauce with a dash of vinegar. Homemade chilli-garlic sauce recipe coming up soon : )
*Cucumber - sliced [Other traditional vegies you can serve with Hainanese Chicken Rice are scalded oyster sauce beansprouts or kai lan.]

While rice is cooking, start chopping the chicken up into pieces [as they would in a Chinese BBQ shop].

If you took The Easier Way - you're already there! [Assuming you got them to chop the chicken up at the shop.]

Once the rice is cooked, spoon a portion out onto a plate. Put some chicken pieces on top. Pour a little gravy over. Add garnishing. Serve with vegies and chilli sauce.

p.s. will add some RELEVANT pictures the next time I cook it!


Chapeuzinho said...

mmm yummy. I will make it myself one of these days.

ha! Georgia licks baby to tenderise her. yum.

bing said...

on fb -

You can cook Hainanese chicken rice?!!! My admiration for you has shot up considerably!(or maybe I should wait until I've actually tasted what you turn out)