Friday, April 16, 2010


I'm having a very boring week.

My stay-at-home human had a knee operation a week ago [NO, it wasn't because of me, thanks for asking] and has become a stay-in-bed human.

When I try to climb up for a cuddle, she uses her Very Loud Voice. It doesn't matter if I say "Please? Please, please, PLEEEASE...?"

I've tried saying please with my left paw. 

I've tried saying please with my right paw.

 I've tried my Sad But Hopeful Face.

I've tried my roll-on-the-back-look-how-hard-it-is-on-the-floor trick. 

Nothing works. 

She has A Very Hard Heart.

Since she can't cuddle me or take me out for coffee and french toast, my stay-in-bed human has been concentrating on improving my English.

Some new words that I'm practising a lot this week are:

"NO!"    "STOP!"   "Wait!"    "Slowly, Georgia, SLOWLY...!!!"    "Step away!"   "NOW missy!"  "No licking my knee Georgia, NO!"

 All my new words come with !!! and CAPITALS.

Let me tell you, she's freaking me out a little.

   I miss my cuddles.


A Word from My Sponsor:

This post is dedicated to all the wonderful folk at Birrung Park. Thanks for asking after me. I never thought I'd ever say this, but I DO miss walking the dogs! : ) xox


amy said...

on fb -
ouch the knee!! aw georgia has such a doggie "i'm so sad i need something face"! my dog used to make that for food, when he was already fat!

sim said...

on fb -
Love the blog. My sympathies to Georgia. So..... is she still hse bound? For her sake get well SOON!

louise said...

on fb -
Can you get a professional dog cuddler in? I'm free! Oooch knee looks nasty. Invalid. Hope you're ok though.

rachel said...

on fb -
poor knee. How about this Monday?

georgia little pea said...

A message from my stay-in-bed human -

knee is much better today actually. thanks all.

georgia still has a dog walker, twice a day. he's called "husband". I'M the poor housebound creature in this story huh.

monday sounds lovely....