Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A short visit, a door and a P.S.

This is my friend Poppy.

She has a humongous an impressive nose. It is not her fault. She was born that way.

Last week, I met Poppy in the park. Lloyd turned up too!
I was very happy to see him because, as you all know, we are deeply in love.

Poppy tried to seedoos him. Here is some photographic evidence of her shameful behaviour.
We played in the water too!

Can you tell Lloyd only had eyes for me?
If you only have time for 1 video, see this one! Make sure you see the end bit!

After the park, Poppy came over to my house. 

I told her she had to stay outside because she was  wet and sandy and would get into trouble with The Typist if she came in, but she wouldn't listen.

"Is this your house, Georgia?"
"It sure is small."

"I'm sorry Typist. I tried to stop her. You saw that, right? She doesn't know how fierce you can be."

I tried to be a good host.
"Come on Poppy! Let's play!"

But Poppy didn't want to play. She just sat and sulked.

"You know what Poppy? You're a lot more fun in the park."

Then she had not 1! but 2! of my special stash peanut butter bikkies! turned around and went home.

If you ask me, having friends over is highly over rated.


Good news though! When Poppy's human saw how crappy our garden door was, he offered to help us fix it. He came over yesterday. It was supposed to be an easy 2 hour job just fixing the bad bits. It took more than 8 hours, a whole new door got built, it's now today and they still haven't finished. 

God knows how long it would have taken yesterday, if I hadn't helped.

"You hold the top Cushion, and I'll hold the bottom."

ThaNk yOu Mister Matthew! It was very kind of you to help us fix the door. Thank you Miss Jenny for lending him to us :) X


P.S. and a completely unrelated subject.

The Typist is sure I'm related to Porter, one of the New Zealand SPCA driving dogs!
What do you think?
 Of course, personally, I'd rather be chauffeured around.


yuki and rocket said...

wow, a whole a new door!

oh, and you and the new zealand psca dog could be twins! i love pictures and commercials showing dogs drive, they're hilarious!

Unknown said...

Georgia! Did you do what I think you did in the second vid??!! That defies all elements of ladies and good beach protocol. My goodness. Now I've seen everything.

P.S. Poppy has the right approach when it comes to water. Run back and forth and look frantic. Right on.

Ben (who is most discreet about his daily "needs") in Bermtopia

Jan said...

Great videos...maybe three new stars are ready for the big break. What a great neighbor is Poppy's human.

2 Punk Dogs said...

The park looks really nice, plus Lloyd couldn't keep his eyes off you!
Good job helping with the door, is it done yet?
You and Porter definitely look related, brother from another mother. :)

georgia little pea said...

Yes MR BEN, I did. Discreet is not in my genes.

DUKE AND MAGGIE - would you believe I had no sooner finished reading your comment when Cushion yelled out, "OK! All done!" I'll believe it when he packs away the tools ;)

What Remains Now said...

It is crystal clear that Lloyd is your man, Georgia. You guys play hard, that's for sure. Lloyd gave you a pretty good dunking there at the end, but I say you held you own very well. How fantastic about the new door. That is why we save up and pay to have everything done around our house. We no longer fall for the "only a 2-hour job" story. It ends up being a month-long job, never gets finished, and the word "divorce" starts getting tossed around. Just easier for us to hire a professional. If the professional messes it up, we are at least united in our madness at someone else. So funny you said that about Porter! When I saw the story on the news the first thing that went through my mind was, "That looks like Georgia Little Pea!" Seeing you romping in the water has me curious (maybe a post idea for The Typist) about your particular breed. Are you a water dog? A herder? I won't look it up. I'll wait a little bit and see if The Typist takes the bait and does the work for me.

Berts Blog said...

Hey Georgia, I sure wish I was closer, I could be your swimming buddy. You know I am a pretty good water dog. I loved your video, I would so have been in the water with you.

That Poppy does have a big nose, I wonder if mine is bigger though. Even the Mango man said I had the biggest nose on the planet.

Later beautiful


STELLA and RORY from Down Under said...

Howdy Georgia, hey, your boyfriend Lloyd looks like Rory! He's a handsome fella for sure, hehe. Glad you helped to fix your door. We loved your videos. Wish we had somewhere to swim! No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

georgia little pea said...

Dear MS LORI, I am a PigDog just like Frankie! I'm sure The Typist has written about my illustrious lineage before in that "what kind of mutt am I?" blog hop. I am MOST LIKELY a greyhound/ridgeback/great Dane/Irish wolfhound X. Thanks for asking!

Dearest BERT, no one's nose could be bigger than Poppy's. The pictures here don't do it justice. It is GRAND :)

houndstooth said...

Well, who could blame Lloyd for only having eyes for you, Georgia? You're unique and adorable, and he knows you're a catch! I'm glad you got some good help to get your door fixed. Poppy was nice to lend him to you!


Tootsie said...

I saw Porter on the news and wondered if you were related, Ms. Georgia! And Poppy sure was nice to lend you the human to fix your door! Do you Poppy listens to Lady Gaga "Born this Way"?

Dexter said...

There is no doubt that Shiloh is in love with you. His water play is impressive. He kind of shoots up like a big whale.


June said...

Oh, Georgia, Georgia...
What a good soul you are to share (not) your boyfriend and your bikkies with your furry little friend.
Lloyd is very very handsome, and yes, I do see he has eyes only for you.

Sherri / 2Rescues said...

Georgia! I think my eyes may be playing tricks on me in the second video...I thought only boys did stuff like that! You certainly got Lloyd's attention with that move. He stuck his nose down there and smelled! He certainly only had eyes for you.

Lightning and Thumper

Karen said...

Look at all the summer fun that you & your friends are having! In Canada, it is 4C today & not much of a swimming day. If the world doesn't end, Friday is the first day of Winter. :(

LetterstoAndrew said...

You do look like you might be related somehow, but thankfully you have found your forever home!

sonia a. mascaro said...

Love the face of your friend Poppy, Georgia. She has sweet eyes and I like her impressive nose.
Don't be jealous ("ciumenta" in Portuguese), dear Georgia. You also have sweet eyes, a beautiful nose and I LOVE you!

I saw the two videos and I LOVE to see you enjoying and playing in the water. How fun! And on the 2º video, you did what I saw? Lol!

Your Mom and Dad are very welcoming and cordial with your friends! Luck you!

Poppy's human is very nice to help your Dad to fix the door.

I saw Porter on tv and now I review the video. Just great! But I agree with you, I'd rather be chauffeured around.

Wow! What a big comment I did! Lol!
Many kisses and hugs.

georgia little pea said...

Dear TOOTSIE, I am sure she is as proud of her nose as I am of my unpigmented eye.

DEX, who is Shiloh? Oh oh. Could it be time for reading glasses? ;)

LIGHTNING AND THUMPER, I guess you haven't seen the post where The Typist showed everyone how I pee. I still haven't mastered the handstand technique (yet) though.

SONIA - Sim. Muito longo e eu adoro! Obrigada :) Abracos e beijos pra voce tamben xxx

Jean said...

Georgia, Eddie would like to borrow your warm summer weather (it is icy here today though we do have lovely blue skies), and I would like to borrow Poppy's human as I have a little job that still needs doing from my kitchen reno.

Yes, Lloyd only has eyes (and nose) for you, even when you do nasty things in the water!

I think Porter might be your papa or grandpapa - the wirey grayish whiskers make me think he is an ancestor of yours. A very handsome and smart dog - just like our Georgia!

chandra said...

Lloyd is TOTALLY in love with you GLP! And Porter is totally your cousin, so I feel sort of bad that I suggested him as potential boyfriend material.

What a nice human Poppy has! She sure is cute.
-c at ddy.