Friday, April 2, 2010

It's alright mum, we're only playing.

I'm very lucky. I 've played with a lot of dogs.

Some are very big, much bigger than me.

And some are only little, but great fighters.

Here are some of my bestest friends in the world to play with. 
They are all mad like me and their humans don't squeal when we play our favourite game of I'll Tear Out Your Throat If You Tear Out Mine!

Ganging up on someone is a LOT of fun!!!
Am I the only one who thinks Mr Thumper looks really wicked here?
Sometimes he gets treats when I'm playing which is very annoying.

Sorry about the blurry pictures but we don't stay still very much.

When we're not running around smacking into trees and people and dislocating knees, this is what we look like. 

Leopold and Pepper.
Father Jack.

 And ME!
Poppy didn't turn up today. I hope I see her soon. I love her too : )

Birrung Park, NSW
Early evening, 1st April, 2010

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