Monday, December 24, 2012

A video postcard from Brisbane.

Dear Doorknob and Thing of Joy

Thank you for asking what "getting your eyebrows done" means. It is very important to have an enquiring mind.

I think this video explains it better than The Typist did.

Cool, no?

Love, Georgia X


rottrover said...

AAAAAAAAAAAa! I can't even watch!!

What Remains Now said...

Very cool. I would never attempt this myself.

How Sam Sees It said...

I've always wondered how that works - might have to try it!


georgia little pea said...

Dear SAM, you're brave. I've only ever had it done for me. It was great! Quick! Painless! As far as I remember anyway, despite what Ruby and Bart's mum says LOL :)

Berts Blog said...

We couldn't get the video to play...we will trya agian later, but in the mean time


Bert and My Vickie

Dexter said...

For real? Oh dear, so much technique required. I am certain momma would have no eyebrows at all if she tried that.


Bicontinental Dachshund said...

Holy cow! That is some Christmas present. Mom had no idea this was even possible. Best tutorial ever. And don't you think The Tutor has the most beautiful eyebrows you have ever seen?

The Doorknob

Bicontinental Dachshund said...

Ms. Georgia Pea:

Now Mom is totally excited to try this herself, but it might be beyond her skill set. But "threading eyebrows" sounded so kinky. She was worried. And you've never tried it yourself?

You asked how we were up so early yesterday. It's very confusing. We schedule the blog post for Pacific Time (don't ask me why; it's Dachshund Daddy's idea to schedule for North American Pacific, and he's clever). We are on Central European Time. So we were not up early. We were actually in the middle of the day in Europe recovering from the tyranny of pasta. At Dachshund Daddy's parents' house, we eat a lot of pasta. Mom calls it the tyranny of pasta.

We love your postcards.

Thing of Joy

Leslie said...

LOL - I came here to wish you a Merry Christmas and am leaving traumatized for life. ;) (Actually, that wasn't as bad as I feared when I first saw the picture.)

Thanks for your kind words about my sister's Thor. I will pass them along to her.

Sorry we haven't said hi lately - we read all your posts but there's so much we want to say and never have time to do it. Maybe we'll just start by saying hi to let you know we've dropped in.

Anyway, happy holidays to you, the cushion and GLP. Hope they are wonderful and filled with love.

georgia little pea said...

Dear DK and TOJ, I don't think I would attempt to do it on myself. I am quite short sighted plus have hardly any eyebrows left after a lifetime of plucking with a tweezer. If only I'd discovered this sooner, perhaps I'd still have my magnificent childhood Brooke Shields eyebrows. If your mama finds someone in Idaho or Switzerland who can do it for her though, I recommend it!

All clear about the posting. A bit weird, but clear :)

LESLIE - thank you for reading. I've become quite selective (should I say sloppy?) about reading and commenting myself. Otherwise Cushion might divorce me. Apparently, the computer/iPad has been grafted to me since I started blogging. So all good! Happy Holidays to you too! X

Lisa Kabot said...

Stay cool, Georgia! And pray that the Typist doesn't decide to thread your tail!! Happy Christmas!!

KimT said...

So that's how it's done! Pretty cool, for sure. And sure wish I had her eyebrows, mine are like yours - all plucked out an nowhere to be found. LOL

Have a very Merry Christmas, wishing you the best and warmest holiday!
Kim and CindyLu et al

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas! From Olivia in Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras! Petey is home in NY with my mom and he's happy!

Kirsten (peacefuldog) said...

I've always seen those ladies doing the eyebrows and wondered what the big deal was about getting rid of excess hair. Hairy is beautiful!

Karen said...

Cool! I have heard about "threading", but I've never seen it done. I might have to try it sometime.

LetterstoAndrew said...

OUCH!!! I don't even pluck my brows!!

chandra said...

I certainly hope the video uploaded the second time because if that girl has to make another she's not going to have any brows left!

I love the idea of threading but there's no way I would to it myself. I would get too into it and lose sight of the big picture and lord knows what I would end up looking like.

-c at ddy.