Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What a friend told me.

I mentioned to a friend recently that I didn't think I would have time to do the Challenge this year.

This is [an edited version of] what she thought about my lack of community spirit -

"What do you mean you don't know if you'll have time for the Pet Blogger Challenge this year? If you're spending time on the potty, you probably have time to whip out a few answers to the Challenge questions."

So here I am, duly chastised, and back for Round #2!

I will, for the next few minutes hours, disregard the scummy toilet bowl that needs to be scrubbed, the dinner that needs to be cooked for hungry husband, and the laundry that's piled up on the bed waiting to be folded away.

It's your fault, Pamela, if I get a scold tonight.


Once again, I'll be taking the easy way out and following The Jarolim-Burkert Guideline.

1. Here's my post from last year.

2. What do you consider the most important goals you set out in last year’s post?
I've read last year's post twice over and I can't seem to find any goals! Should I worry?

3. Have you made progress toward those goals, or have your goals changed over the past year?
Please read answer above.

4. Has your opinion of blogging on a schedule or as the spirit moves you changed?
No, as you might have guessed from my very erratic blogging over the last few weeks. 3 posts in one night? Come on! No wonder no one's reading them.

Do you still worry about lost traffic, momentum, etc?
I lost about 5 months worth of traffic during my break last year [not to mention a few friends]. So I suspect it's not much use worrying about it. I've stopped looking at stats and followers. The figures are too humbling for my liking.

As for momentum, it goes up and down with me. Maybe it has to do with being post-menopausal, I don't know.

5. Are you generating income from your blog?

Has this changed since last year?

If you are generating income, how (e.g. sponsor ads, affiliate relationships, spokesperson opportunities)?
Can we talk about something other than money please? The Other Half might be reading this.

If not currently, do you hope to in the future — and how?
Dear God! Thank you so much for making me feel like a complete under-achiever.
 "So if The Typist were to work harder and make money from my blog, does that mean I'll get more meat?"

6. Have your likes and dislikes about blogging changed since last year?

What I like best about blogging now are the people I've met through it and, dare I say?  - the friends I've made. Virtual relationships are surprisingly real. 

As for the dislikes - I don't really find it so tribal anymore, mainly because I stopped visiting blogs that were unresponsive or didn't visit me back. Does that sound awful? Now I just have a few friends, and I love them to bits for taking the time to chat with me. In short, I blog as I live.

As for the free template that I disliked so much last year - I've found something even worse to dislike this year! The NEW dynamic view templates. Good grief. I worked so hard to put something together [however unprofessional it might be], why would I want a cookie-cutter look? Or let a reader mess with the way I want to present my blog? Duh.

7. Overall, are you pleased with the progress you made in 2011?
I'm not sure I made any progress, but I'm still here.

My proudest achievement of last year HAS to be getting my taciturn [Oops. Did I really say that?] reclusive brother to read this blog. Love ya bro! x

8. How do you see your blog changing/growing in 2012?
I think that it'll happen in some organic way. Go ahead, you're allowed to laugh.

The blog will go wherever my heart takes it. And of course, it'll depend on What Georgia Does. Some days, the stories will be about her. Some days, it'll be about eggs.

Have you heard the story about the 4-egg omelette I made last weekend?

Or a gummy dark paste that we like to spread on our toast here in Stryliah.
Now called...

Full story here for concerned Australians. Thanks Mr Prab :)

Occasionally [because it's MY blog, damn it!], it'll be a whinge. [Heads up - A BIG one will be coming later this week that will require your insight.]

Here's why I'm woffling.

I can't really plan anything because Georgia has become Such A Good Girl [you may interpret this as Boring if you like]. If I only wrote about what she's up to these days, it would likely put you to sleep.

See what I mean?

I now understand why so many dogbloggers retire after the first year.


Well, that was a bit of a sudden ending. That's what comes from writing a post at the last minute when the spirit moves you.

I look forward to reading all as many as I can of YOUR Petblogger Challenge posts later today. I hope The Other Half realises this means I probably really won't have time to cook dinner or clean the bathrooms.

Anyone out there has any statistics on disgruntled blogger partners?

Thank you Amy and Edie
for putting this Challenge together again!

I'd also like to do something hokey here and thank Pamela for reminding me that there might be some responsibilities attached to being a member of the dogblog park. I hope she'll give me a B for effort :)

And of course, thank you to ALL of you who're reading this. Despite what I say about stats and numbers [and I know you know I lied about that], I'm grateful for your friendship and conversation.
With love and respect always, The Typist x


June said...

The more I think of my blog as a responsibility, the less I care to be involved with it. I think you've done well to keep up with whatever you see as your duty here.

Unknown said...

I'm so glad I found your blog! I know I'm going to keep enjoying the process of exploring more of the stories here.

Oh, and there will always be a story to write about GLP! Even at 13, Puppy keeps doing hilarious things, such as declaring the airspace about our backyard a no-fly zone, thereby barking at all the birds and planes that fly overhead. :)

You're wise to have started a virtual diary about GLP which will stay on with you forever. Good idea, that!

booahboo said...

wow! Your posts is getting longer and looooooooooonggerrrrrrrrrr and more frequent (which is a good thing) really... :D i love reading about everything about GLP and even though she's getting a bit.. a tad too ladylike and good. We still love her to bits here.

what made you do the dog blogger challenge... i won't.. there's just too many qns.. urmm.. which i don't even have any answers too.. urrmmm.. since i don't have an idea what to post lately.. its the deadness in the brain.. mebbe i should just copy this and paste it over my side.. and attempt at answering some of the challenging qns.. hehhehehehehe

Amy said...

Well I, for one, am grateful to Pamela for lighting into you! I needed that giggle. And I'm glad that Georgia has become a well behaved, boring girl because now I get to learn about four egg omelettes and this unusual stuff you choose to spread on your toast. Please tell your other half that toilet cleaning is over rated because they always get dirty again anyway and the same applies to the laundry. Oh, and thanks for participating in the challenge!

georgia little pea said...

@June - true. i was bullied by my blog! on the whole, i'm glad i did it though.

@Swati - a diary is what it's all about :)

@Anny - yes dear. please stop spamming. i've decided to choose 2 of your comments to publish and will just treat the rest as the ranting of a woman recovering from strep ;p i hope your omelette was delicious. you still have time if you really want to do the Challenge x

Edie said...

I was probably one of those people you stopped following because I wasn't stopping by as often as I would have liked -- hey, don't think I didn't notice; you were always one of my liveliest commenters. Now that I'll have more leisure time I'll come by more often for a smile.

georgia little pea said...

BOL. I look forward to that Ms Jarolim :) x

Patrice and Higgins said...

Was it just me...or did others laugh their way through your answers! I loved your honesty and I could see myself in many of your answers to the questions!! HAHA!! Thanks for sharing!! I look forward to popping over to you blog again!

~Patrice & Higgins

houndstooth said...

I always look forward to your posts! I don't think they're boring at all. Your life seems so exotic compared to ours here in the cornfield! I'm not making any money, either, if that makes you feel better, although hubby keeps dreaming of a day when we don't have to pay for dog food!

Bicontinental Dachshund said...

I think you get an A+ for your participation in the dog park! You made me wag out loud. Or is that bark out loud? Either way, you're wotten waven. I'm glad you have trouble keeping the toilet bowl clean. It makes me feel better about how much time I spend dog blogging rather than cleaning. Here in Switzerland, the scum builds up so fast in the toilet bowl that it is really yummy to drink.

Keep on wagging!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I found your blog, that's the good thing about blog hops I suppose. I'll be back!!!

Kirsten (peacefuldog) said...

Yay...irreverence! This is the kind of post I love reading. Keep it up, but don't let it get in the way of living your life and enjoying your sweet boring dog ;)

Peggy Frezon said...

You know, I really love your approach, "as the spirit moves me," because it's real and honest and that makes for good reading...whether its about Georgia or eggs! I'm sorry I haven't visited in a while, I sometimes get so busy I totally forget the things that have made me smile and think and laugh...and your blog is one of them. So Kelly and I will definitely be back. Glad you joined the challenge to remind me. See...now wasn't that better than cooking dinner for the family?!

verobirdie said...

I too I'm glad I found your blog. Your posts are always interesting, I get my dog shot, and a bit of Australia too. In short, life is good when I read your blog

georgia little pea said...

Thank you everyone. It's 3.38 am so I can't write anthing intelligent but thank you. Tootsie - you gave me a fright until I realised you were a dog. BOL got me! Goodnight x

Jean said...

I always enjoy your blog, even if GLP is no longer quite the mischief-maker she used to be. A boring GLP is still a lovable GLP.

I chuckled at your answers - they are very much how mine would read. I'm not interested in making money from my blog (...not that I don't need it! I just don't want to commercialize my writing). I'm not interested in being obliged to blog every day - I blog as the spirit moves me, about whatever I feel like blogging about (well, in the dog world mostly, though sometimes I'd like to rant - er - blog about other things but all my readers would probably go racing to the delete delete delete key!). I'm not in competition for highest number of followers or most entertaining blog. I blog as a diary, I blog to share my world with friends and family, I blog to fulfil my own interest in writing and photography. The real bonus has been the internet friends I've made, and the virtual support system of people who understand that dogs are family.

Kristine said...

A B? Psshaw! I give you a full A+. I am so glad Pamela was able to nag you enough so you participated again this year. You have made me feel so much better about my own lack of goals, for one, and for another, you made me laugh out loud.

I love your blog, mostly because I love your writing style. I like that it's a mix of cute photos and eggs and Brazilians on the beach. I never know what you are going to say next.

As for advice on disgruntled partners... That I cannot help you with as I have one of my own. He understands, for the most part, but last night was his birthday and instead of celebrating with him I was trying to figure out what I was going to say in today's challenge. Clearly someone has his priorities misplaced. ;-)

Team Kenzo said...

What is there left to say after a challenge written with so much humor. You DID just whip this out right? It is maybe what scares me the most :)
Thanks for yet another laugh, you are one of a kind Typist.

btw. I refuse to believe GLP is boring, maybe she is just pretending to be a good girl?

rottrover said...

We're fairly new followers and we're glad we've found you!!

-Bart and Ruby

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Please, please, please tell me you're just kidding that they've renamed Vegemite into Australia!!! Oh whew, I just checked out the link:)

Love your attitude to blogging and your whole post (as always!) I'm pleased to read I'm not the only person who gets somewhat disheartened with other bloggers who aren't interested in interacting with me ... hmm, that almost sounds a bit rude, lol!

I don't think I participated in last years Challenge and it's probably too late to participate in this years but I'm enjoying having a quick wander around reading what other bloggers have to say:) Although the more posts I read the more I want to write my own! Can I just copy yours? Do you think anyone would notice?

georgia little pea said...

Good morning! I'm awake sort of *yawn*

@Jean - you did the questionnaire! You might as well publish it lol. I love your blog. It's one of my favorites. Even when you write novel length posts, I read every word. Your stories are great, the area where you live is stunning and the critters you live with and foster all seem to be characters from Babe! I am constantly envious. Thanks for being my friend x

@Kristine - lady, your priorities might, just MIGHT have been a tad off last night ;p I hope you're not suffering the consequences today! Thank you for the A+! Love ya x

@Kenzo - I did just whip it up yesterday morning. I impressed and surprised even myself. (Of course, it did take about 3 hours of whipping!)

georgia little pea said...

@Sue - hey, you just popped up :)

YES! no worries, you can do a copy job. I will give you D for effort and A for community spirit! Do it. I think there's still time.

I don't think you sounded rude. I can't imagine anyone not wanting to chat with you. You're so ridiculously friendly. WHAT is the world coming to eh.

Vegemite. OMG. Sometimes you just want to kill the marketing team. But you see? The ploy worked ;p Those were 2 bottles I bought a friend who's at the moment living in the UK.

Unknown said...

Although I am not a dog blogger, I thoroughly enjoyed your post. It was both honest and entertaining. More posts about four egg omelets and vegemite please!

Anonymous said...

No. 1
I like that in the whole priority thing, blog trumps toilet cleaning. That is the natural order of the world.

No. 2
Thank you Pamela.

No. 3
Ah ha! I suspected there were tribes... (and apparently I'm not on the right one, I'll just have to be a nerd instead, extinguished torch in hand).

No. 4
Is that a sneaky little pigeon egg in your omlette, or 4 emus and a hen?

No. 5
Vegimite... OMG, WTF?


georgia little pea said...


Thank you Flo. You are indeed fab. No, there are 4 chook eggs there but TWO yolks popped out of one! It seems to happen in this household once a year. The next time, I must dash out for lotto.

As for the birdpoo - please read the link. It might make you feel happier :)

Tegan said...

Well, congratulations on getting Georgia to 'good girl' status! Perhaps you need to introduce some foster animals into your life... They always provide good naughty content...

Leslie said...

Wow - I'm so glad I participated in this blogger challenge event if only to have found you in the process! (How have I missed you previously?)

I look forward to going back and reading some of your earlier posts until your next one comes out.


FANCY the Red Standard Poodle said...

Hi Y'all,

Not only did I read it, but I got my Human to read it and she enjoyed your blog. Heck, you humans worry too much...so glad y'all understand that and don't fret.

Y'all come by now,
Hawk aka BrownDog

Jessica @ YouDidWhatWithYourWeiner said...

I love your casual attitude! I understand your comment about blogs you follow. For me, the cold, hard truth has become I have too many blogs to read and comment on. I have to weed them out somehow. In most cases, that first filter is "do they take the time to read and comment back?". If its a no, then I put them on my "check when I have time" (which is very rare these days) list. Don't feel bad :)

This is my first year doing the Blogger Challenge.

koko said...

I was about to make a comment on the little fifth yolk on your omelette until I saw someone already made a remark... I suspect in was a double yolk egg and you just killed a pair of feathery twins ;)

Just so you know, I really do enjoy your postings and yours in one of the interesting blogs I never fail to catch up when I have the time.

Licks to GLP.

Anonymous said...

hi gorgeous Georgia...thanks for stopping by at my blog the other day...i really enjoyed your answers and your photos on this post...xoxox-Vanilla Bean

Kim Clune said...

Cheers to Pamela! I just snortled (= snorting + chortling) through your whole post. The neighbors must think I'm nuts. (Hotel. Thin walls.) I'm plugging you into Google Reader right freaking now. I wouldn't want to lose sight of your blog again, which I've done once already. (So sorry!) See you soon, or at least when the mood strikes you to post.

Anonymous said...

Haha! Thanks for stopping by Boogie's blog. I am glad I am not the only one who feels like an under-achiever for not making money from my blog. And by the way, how are you liking the Vegemite? ;) (I'm from 'Styliah)

Elizabeth Bergesen said...

In short, I blog as I live. I LOVE your philosophy!!!! And I think you are hilarious... I look forward to reading more post, and thank you to the blogger challenge for leading me to you.

georgia little pea said...

Thank you for your kind words, everyone, and for dropping by!

@Kim - no worries. it's good to see you again. we're like long lost rellies that meet up once a year at Christmas! See you around soon, again, I hope :)

@Lili - YUK! YUK! YUK!

The Other Half loves it though so there's always a jar in the pantry. Georgia gets some too, usually when I'm out of stock for her brekkie!

chandra said...

Number two made my day. It was better than Australia on toast.

Really missed you when you were away last year. Looking forward to your organic growth this year.

Big love,
-c at ddy.

Karen Friesecke said...

I do the same thing as you when it comes to reading blogs. I had a few blogs that I unfollowed because they were unresponsive to my questions. Seriously, if you don't want me to ask a "hard" question, then why did you write that post in the first place? I have also stopped reading a few blogs were I wasn't visited back by their authors. I don't think it's a bad thing. Blogging is an exchange of ideas, so if it's a one sided discussion, why bother?

Boring dogs = good dogs and I can't wait for Dexter to get boring :D

I don't care what it is called, Vegemite is still N.A.S.T.Y.

sonia a. mascaro said...

Dear Georgia!
Love your pictures. You look adorable as always.

Great answer on the Challenge.
You make my LOL with this:
"So if The Typist were to work harder and make money from my blog, does that mean I'll get more meat?"

I agree with you: What I like best about blogging are the people I've met through it and the friends I've made too!

Again, Happy New Year!

Pup Fan said...

I'm glad Pamela "encouraged" you to participate. Count me among your fan club. :)

It was an entertaining and educational post - I had no idea about the Vegemite name change, for example.

Also, I'm pretty sure you never have to worry about putting us to sleep. You could probably write about the phone book and make it entertaining.

Berts Blog said...

At our house, we always look for your posts every day. We don't always comment but we always look forward to reading them.

PErsonally from Bert: Sweet Little Georgia Pea, I cannot think of a prettier girl (except for Charlotte) to be flirtin with than you.

I just wanted you to know that my Buddy Murphy, big and odd as he is, has had a crush on you for quite some time.

Maybe we could all go out on a virtual double date. What do you say.....

Much Love

Helen P. said...

Checking in for the first time from the blog hop! Nice to meet you and your blog!

Elizabeth Keene said...

Sorry I didn't get here yesterday (probably two days ago already in straylian time). I actually did punt my blog out the window last night after I got my challenge up. Ugh.

I also already read your c.a.t. post and the little post script about your possible t-shirt troubles today (men). Backhanded compliment or no, you should definitely basque in this for a while. You have earned it.

People behaved tribally before? To you? I've tried to befriend a few who don't seem interested, too. You are correct in just moving on. But, for me, it's hard not to take it personally. :( It's just a part of the territory, I suppose.

I DID notice that double yolk, btw. Those always freak me out! And, that would be an identical twin chicken.

One day, when I make it to your country, I will look GLP up in the book so we can go eat some meat and be tranquilo. Please start planning your disguise. :)

georgia little pea said...

Oh E - you made me laugh again! Do not worry - i have a big packet of homebrand brown bags in my pantry for just such an occasion as visiting blogger friends.

however, in case my head is already to big to fit into one, i would appreciate some advance warning of your visit so that i can take a vacation somewhere else. we anonymous bloggers can be very rude.

love ya all the same :) x

Pamela said...

I was going to write about how disappointed I was to read so many comments before getting confirmation of the double yolk egg. But then i realized that I would sound as rude as that Pamela person. Why do you hang out with her?

Even when you just toss something off, you're as funny as ever. Even your fonts are funny.

So I guess I can't be so mad at that rude Pamela person if she got you to join in the fun. :)

georgia little pea said...


I'm so glad you made it [no doubt thanks to the hint I dropped at your blog lol]. I really wanted to thank you because I had such a ball! The best past was catching up with old friends who all seem to be doing really well. It was like a high school reunion! Plus, I got to meet a couple of interesting new bloggers. So even if I'd gotten a scold, it would probably have been worth it :)

my fonts are funnY? Oh dEaR.

Sage said...

I was in need of a good chuckle tonight and this was it! You have such a great way of making light of those lovely chores like cleaning the toilet. BTW--I somehow conned my husband to do it here.

And thanks for the really sweet comment you left us after I slogged my way through the Pet Blogger Challenge. You are what I love about blogging!

Kolchak Puggle said...

Dear Georgia and Typist,

We extend to you the open invitation to join us here at Casa de Kolchak to make Koly into a "very good boy" as you have with Georgia. Frankly, we are rather convined that task is nigh to impossible and perhaps the challenge will reignite your blogging spark. We love your style. Your liver treats recipe and the side notes comments cracked me up. I think you have a promising future as a dog baker ;0)

On a more practical note re. the ddecrease in readers, perhaps there was a problem with your blog feeding into Google Reader? I feel quite sure that I was a follower earlier in the year, in fact, I recall one of your posts moving me to tears even though I barely knew you. Then you disappeared from my Google Reader. I've re-added you tonight, but I do wonder where the feed went?!

georgia little pea said...

@Kol - you are the 2nd person to say this. I smell sabotage.

When I Grow Up I Want to be a Vet said...

Georgia is so cute and your blog is so fun to read, that I guess you are just stuck with me!

melf said...

If I could give an ward for best responses to the pet blog challenge it would be yours!!! OMG! I laughed my butt off!

I think you are my new hero. I should just follow your lead on this blogging thing. Why am I stressing??? I could be writing about eggs for pete's sake!

Anyways, I do love your blog. Yes. I really missed you when you took a break. I thought perhaps you had decided to let the blog go so I stopped coming. I missed you and I was sad, but I understood the need to take a break. Maybe that's why I am so glad you are really and truly back. I'll be coming back more often now.

Thank you for making my evening, heck, my day!

ingrid said...

"I now understand why so many dogbloggers retire after the first year."
I laughed out loud!!
I like the feel of your blog, glad I stopped by!!

Montecristo Travels (Sonja) said...

We laughed our heads off reading your post!!! Keep it up ... really! Happy to have found you ... thanks to the Challenge!

Colby said...

I really hate eggs so i hope you don't post about them too often.

I like that you post 3 times in one night...now I don't feel like I'm the only one :)