Sunday, January 8, 2012

"You're Such A Good Girl!" #2

Last year, 1 of my favourite foods was palm nuts. Us dogs are connoisseurs of palm nuts.

Lucky for me, there were always a few on the ground at Callan because The People In Charge Of These Things had helpfully planted a lot of these weeds in the park.

One day, me and my friends found a big pile! There was enough for everyone! Not to be greedy, I only ate 15.

"Palm nuts!"

My Typist knows this because, a couple of hours later, I had a big chuck-up [both ends] and she counted. [Yuk.] I was sick as a dog.

My over-protective and sometimes hysterical humans thought I would die. And My Typist asked all of you for help.

"HELP!" she screamed the whole day. Remember?

A few days ago...
I was walking down the street with My Typist and guess what we saw?
"Palm nuts!"

My Typist panicked and got ready to pull me away and drag any nuts from out of my throat.
But she didn't have to.

Palm nuts are so yesterday. I went home and had my nutritious brekkie instead.

"You're Such A Good Girl, Georgia Little Pea!" my grateful Typist exclaimed, as we hurried down the street.

Like I need her to tell me that.



THAT post about palm nuts is one of the most consistently read on this blog. It seems a lot of people google "what dogs shouldn't eat" and "palm nuts"! I hope they found some helpful info there. 

Once again, thank you to all of you who participated in that worldwide S.O.S. :)


Elizabeth Keene said...

GLP IS a good girl! She must have developed an aversion to those dang nuts (YAY). BTW, you can add one more visit to that post from last Feb. That would have scared me, too. Thankfully, those trees aren't native here, but that doesn't mean we're devoid of potentially dangerous stuff (grapes for one). Of course, if either of my two ate 15 of a good fruit (as I feed them clementine slices), there'd be a mess. :(

Can't wait to see what other Good Girl things GLP is doing!

georgia little pea said...

an aversion would be good. who knows what goes on in her doggie mind? :)

Mr T used to love grapes and would guard his own vine on our back balcony. i didn't know then that they were bad for dogs and would pluck a handful for him each day, when in season. i even bought them for him from woollie's when they weren't in season.

so many foods are on the "bad for dogs" list. for some, like garlic, there are camps on the "good" and "bad" side! like peanuts and eggs [for humans], it seems to be info that constantly gets revised and updated.

houndstooth said...

Hee hee hee! Mom sometimes says "leave it" and we all know that's the cardinal rule. We had to learn it for going to the nursing home, but Mom says it a lot of the time. Sometimes I wish she wouldn't, but so far I haven't gotten sick from anything I ate on a walk!


Berts Blog said...

Oh Georgia Little Pea, I must go read that post. I am sorry they made you so sick and they scared your typest so much. Me, I am not much for nuts but a good pile of goose pooh makes me happy for an hour......

georgia little pea said...

oh wow BERT! you look like such a sweet[smelling] dog too. it just goes to show. My Typist must be glad she's got me now haha.

p.s. you're not related to my friend Hector, the Famous Poop-Eating Dog, are you? he likes them absolutely fresh from the oven.

What Remains Now said...

I think it's funny that the palm nuts post is so consistently read; but on the other hand, when Casper first came here and had the Big D, I think I spent a great deal of time on the internet researching poop. So maybe it's not so odd or so funny.

Team Kenzo said...

What has gotten into your Typist, GLP? Like all of us didn't notice a long time ago, as you did, you were such a good girl. On second thought, it is an understatement!

booahboo said...

big chuck-up [both ends] sounds pretty awful. Glad you have sworn off palm nuts now Georgia.. you are quite the grown up lady now.

we have a lot of stuffs on "bad for Dommy" list here... and kitteh kats food and poop are on them list too.. those are the foodies i love most... but she always yells NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.. she wakes the whole neighbourhood by doing that like a crying banshee. I don't know what's the big deal.. kitteh kat food sure taste nicer than my kibs.

OH yes... grapes.. they made my brother Piper chuck up both sides too... his mommy forgots they were on the "bad for Piper" list.

sorry we have been so away... we are trying hard to get back in the rhythm... we just can't find the rhyme.

thank you for them worrying abouts us here. My cow is just plain lazy. She just sleeps n sleeps and sleeps.

woofs n licks,

Jean said...

Ah yes, I remember the palm nut incident - it was the first time I'd heard of palm nuts. I'm glad to hear GLP now thinks they are so yesterday.
Such a good girl. "Our" GLP is growing up!

Kari in Alaska said...

Mine go crazy for the palm nuts in our back yard

Stop on by for a visit

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

My dog before Frankie, Chloe, had a cast iron stomach. She would pick grapes off my vine, eat my strawberries before I could, etc. nothing was sacred or made her sick. The only things she couldn't be bothered with were cucumber and lettuce. But I'm glad she didn't get to try palm nuts. Glad you're not into them anymore GLP. I bet your typist is too, there's only so much investigating of dog poop a person can do!

Unknown said...

GLP seems like a good learner! :)

chandra said...

Oh, no, the Palm nuts! I remember that scare well. GLP, you are really on a Good Girl roll here!

LOVE that you fed RBT grapes!

-c at ddy.

Anonymous said...

Flo likes palm nuts. The trees in the garden are all fruiting now so she obsessively looks for them. I'm not sure that they aren't addictive. She's not sick so much now that she's 40kg but they were the cause of a trip to the v-e-t when she was a few weeks old. Both ends. I was so worried she'd somehow caught parvo. Turns out she'd just dined on a few too many carpentaria seeds. Duh! I looked at your older post and was interested to see that the foxtail palm is poisonous... I didn't know that and there are lots of them around these parts (arrrrr)...

georgia little pea said...

Hi Fab, dogs everywhere seem to obsess about palm nuts. You may be right about addiction ;) so many poisonous plants are commonly planted in gardens, on nature strips and in public parks, it's a wonder not more dogs (and children) get sick.