Sunday, January 8, 2012

"You're Such A Good Girl!" #1

Last year, I went to HolidayCamp, not just once but twice. It was an interesting experience.

I had private quarters! I was a very lucky dog.

Before HolidayCamp, I sometimes got scared when there were too many dogs around me.

"Can we go home please?"

I didn't like it when littledogs yapped at me either.
"Are you talkin' to me littledog? You better not be talkin' to me."

But somehow, I've not been so scared since HolidayCamp!

Yesterday morning.
I was having a nice quiet walk with My Typist at Elkington...
...when suddenly! out of nowhere!
Can you see them? There were at least 10 dogs there on that tiny path! It was a bit of a squeeze.

"Are you sniffing my butt, littledogs? Cool."
My Typist was amazed at how calm I was. She was also very happy.

"Oh Georgia! " she said. "You're Such A Good Girl!"


Ms Pamela's Train Your Dog Challenge [happening this January] got me thinking about how much Georgia has changed over the last year.

Some changes I can attribute to her maturing. Others, to consistent training and discipline. One change is a little more mysterious. [Patience. You'll see what I mean as the week goes by.]

As for her social skills - she's always been a strange mix of party animal and insecure girl. Because we take her to many different parks, she meets new dogs all the time. She has many friends [big and little], and a few besties.

But she's always been uncomfortable in crowds, which is the reason why we rarely take her to markets and festivals, and why we've never been on a million paws walk :(

A lot of that insecurity seems to have dissipated in the last year. Hallelujah! The change was especially marked after her kenneling experience. It might have been a coincidence of timing. But we suspect that being in the constant company of so many other dogs may have de-sensitized her to crowds. 

Does that sound plausible to you?

Whatever it is, we're pretty pleased with the outcome.


rottrover said...

Sounds totally plausible to us... but whatever. GOOD GIRL!!

-Bart and Ruby

What Remains Now said...

What a year for our Georgia! I think all the good stuff comes because she has a fabulous Typist and Cushion.

Jan said...

The kenneling experience sounds like a good one to get her over her dislike of crowds. I may need to try that with one of my own.

Jean said...

Definitely sounds plausible, and I'm so glad GLP has become more comfortable with crowds.
GLP, you are such a good dog!

Friko said...

I'm not sure, I don't like holiday camp at all and I'm glad that my mum and dad get me a lovely human to come and look after me. I like her best after my mum and dad.

I'm not very sociable and sometimes I need to put little dogs in their place when they get to forward and growl at them. But I'm a very good boy really. No trouble to anyone.


Pamela said...

I've been dying for an update on Miss Georgia and her change in behavior since your trip. I would have asked but I was taught it's rude to make demands when you're a guest.

Sounds like Miss Georgia doesn't want you to take her for granted. So she will continue to surprise you. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next.

Perhaps you have a small festival or two in your future?

Thanks for mentioning the challenge. I've already seen some of your friends stopping by to check us out.

georgia little pea said...

@Jan - if you do, I'd be most interested to hear of the experience. Georgia's HolidayCamp is one of those that leaves the dogs out all day in a pack (presumably selected by some criteria) then puts them in the kennels at night. the owner also does pack therapy, which we didn't pay for but it means he was probably able to spot issues early. G certainly had problems the 1st visit. She's NOT by any means perfect now, but she's 99% there :)

Kirsten (peacefuldog) said...

That's so great! It is so nice to see those gradual changes that make such a big difference in our pups' well-being. As I watch my foster failure Fozzie mature, I don't necessarily see all the changes or appreciate them--but when I think of how he was two years ago, I really can't believe the change. I think some of it is the specific training we've done but a lot of it is just living in a home where he's loved and having daily exposure to normal experiences.

It sounds like you found a good kennel....nice to hear a story about a dog whose kennel experience changed her for the better!

houndstooth said...

Georgia, I think you've come a long way! I'm proud of you! You'll be a true social butterfly in no time!


The Race Against Time said...

You have always been a very good girl in our eyes. Guess you must be growing up to be a lady now. My cow says that i am usually more well-behaved after i come back from boarding... but that usually last a week tops :)

I have little dogs and big dogs as friends too but sometimes i don't like the yappy noisy very small dogs..

woofs n licks,

Unknown said...

That sounds quite plausible. In fact, it's something we've been wanting to do for our Puppy (who is now 13 years old) because he has always been somewhat unsocial.

We never got around to doing it because until some years ago, there weren't good kennels where we lived. And later we felt that he was a bit too mature to be put through that.

Then last year he had to undergo several major surgeries which necessitated his staying at the Vet Hospital for weeks. During that time, his socialization skills improved by leaps and bounds, and he is certainly a different dog now.

georgia little pea said...

Hi Swati! Thanks for coming back and for sharing your experience with Puppy.

It's really interesting why that happens. My theory is that our dogs realise, when they're somewhere else, that they can't depend on us to look after them, nor do they need to look after us. so it frees them in a way and allows them to be independant. not to mention, they have to quickly adjust to being good with another pack! like anything, it's probably a skill they have to learn/brush up on.

p.s. Thank you for reading about Mr Piglet. He was special to me. I hope Puppy is better now :) x

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Our 4-legged family are so interesting, aren't they:) They do like to keep us guessing. So great that GLP is maturing but I think you're missing the 'young' GLP a little too?

georgia little pea said...

Yes, yes, YES I am, Sue! and more than a little. But it's also more peaceful :)

Sage said...

I went the opposite direction--kenneling used to be fun, but now? ICK But I don't mind crowds--go figure. I'm glad you've done so well, GLP. Send me some help!!!


chandra said...

Oh, my, GLP, you really do look scared in that photo. I probably shouldn't have laughed when I saw it but I did. (I wouldn't be telling you that if you still felt as scared in crowds).

You really were swarmed on the path and how impressive that you were so casual about it! I absolutely think that holiday camp helped!

-c at ddy.