Sunday, April 18, 2010

C is for Cat.

This is a C-A-T.
  Although she's black, her name is Vanilla.
Vanilla has lived on my street for a very long time. She's much older than me. Whoever lives in her house gets her. She's lived with at least 3 families.

Vanilla is the only cat I've ever kissed. I did it when my humans looked away for 5 seconds.

She kept very still so I got a really good kiss. I think she was quite surprised.

She didn't taste at all like the vanilla icecream at Centennial.

Cats can be scary.

There are many other cats on my street. 
They sleep on steps, on the kerb, on the road, on top of cars, under cars and on rooftops.

I've never seen a cat on a leash.

The cats on my street are very impertinent.

They don't move away for humans, cars or dogs, and ignore you even when you say, "Excuse me please arr-arRw-aaARwWWWh!H!H!H! -WOW-wOW-WOW!!!!?*^!*!"

I'm not sure if this one's dead. Just between you and me, I think he may be a little strange.

Recently, I saw something even more scary than a cat.
My humans think they're dogs.
*duh* My humans can be pretty silly.


This post is dedicated to Clet, Flocon,

and in memory of Marquesa and Moorea.


katherine said...

on fb -
He he alright! The tabby looks just like my cat Pixel, only without his present battle scars... You know I met a beautiful pure white 3-legged cat yesterday in Erskineville, puuuurrrrr x

imogen said...

on fb -
puuurrrrrrrrrrr xox

i-she said...

on fb -
the cats are coming out of the closet. run georgia run!!!

louise said...

on fb -
Just wanted to clarify, are these surveillance photos of cats for 'Long Leashes' tummy? Or are they mates around da' hood?

georgia little pea said...

dear louise,

they're in da hood but not my mates. they're almost f.e.r.a.l and are fed by a strange old lady who had a mini-fit one day when my stay-at-home human told her it was the law to curfew them at night haha. xox