Sunday, December 23, 2012

Postcard from Brisbane: Redcliffe market

Dear everybody, 
We went to the Sunday market at Redcliffe today! It started at 6am. Can you believe it? Everyone gets up so early here. Not us.
By the time we got to the market, it was way past 9. 
The trees were lovely where we parked.
It was VERY hot. Could this be why everyone gets up so early here?
"Hey Mister! Is that really homemade icecream? I'll have a banana thanks."
There was a long pier near the market. It looked really nice so we thought we'd have lunch at the rotunda.

When we got there, we saw this horrible sign that said NO ANIMALS ALLOWED.

So we had to leave.

 "Why is everyone staring at us, Cushion? This is so humiliating."

The Typist was able to walk on to take these pictures. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't humans animals too?
 Look Ms Kristine! Scary jellyfish! There were a lot in the water.
We have no idea what type they are.

The coolest thing we saw at the market today was this woman having her eyebrows done with a string.
The Typist says she's tried it before and it's the best thing ever!


After we came home. Cushion and I went right back to sleep. It was too hot to do anything else.

The Typist had to stay awake though, to cook her special sweet potato yam coconut cream dessert. She slogged for more than an hour chopping and cooking over a hot stove. When Cushion woke up, The Typist happily gave him a little bowl to try. 

He told her it wasn't sweet enough. 

5 minutes later, he told her it wasn't coconutty or creamy enough either. 

After that, he said the sweet potato wasn't cooked enough and there were still hard bits. 

Then he thought maybe she'd cut them too small. 

And the flavour just wasn't right. 

And something was missing. 

Then he realised there wasn't any yam in it! [because The Typist couldn't find any at the market]. And of course! that must be why it didn't taste right! 

That, and all the other reasons.

The Typist just spent another 30 minutes trying to correct her special sweet potato yam coconut cream dessert. I think she's keeping very calm, all things considered. I am staying out of it of course.

That's it for today! [And probably the next few days.]

Please have a hAppy ChRistmas wherever you are!

Much love from Georgia, Cushion and The Typist :) X


Anonymous said...

haha! Yes best to stay out of it Georgia! Looks like you had a great day, despite that silly sign! What a beautiful place you live! xxx

Dexter said...

No to lots of things on that pier. I'm still trying to figure out what that guy flapping the wire mesh was supposed to be doing. Whatever it was, it it apparently forbidden.


georgia little pea said...

We are on holiday in the Sunshine State of Queensland, LULU :)

DEXTER, you made me enlarge every single picture looking for a man flapping wire mesh. I even had to get Cushion to help! I finally figured out what you were talking about DUH. He's doing cast net fishing. No no too, looks like.

Tootsie said...


Tell your Typist the dessert sounds delicious.

And what does it mean for a human to get her eyebrows done with string?


Kirsten (peacefuldog) said...

Wow, I don't think I would've complained if anyone had given me a sweet potato yam coconut cream dessert. Sounds like just the thing to enjoy on a hot day near the beach, you lucky things.

William the Lurcher said...

We envy you the warm weather! Cold and Very wet here at the moment. Happy Christmas to you and your family Georgia.

Jean said...

Georgia, doesn't that hot pavement burn your feeties? Ow ow ow! Maybe you Strylian dogs have tougher pads than the wooses who live up here.

Looks like you are enjoying your holiday; I hope Santa is good to you and everyone has a very merry Christmas - oh, and that the sweet potato yam coconut cream dessert without the yam is still declared a success by all who eat it (except Cushion, apparently, and he can try making it himself next time). :)

rottrover said...

Oh Georgia! It LOOKS hot there!! No wonder people get up early - they have to hide for the rest of the day!! Those are some humongus jelly fish! We wonder if those are the killer kind... Our mom has done that threading thingy - or had it done to her, BOL! -and she says she always ends up with tears streaming down her face. She's such a woosie! We hope you and the Typist and the Cushion have a wonderful holiday!

-Bart and Ruby

PeeeeeS: Mom says that the Cushion sounds a lot like our dad when it comes to helpful cooking feedback. It's why she hates to cook for him...

georgia little pea said...

TOOTSIE's mama - it's plucking and shaping the eyebrows! I should have described it better. Threading is a traditional Indian method and can remove all facial hair very quickly and fairly painlessly. I would put a link up but iPad is being iffy. I'll try to put a link up for you when I wake up properly :) X

jet said...

We are about to go into our summer hibernation mode here, not being outdoors between the hours of 8am and 9pm unless we are near a body of water. ;)

Karen said...

Merry Christmas, Miss GLP! I enjoyed seeing your trip to the market, complete with jellyfish.

chandra said...

I don't which photo is cuter - the banner image with you in your pink holiday hat or the one of you getting ready to nibble on the ice cream cone. I'm calling it a tie.

I HATE those type of signs, GLP! I think Scrooge puts them there.

Those jellyfish are awesome. And scary.

-c at ddy.