Thursday, January 12, 2012

"You're Such A Good Girl!" #4

IMPORTANT PREAMBLE. This is something I've been practising since I got adopted. I'm getting better at it for sure. Unfortunately, neither of my humans have managed to take any pictures of my lessons-in-progress. My Typist has drawn a visual aid. This may or may not help, depending on how imaginative you are.

WARNING: Do NOT practise this on your own. You could get hurt.

LEGAL STUFF: No animals were harmed in the writing of this post.

 + + +        

Everyone in my neighbourhood knows the c.a.t.s here are not to be messed with.

ME: "Please kittykat, can you move away so My Typist won't have a heart attack?"
C.A.T: "Buzz off, stupid dog."

Sometimes, our anxious humans talk about it in front of Bakers Delight and exchange horror stories while gobbling crusty cheesymite scrolls.

ME: "Oh hello kittykat. You're in the middle of the road and it's dark. Aren't you worried a car might come round the corner and hit you?"
C.A.T: "Buzz off, stupid dog."

I've always wanted to go up to the c.a.t.s to say hello. Why not? Some one has to start the process of dialogue. [That's what I think anyway.]

But, for some reason, my humans have always thought that was a bad idea, especially of course, The Typist. [My Cushion is much more tranquilo about these things.]

As a result of my inability to make first contact, the c.a.t.s on my street have become more and more brazen.

C.A.T: "Nyeh, nyeh...can't touch me."

ME: "Oh yeah?"
"RowWW!^+RR grrr RRR +ROWWR!+!^RR*Rrrr*!!!"
[Please click on the picture to make it BIG so you can see it properly. My Typist drew it specially.]
"Who's the pussy now?"

Last Saturday morning  [after the 10 dogs had sniffed my butt] and right outside my own gate, guess what I saw?"Look, Typist!"
"A little kittykat, resting from the hot sun under our car."

"Look at me, Georgia! LOOK AT ME!" My Typist frantically cried our immediately said, as calmly as she could though her knuckles were turning white.

I mewled a little. Okay, maybe my lip might have twitched too. Then, because I'm A Good Girl, I quickly looked up at My Typist.

"Oh Georgia!" My Typist had to say for the 2nd time that day, "You're SUCH A Good Girl!"

And she gave me 2 big[gish] pieces of crunchy beef liver right there and then [like she always does these days, whenever I see a c.a.t].

Personally, I don't know why everyone has such problems with our neighbourhood c.a.t.s. I really like meeting them. And I think making peace is A Very Good Thing.

      + + +

Just a few minutes ago, while I was preparing Georgia's brekkie in the kitchen downstairs, The Other Half called out from the potty upstairs [where he often reads the blog] - 

"You must have had trouble putting on your T-Shirt this morning."

"HUH?" I called back [though there's a rule in this house that we don't talk to each other from too far away because he's a bit hard of hearing], "What do you mean?"

And he replied, "You got some really nice comments yesterday. Your head must be quite big by now."

There you are. Not only do I have some truly kind blogger friends, I also have a supportive Other Half who reads my blog and comments directly to me. [And may I add, he let me get away with not doing any house chores for the entire day just so I could take part in the Challenge. I must have read at least 50 blogs yesterday, my poor neck.]

Honestly, what more can a girl ask for?

Thank you everyone! and have a great day! You certainly made mine  :) x


Elizabeth Keene said...

Some c.a.t.s. are spawns of satan, I agree, but that one tortie (black and orange) looks like she wanted to be friends! I'm so glad you didn't try to get that c.a.t., GLP. Even though, according to Your Typist's highly technical and accurate drawing, you had every right to get jumpy.

Your Cushion has an interesting way of giving compliments, by the way. (hee hee)

Unknown said...

Poor GLP! All her peacemaking efforts are being squashed by her typist! What's a friendly girl like GLP to do?

Jan said...

It is my theory that smart C.a.t.s run from dogs because they don't want unnecessary confrontation with an inferior opponent. Smart dogs should avoid getting cat cooties anyway.

There is one bully cat in our neighborhood who scares the poop out of dogs and humans, we think he is an alien from outer space or a vampire. We would take a picture, but we don't think he would show up on film.

The Race Against Time said...

Them cats are usually afraid... really. They are afraid of humans and they are afraid of us doggies that try to sniff their butts. *BOL* I do try to sniff some of their butts in the garden... sometimes they show me their "fangs" and awful nails thingy that comes out when they are not happy with them sniffing. Oh do becareful of them hidden nails thingy. I have made my peace with some of them.. it happens with a bit of work and patience and a whole lot of chasing them up the tree.

I think your typist is quite the artist... squirrel like or not... we love her drawings... (hope her head do not get anymore bigger) *LOL*

we are trying to keep it to ONE comment so that we would not be labelled a spammer again.. and again... but.. sometimes our thoughts do not come out all at once.. and so the many comments. We are having the many comments withdrawal symptoms..

we did notice the extra yolk.. and judging by the closeness of the smaller yolk with the bigger yolk.. we figured it was a double happiness egg. It sometimes happens to us and you can hear the stupid cow laugh out happily while frying them eggs. We still have 5 old eggs. God helps us.

You are becoming such a good girl no 4 Georgia.. and we are so very proud of yous.

georgia little pea said...

oh alright Ms Anny, you're allowed TWO [2] comments per post because you're A Very Special Person.

5 old eggs? - bake a cake. that way, maybe no one will realise if they're off and you'll get to kill all the germs in the oven. i LOVE double happiness eggs! it makes me happy to see them drop out of the shell :)

Karen Friesecke said...

Yesterday was fun & thank YOU for stopping by to visit my blog :D Miss GLP gets a gold star today for being such a good girl with the kitties!!

sonia a. mascaro said...

Hi Georgia,
The cats around my neighborhood used to spy Flora at our garden and dear Flora always barked frantically. (Sigh)

Thanks Georgia, for your visiting and comment. Yes, maybe one day, I will find another dog to love...
Many hugs to you.

Sage said...

What is it with these c.a.t.s anyway? I don't think I'm as good a girl as you are, GLP. And I have two of those c.a.t.s living right here in my house. Just let them run--I'll show them who's faster!

The Race Against Time said...

TWO (2) comments? WOW! my stoopid cow is so happy she is breaking into a stoopid dance around me.

we can't bake cakes with old eggs.. they kinda spoil the whole cake.. and she can't follow them instructions of baking well.. she's dumb in that sense.

alrights.. i gotta get back to my naps else my cow will feed me with expired eggs. HALPPPPPPPPPPPP!

Dommy the bommy

chandra said...

I remember reading about these cats in earlier posts, they are bruisers! ... They weren't even afraid of Mr. Thumper!

GLP, Mason and I went to a dog park this afternoon and saw a dog that looked like you in the face ... I don't think she was a pig dog so she wasn't quite as pretty but she was very sweet and wanted to play with Mason but she was on the big dog side and we were in the small dog yard. (I still can't believe I'm a littledog person now!) Mason may be the size of one of the cats on your street but he LOVES playing with big dogs. It's just that the dog park is very popular and when the big dogs run in a pack and play, Mason sometimes gets run over. I bet you wouldn't run him over, though, GLP, now that you such a good girl!

-c at ddy.

Kari in Alaska said...

cats are evil that is all

Stop on by for a visit

georgia little pea said...

dear Ms C -

you saw a dog that looked like me? :( but my humans always tell me there isn't another dog like me in the whole world. such liars!

i don't like parks where the bigdogs are on one side and the littledogs on the other. it's very unfriendly. if we had those here, i wouldn't be able to play with Indie, Millie, Josie, Pearl, Darcy, Aggie and all my other littledog friends.

p.s. i would NEVER run a littledog down. i would just sit on it. i hope Mason finds a place where he can play with some bigdogs soon. please say hello to him for me x

Bicontinental Dachshund said...

Georgia Little Pea and the Typist:

Love your kitty (not a squirrel) drawing; it made my mom bark out loud.

It was so fun finding you as part of the Pet Blogger Challenge! Love your humor.

Keep on wagging,

Unknown said...

We are so impressed heere with your abilities to control yourself and look at the typist, Miss Georgia. C.A.T.S are evil, it's very true and not to be messed with. Both Spike and Sophie agree with this sentiment, and just want you to know that.

Doggy Solidarity against the evil c.a.t.s.

Jen and the mostly black dog crew

Amy said...

Georgia, who would have guessed that your typist is also an artist?! We've been seeing a few cats on our walks lately and Buster barks like crazy. I don't think he's ever met a cat before, but he doesn't seem to trust them. He could use some coaching from you, I think.

I'm so glad you enjoyed the Challenge. And it got you out of the housework for the day - that alone is a reason to plan it again next year. =)

What Remains Now said...

Very excited to see a drawing. I love The Typist's drawings. I find them very helpful in getting the "feel" for what is really going on. GLP you are such a good girl.

Kristine said...

It's probably best to be safe, but all those cats can't be e.v.i.l. Some of them might just be shy. Maybe the one under your car wanted to come out to say hello, but was just too intimidated.

Then again... The cat should probably be the one to initiate contact. They can be pretty sneaky.

Congratulations on behaving so well, GLP. I am sure your typist and cushion are very proud of how far you have come. I am too. If it were possible to give treats through the screen, I would give you a whole handful.

PS. The Other Half is clearly just jealous. ;-)

Jean said...

Deah Geeooorgia, U can cum to my howse and I will show you that Cats are not Evil. Some d.o.g.s are evil, but not the ones here. We all get along - but please don't tell my feline fwiends that or they wud kick me outta the Cats Not Dogs club.
You are a good dog. Your typist is a good artist.
Luv, Allie the Cat.

georgia little pea said...

dear Allie,

thank you for making first contact! you are obviously a very brave cat even if you don't spel so gud. do not worry! i will not tell Sadie, Petey and Eddie though they are my good friends. sometimes, peace negotiations must be conducted in secret.

your dog friend, Georgia x

Sage said...

Please don't be jealous--we have no pool. We don't even have much of a back yard! Mom does break out the little doggy pool for me when it's hot, but now there's even ice on the mud puddles. What to do??????


The Two-legged Missus needs to learn to draw.


georgia little pea said...

yeah, Mr Ben, it's not one of her skills. [don't ask me what those are, i'm still figuring that out.]

have a great weekend please x

melf said...

LOL! LOVED this post! But then again, I love almost everything you write.

I also loved the Typist's drawing Georgia. Pretty impressive. I think my favorite part was the comment by the c.a.t. in the picture that made sure we knew it wasn't a squirrel. I guess she was worried about us being confused. :)

Please tell your typist that Yes. I am Mel and Melf (one and the same) AND Daisy's Mom (most of the time Blogger makes me log into Google mail to comment. It always grabs my name from my first blog. I don't blog on that one much anymore.)

Now on to giving your typist a big head. I'm working through the challenge a little at a time. I wish I had a better half who could let me read them all at once. Although, the neck strain sounds yucky.

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

I'm sorry, but I have to ask seeing as no-one else has ... how does The Cushion read your blog on the potty? I have a weird mental picture of a lap top being used, which I guess is appropriate given it's name;)

You did so well reading so many PBC blogs! I managed to read about 6 of my favourite people's (I do have more than 6 favourite bloggers!) and didn't get time to read any more or write one of my own. The good thing is that I haven't got a sore neck:) The bad thing is that I know I've missed reading many great posts.

Hmm, cats, the bane of my life. They seem to lie in wait for us on our walks around the streets. Frankie has lived with a cat but you wouldn't know it now. I do envy people who have cat friendly dogs.

Love The Typists drawing. GLP, you're turning into an Angel. What are we going to do with you? Maybe you need to hook up with Frankie to relearn some naughtiness. I know he'd enjoy leading you astray!

georgia little pea said...

LOL @Sue - he reads it on his iphone, as I do very often. If you see serious spelling errors in my comments, it's usually because I can hardly see what I'm typing on that tiny thing!

I got an early start with reading the Challenge posts because of the time difference, I suppose. I read them as they linked up [all the blogs I knew and then random new ones] so it was much easier.

A friend, who dropped me off home tonight, just told me she almost ran one of the corner cats down because it was dark and the cat was in the middle of the intersection and refused to budge. See? I'm telling the truth about our neighbourhood cats!

Anonymous said...

Flo likes to play with cats. She tries to find out if there's a squeaker in them, but they don't really like that kind of game. She gets quite a lot of scratches on her nose because of it.