Thursday, December 20, 2012

Postcard from the road Day 2 #2

Dear Puddles, GREETINGS from The Big Banana! 

I was very excited when The Typist told me about it because bananas are my favourite fruit in the world. Sadly, TBB is a great big lie and not real, and you might like to know there was no peanut butter on it either. Because of this, I am giving it only one star as a tourist attraction. Visit it only if you need to stop for a pee.

That's it for this hour! Back to bed. Love, Georgia X


3 doxies said...

What da heck...a freaking FAKE nanner withs NO PB? Girl you got ripped off...but I is still howlin' withs laughter. OMD, you is hilarious.
I can't wait to sees your next postcard!


georgia little pea said...

I'm so glad you got my postcard already PUDDS! The postal service can be so bad X

Jean said...

Dear Georgia. I am glad you told me about the fake bananananna, so I don't ever bother going there. Bananananas is my favourite food, I have a piece twice a day wiv my pills. Love, Eddie

What Remains Now said...

I'm assuming there are no The Big Cheetos attractions...or beer.

georgia little pea said...

Actually MS LORI, there are A Lot of big things here in Stryliah! We're that kind of country LOL. We were supposed to go to The Big Prawn too yesterday but ran out of time (or so we thought). I'm not sure about cheetos but there is a Big Beer which for some reason, iPad isn't letting me link here. We have some weird ones for sure ;)