Sunday, January 22, 2012

The answer.

Only 10 intrepid souls tried to solve the puzzle last night. 4 of you got it right! Smarties!

2 woffled. Pity.

4 of you completely lost the plot and focussed on the pig. Haha.

A special thump on the back for Ms Chandra who  obviously has a keen eye for wieners despite being vegetarian.

If you haven't yet checked out the puzzle, why not go back to the last post, before you scroll down for the answer? 

No big deal if you don't, of course :)







So Georgia's done a Chaz. She's been building up to it all last year and now does it boy-style almost 100%. Should we be worried?

Apparently NO! [Even if it does make it harder for me now, to tick people off for calling her a handsome boy.]

Here's a really informative article by the ASPCA in case any of you have girls who pee like boys, or boys who pee like girls, and are confused or fretting.

An excerpt -
"Both male and female dogs usually lift a rear leg to urine mark. Females can also do a handstand to raise both rear legs!"

My goodness! I hope Georgia gets there. It'd be nice if someone in this family was able to do a successful handstand.

" like."
"Can we get one?"

"What d'ya mean that's a boy toy?"


"How about THIS one then?"


Berts Blog said...

DAng it all, I missed the last post and I would have got the answer right too cause , well just cause I knew

next timee

Jan said...

We thought it was an attempt at macho-ness which we do encourage.

Pamela said...

My dog Agatha used to lift her leg to pee too.

Maybe GLP will find some other girl dogs with the same habit and they can start a club.

Scrappy Angel said...

too funny!

I have heard about those females who do handstands!

It's okay. I go like a girl, but have a boy's name. I like to camp and fish and hunt. No worries!

You go Georgia!

yuki and rocket said...

Ha ha, I think it's cute actually. Rocket pees like a girl and Yuki marks her territory, not by peeing like a boy because she pees like a girl, but right after Rocket is done peeing she pees right on top of it. I've heard it's common for females to lift their legs. I have never seen a handstand pee, that would be a great picture opportunity if I ever see it.

houndstooth said...

I noticed the peeing, but really, I'm just too much of a lady to make note of it! And Blueberry does it, too. Don't tell her I told you that! But she can back up to a tree with the best of them!


georgia little pea said...

so it's pretty common!

and here i was, thinking that with a spayed female, i'd never have to worry about my dog marking territories. Georgia even fuels up for her walks so she has enough squirt to last the hour ;p

chandra said...

I'm so proud. Shouldn't there be some sort of golden wiener award? But really, just being mentioned, is honor enough.

The handstand thing I can't wrap my head around.

-c at ddy.

Peggy Frezon said...

Well isn't she clever! I've never seen that but I did have a male dalmatian who sometimes squatted. hmmm

georgia little pea said...

funny you should mention that Ms C because i originally had one with that exact name that i was going to give you! lol x

Jean said...

Ms. Sadie does squat, but she also marks her territory. I used to look after a neighbour's girl dog who did handstands to pee - weirdest thing I've ever seen. She put her butt and hind legs so far up in the air, you'd swear she'd fall over - or at least pee all over herself (gravity, ya know) - but she didn't.

georgia little pea said...

wow Jean! if only you had pictures. i can't imagine how that works either though i recently saw a video of a dog eating while doing a handstand at Pup Fan's blog

Happy.Bark.Days said...

Wow, if GLP could master the handstand she would not only have a samba butt but also Hulk-like arms!

Pup Fan said...

Just wanted to tell you I gave you the Kreativ Blogger Award on my blog today. Hope you'll stop by to pick it up!

georgia little pea said...

Dear Pup Fan, woohoo! THANK YOU! It's a newbie for us and we're chuffed! Have actually already swung by lol xox

Anonymous said...

Haha! My friend's boy dog squats in his garden but lifts his leg in public. She thinks it's like men sitting on the toilet because they're too old or lazy to stand any more. The zoologist in me has a feeling it's got more to do with aiming high and placing the pee where it will do it's job better. I could be wrong. I know that the urine used to scent mark in other animals has a higher molecular weight than normal urine so that it persists in the environment longer, which is important if you have a large territory and can't get 'round to scent mark every corner all the time...

georgia little pea said...

Dear Fab the zoologist - you're right about the higher squirts. It's in that link article. Maybe your friend's dog squats at home because it doesn't feel the need to mark in its own territory?