Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Postcard from the road #3

Greetings from somewhere near Clybucca!

We have stopped for the day. Thank god! My humans say we're not even half way to where we're going and we've been on the road almost 6 hours.

Here's where we're staying tonight.

It's a horse hotel but I haven't seen any horses yet. Cushion says I can go for a walk by myself while he has a snooze. Is he mad?! This place is so big! There could be scary things hiding in the trees! I can't even see a cafe or supermarket anywhere.

Maybe we'll go to the beach soon. Love, Georgia X


Jean said...

Wow, Georgia, you are sure a busy blogger today!
I think you are right to insist Cushion or Typist accompany you at the horse place. Getting lost in unfamiliar surroundings is even scarier than getting lost near home - and you remember how easy it was to get lost near home! Stay safe, Georgia - I can't afford to fly all the way Down Under to help search for you!

georgia little pea said...

Dear MS JEAN, I'm not busy at all. I'm right now sleeping in my comfy (broken) bed while The Typist is answering my comments for me. Can I tell you something? I ate some meat I found next to a tree that was covered with ants. When The Typist screamed at me, I ran and ate as I ran. I think I ate some ants too. After that, I stole some food from my new neighbour Sonny who just arrived. He's a dalmatian. He didn't get angry at all but The Typist did. BWAH haha! hope I don't get sick in the car tomorrow.

What Remains Now said...

Now if you start complaining that it wasn't a good vacation, I'm not going to believe you...I mean, ant-covered meat, that's pretty awesome!

houndstooth said...

I'd be so excited to be on that adventure that I could burst! I hope you're having fun!


chandra said...

Wow, I just consulted the internets map and there are a ton of national parks all around your area. Awesome! Better leave a trail of bikkies if you're going to go for a walk alone, GLP!

-c at ddy.